Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Australian Man Wakes From Coma Speaking Fluent Mandarin




  Even better is that just recently i have become comfortable in the correct explanation of this rare phenomena.   

As i have been posting, the spirit or light body component of our  existence is physical and manages our physical existence as well as been the source of our thoughts.  The information density is multiple orders of magnitude greater than that of our physical component that we achieve awareness through.

Yet language must be hardwired into our physical selves through a learning process.

In this case physical disruption blocked use of English and the spirit chose then to wire in Mandarin likely because it had been using this language during a previous incarnation.  This was also a serious benefit to this individual and it is working for him.  

No other opportunity existed for him to pick up the vocabularly even if the sound system arose spontaneously.

Australian Man Wakes From Coma Speaking Fluent Mandarin Proving Again the Brain is a Wondrous Thing


Australian Ben McMahon studied Mandarin in high school but is the first to admit he was far from fluent. Then, after a car crash left him in a coma his parents feared he would never come out of it.
Luckily McMahon pulled through, but something strange happened upon his awakening — he only spoke Mandarin. Fluent Mandarin. It took him several days to regain his English-speaking abilities, and the Mandarin was there to stay.
McMahon’s Mandarin-speaking friends say he is the best non-native speaker they have ever heard. He has co-hosted a Chinese TV show, led Mandarin tours of Melbourne, and is attending university in Shanghai where he now lives.
Neurosurgeon Dr. Pankaj Sah says there is a likely explanation for what happened, but that it isn’t 100% provable. Sah explains the brain is a mass of electrical circuits. McMahon’s English “circuits were damaged,” so when he woke up his “Mandarin circuits got engaged” like they never had before.
McMahon considers himself very blessed to have not only made it out of the coma, but also to have such a positive silver lining from it all. Despite all of our modern knowledge, the human brain is truly one of the last unknown frontiers on this Earth.

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Anonymous said...

Racing driver Stirling Moss suffered severe head injuries in a race car accident in the early sixties. While lying in hospital unconscious he spoke in fluent Italian according to an Italian nurse.

Before the crash, he spoke Italian with a strong English accent. I don't know if this linguistic improvement stayed with him when he recovered.