Monday, February 2, 2009

Polls turn against Gobal Warming

I am personally disturbed that the Global Warming debate has degenerated into blind propaganda and deliberate intimidation when challenged. Everyone involved is acting more and more desperate and strident, particularly the media crowd who are finding themselves riding a dying horse.

Now we have polls showing that the great unwashed is no longer buying the party line and is getting downright surly.

The Media needs a new story to sell. Global Warming has lost its legs and will not now be back for decades.
Perhaps we are hearing the howls of chagrin as every reporter loses his best excuse for a story spin on any mundane subject. Maybe we can get them back to chasing volcanoes and hurricanes.

It is still remarkable that the unrelenting drum beat of pro global warming material is actually taking support in reverse. A very real lesson for those who wish to shape public opinion is that at some point you begin to work against yourself. This is not obvious, but the harder you work to catch everybody, the more you force your soft support to review their position. And minds thus engaged do change.

This is an interesting curve. As funds expended climb, the support percentage also climbs quite briskly at first, then levels off, and then begins to decline slightly. Obviously, once you hit a peak, it is best to smartly drop expenditures to maintenance levels.

This should apply nicely to advertising campaigns.

By Bob Ellis on January 19th, 2009

Al Gore and his disciples are losing the war to convince the American people that human beings are responsible for any warming of planet earth.

Forty-four percent (44%) of U.S. voters now say long-term planetary trends are the cause of global warming, compared to 41% who blame it on human activity.

This is down from 47% last year, so the Gore-ites are progressively losing their grip on the minds of the people.
This is especially remarkable given that the “mainstream” media has been 110% in the tank for Gore and his outrageous claims for years. They have been totally complicit in pushing this notion despite the fact that there is little science to back it up, and a mountain of
conflicting evidence.

NASA temperature records have been found to be erroneous and have been revised…with little or no fanfare in the “mainstream” media.

Many of the weather stations gathering evidence has also been compromised and do not provide reliable data.

Believers in this theory also ignore evidence going back thousands of years (some say even farther) showing natural climate cycles.

They ignore the most obvious possibility that the huge star in the middle of our solar system (known commonly as “the sun”) may be changing the temperature change on earth. Warming has been detected on
Mars and Jupiter where there are no SUVs or power plants, yet we are expected to believe humans and their capitalistic progress are the villains on this planet.

The “mainstream” media has also attempted to create a perception that there is no dissent in the scientific community to this wacky idea, despite the fact that
thousands of scientists have officially registered their disagreement, and many continually go on record (in the off-the-beaten-path venues where they are allowed to go on record) with their skepticism.

It’s heartening to see the ability of the American people to see through the environmentalist garbage they’re fed from the “mainstream” media and others on the Left.

Too bad that wasn’t the case in the recent election.