Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Oxidative Therapy with Dr sircus.

Dr  Sircus is right.  We need to jump to treatment instead of spending a lot of time and effort defining specific symptoms.

He points out that multiple forms of oxygen enhancement strogly supports body healing.  I also add that drinking a solution of five percent H3O3 fully charges the body with surplus oxygen and avoids more tricky methods.

On top of that old age needs to be fully ameliorated as well with Vitamin C saturation and add vitamin D while we are at it.  This will end chronic inflamation often seen in hte elderly.  Called scurvy folks.

Oxidative Therapy

Oxidative therapy involves treating the body with different forms of oxygen. With singlet oxygen, O2, and O3, which is Ozone. Bio-oxidative medicine uses oxygen as supportive or primary therapy for chronic conditions, including infections, inflammation, cancer-related issues, and the restoration and revitalization of tissues and cells. In Europe, bio-oxidative treatments have been used effectively for almost 100 years to treat conditions ranging from infections to heart disease to autoimmune disease, neurological disease, and pain.

Breathing is an oxidative process whose primary function is to energize the mitochondria (energy factories) in our cells, forcing them to convert sugar to energy (ATP) in the body.

Oxidative therapy gives the immune system a massive assist when it cleans the body of viruses, bacteria, and fungus. More oxygen makes the immune system’s job easier and, at the same time, makes the immune system stronger. Also, it is imperative to note that oxidative therapy improves cellular detoxification. By increasing oxygen to the cells, cells begin to oxidize toxins and eliminate them, thus regenerating and rejuvenating tissues.

We Need A New Approach To Medicine

We desperately need a new approach to medicine, so radically different that most doctors, nurses, and alternative healthcare practitioners would have convulsions because they cannot imagine or identify with such a radical change of thinking and practice. Even my own Natural Allopathic Medical approach needs a revision to make it much more robust.

What if we could bypass the complicated diagnostic gymnastics of modern medicine and go right to treatment. To a universal treatment approach. To something that everyone can understand and make sense of. Is that possible? Not only is it possible, but it will be necessary to face the tough challenges and changes bursting onto the mainstream stage of life now in real-time.

The entire medical and alternative healthcare community is faced with a radical downsizing of not only the economy but of civilization itself. What are we healers going to do and how can we best help others when the going gets really rough and there is little-to-no technology, tests or pharmaceuticals at hand.

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