Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Illinois Office Workers Watch Pieces Falling off Hovering Daylight UFO

I have generally made it a practice of avoiding UFO reports for a couple of reasons. First the vast majority provide us little information outside of a light in the sky and lots of fuzziness that is open to any interpretation. Second, there are simply too many such independent observations. We are talking about tens of thousands. Folks are making this a full time job and the lack of data is frustrating them all.

There is also a vast body of speculation and no authoritative pool of scholars set up to evaluate what hard data exists.

Yet recently we have a spat of high quality observations that are highly creditable. One was in China a couple of weeks ago and we have this one in broad daylight. Most important, they are appearing in urban areas where ample witnesses could be expected. This is no area 51 secrecy at all.

The question becomes ‘why now?’

I am quite conscious that UFO operators are not overly concerned about our observing them, yet they have not pushed it either. They usually operate at night and do not hang around. This is a leg up.

Besides that, enough time is elapsing for another aircraft to intercept the object. From the government agencies we get silence.

It is conceivable that crop symbols are manufactured by defense based laser research. It is not conceivable that our defense industry is yet able to fabricate a magnetic exclusion vessel also known as a UFO. We are now seeing the first necessary lab work only.

Illinois office workers watch pieces falling off hovering daylight UFO

July 17, 2:08 PM UFO Examiner Roger Marsh


A group of Illinois office workers observed a "copper colored, brightly flashing" object that hovered in the daytime sky while "smaller pieces appeared to be breaking away and falling rapidly" to the ground on July 16, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

"It was much brighter than anything I have ever seen in the day light which is what drew my attention," the reporting witness stated.

A group of workers assembled outside the building where the object had ascended higher in the sky, but was directly overhead.

"In a completely cloudless crystal blue background there was no reference for the altitude or size of the object."

At this point, the group reports that pieces of the object began to fall off to the ground.

After 10 or 15 minutes, the witness reports that the object itself began falling toward the ground.

"You could almost see a tumbling type effect and it began to get substantially larger."

One of the witnesses got into a vehicle in an attempt to locate where the object came down, but was unsuccessful.

The group was also unable to agree on a consistent shape of the object. "As earlier stated, it first appeared oblong, and seemed to change. I believe we were probably seeing it from different angles."

The Illinois city was not named in the public portion of the MUFON report. No images were submitted with the report that was filed on July 17, 2010.

The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If Illinois MUFON State Director Sam Maranto investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update.

IL, July 16, 2010 - I saw a very bright object out of my office window. Myself and four co workers ran outside and oserved for fifteen minutes. MUFON Case # 24592.

At approximately 3p.m. out of my Southeast facing office window I observed a copper colored brightly flashing object larger than a planet and slightly elongated moving into the top of a line of pine trees.

It was much brighter than anything I have ever seen in the day light which is what drew my attention.

The object moved laterally to my left behind the tree tops, emerged on the other side, and began a slow vertical ascent. I pointed this out to several co workers.

My boss also took note of this as a very unusual looking object. He hurried outside to get a closer look, and I followed shortly.

When I arrived in front of the building in addition to my boss, were two other co workers who were out smoking at the time. All four of us were now oberving the strange object in braod day light. It was not like anything any of us have ever seen.

In the time it took me to go downstairs and outside, it had risen higher into the sky and was now almost directly over head. In a completely cloudless crystal blue background there was no reference for the altitude or size of the object.

Smaller pieces appeared to be breaking away and falling rapidly.

This effect was noticed at least three different times. After approximately ten or fifteen minutes of maintaining a relatively stationery position, it appeared to begin falling. You could almost see a tumbling type effect and it began to get substantially larger.

At this point I made a run for my phone with the intention of getting a picture. I told another friend of mine in the office about it on the way to my desk. He headed outside while I found my phone. By the time I came back the object had fallen below the tree line although the fifth witness did observe the object before it went out of sight.

My boss actually jumped in his car and took off in attempt to locate the point of impact. It is tough to estimate how near or far this may have been without the ability to get a feel for the altitude. There is also no way of knowing if the object was purely reflecting light, or giving off it's own. It was remarkably bright in the light of day, and at no point did it ever go completely dim the way an airplane does when its angle in relation to the sun changes.

It also lacked a consistent shape. As earlier stated, it first appeared oblong, and seemed to change. I believe we were probably seeing it from different angles. I have not seen any local news coverage so far, and was hoping you have encountered similar reports. I would love an explanation of what this may have been!!


David said...

Apparently Robert Marsh never read of published articles in the late 1950's (with photos and videos also) reporting the demonstrations of small "magnetic exclusion vessels", or "flying saucers". He said "It is not conceivable that our defense industry has yet developed magnetic exclusion vessels, or ufos." Look it up, Roger!
The big problem back then was an adequate power supply. One lab test I saw in a magazine and a film showed a small saucer in flight remotely controlled but powered with an electrical cord.
In the 63 years since the 1947 Roswell Retrieval, don't you suppose that with advances in not only electrogravitics, magnetic fields, materials science, computers and electronics, nuclear power and even Zero Pint Energy, our secretive aerospace industry may have developed such vehicles for military field deployment? Have you not noticed the increasingly secretive, and militant space developments? Stealth technology? "Asteroid" reporting no longer given, and all space reports must be cleared by the government before public dissemination? Have you so little grey matter Roger...or are you a disinformation agent bent on dumbing us down to Earth?

arclein said...

A magnetic exclusion vessel needs the type of metmaterial work now coming out of the labs. A proof of concept toy may well have been possible a lot earlier.

and yes our defense industry is way too secretive and at times misleading. Even their mega budgets must still restrain pure research to the immediate.