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Genesis for the New Space Age with John Leith - Chpt XVI - Germans Begin Life below in Hollow Earth; A New Sovereign Nation Evolves

This fantasy marches on and at a speed only possible in fiction. 

As posted, the idea that the earth and all planets may well be hollow  may not be impossible with cloud cosmology.  Problem is there is zero confirmation on this.  All of which does suggest that the likely access points are actually choked should this actuallybe true.

In the meantime science is doing a decent job of improving our imaging of the earth and no such evidence occurs there  either.  Tust he current paradigm appears whole...

Chapter XVI

Germans Begin Life below in Hollow Earth;  A New Sovereign Nation Evolves

Accelerated colonization of the inner world by departing World War II Germans enabled them to build their primary settlements below at least a generation sooner than normal. There was one major reason and that was attributed to the speed and load carrying capabilities of the new round wing planes.

For the bewildered arrivals it was despairing in the 40's and still tough in the 50's. Getting a foothold
below had caused family separations, hardships, loneliness and of course austerity.

Both men and women suffered some adverse aspects of the escape from upper world reality.

In the last months of World War n, Kurt Von Schusnick, a German-speaking, Swiss born war ace, took many hundreds of handpicked Germans to rendezvous in South America for ultimate delivery to the New German hideout. Each night from Von Runstedt's western front headquarters near Ulm, in the Bavarian Alps, specially chosen officers and civilians arrived to emigrate in a round wing plane piloted by Von Schusnick. By war's end this same man had transported several thousand key Germans via South American staging points to their new homes inside the earth. Following hostilities, Kurt Von Schusnick in his round wing plane continued to ferry key Germans from Switzerland to which they had made their ways, both legally and illegally. (On a post-war raid to a Soviet prisoner of war camp in occupied Poland on October 26, 1946, three German round wing planes led by Van Schusnick killed the Russian guards with lasers and rescued over 100 key German prisoners.)

A few of the Germans taken from the Bavarian chalet before German surrender were as follows: Felix Von Rattenwell, aide de camp to Von Runstedt; Franz Von Heigle, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs; Baron John De Landsbert, (Major General), descendent of Charlemagne; Charles Wurzack, liaison SS officer at Von Runstedt's headquarters and Nazi party member; Eric Blwuberg, of Swedish extraction, a civilian technical engineer in a German round wing plant (formerly with Zepplin works).

On December 10, 1944, guarding troops were alerted surrounding the headquarters of Von Runstedt, 140 miles northeast of Zurich, Switzerland, deep inside Germany. An American colonel had just been
brought through the chalet check points blindfolded and under guard.

His mission was to find Von Runstedt, the Commander of German's Western Armies, and also the Commander of all German Armies since the real Hitler had vacated in October of the same year.

The 26-year-old American, who went by the intelligence code name of Halford Williams, was known by Germans only under his nickname of the 'Fox.' Col. Williams had just arrived from London, England by way of plane, sealed railway car, jeep and finally on foot, over the last mile into the closely guarded German fastness. Escorted into the presence of Von Runstedt, the American officer apologized for his impressed officer's dress attire due to what he termed 'unfavorable' travel conditions. From the young American's belt hung a golden sword. After properly saluting the senior officer, he removed from the lining of his coat a letter from General George S. Patton to Von Runstedt a letter approved by all the allied leaders except President Roosevelt. The letter stated the Germans should expect an immediate change of western allied intentions during the next weeks of the war and that Von Runstedt should arrange to meet Patton as soon as possible in Beme, Switzerland with his most able staff officers to discuss a total allied change of strategy favorable to recent German peace overtures. Von Runstedt read the letter, removed his monocle, thanked the young American colonel, and offered him breakfast, bath and bed till 4:00 P.M. the same day, when the German Commander's reply would be ready for the Allies. Then the General dismissed the guard and aide and got up and closed the door to the office in order to interrogate the courier.

"Stand at ease colonel," began the German officer politely. Then he painstakingly studied the Yank.  The General returned to his desk, removed his monocle and finally spoke directly to the emissary.

"You are most certainly not English. This is the first privilege I have had of meeting you, Colonel Halford Williams." The German lingered on the colonel's name. "Halford Williams is your code name, I presume." The German General tapped quietly on his desk as though contemplating the pieces of a
jig-saw puzzle. Then he looked up and said: "We Germans all call you the American Fox because your rescue missions are legendary inside Hitler's occupied lands from Norway to the borders of Russia. They say you are invincible - that you can't be killed. It is also reliably reported that you have been dropped or appeared suddenly inside Germany dozens of times, perhaps 40 or so times in the last two years alone."

The German's eyes lighted with admiration as he studied the waist of the American colonel standing before him. "All the stories say the same thing. That the Fox always carries a golden sword to direct his five or six-man band. Imagine, such a ridiculous medieval symbol of authority! Of course you don't need your sword on a mission like this where only diplomacy is necessary, do you colonel?" The
General's tone was not sarcastic but quizzical.

The American colonel still stood silent. Then the interrogation continued. "Can you hear me colonel?" "Yes sir!" the younger man replied. The General said, "Hitler's reward for delivery of the Fox, preferably alive, is over $100,000 in gold. Perhaps I should tear up this letter and collect the reward."

Colonel Fox smiled faintly. Von Runstedt went on: "I know deep within me that you are the Fox. Eisenhower would not send anyone but his bravest and most trusted for this mission - because he had
to be certain the message reached me. But even allowing yourself to be blindfolded under guard I don't think your destiny is to die - yet - although I must consider why I should not turn you over to the
despicable S.S. who already know of your presence. Please reply, Colonel."

As though unmoved by the penetrating analyses, the American agent answered, "Even if I were the one whom you call the Fox, I should not worry. Among the allies, General, your name too is legendary. You have been tagged as a gentleman of honor - an enemy to be respected. Even if your Feuhrer ordered it, you would not keep a bonafide courier as a negotiable instrument of blackmail."

The General nodded almost imperceptibly. "May I suggest that you now go directly to the breakfast room. But if you value your nine lives I suggest you not leave the main floor of this building. And do not venture onto the grounds or visit the waterfall!"

As the American Colonel sat in the officers' mess eating a breakfast of Bavarian rolls, jam, sausage andtea, he never suspected that just beyond his gaze, in a clearing below the cascading waterfall, there sat on three tripods a 30-foot round wing saucer-like craft, one of five just completed, which would carry the elite German remnants of World War II to a new land in another world.

During Williams' meal a number of German Army and Air Force officers passed in and out of the room, not unusual in a staff headquarters, he thought. But one face he noted carefully he was to see twice again. This was a Wermacht Air Force idol who had shot down 33 allied planes, Kurt Von Schusnick. He was a top ace whom the English, up to Churchill, respected for his audacity and combat ability. Another visitor was a favorite of Hitler's, tall, piercing-eyed Otto Skorzeny, who demanded exodus by round wing transportation for himself and key Nazis. Later Williams heard that Von Runstedt had turned him down categorically.

As darkness fell later that day the American Colonel was escorted blindfolded back to Switzerland.

Eight days later the Wolfgang Bar in Berne, Switzerland, was the scene of a strange meeting as the same American Colonel Williams witnessed the ever so correctly dressed Von Runstedt sweep into the bar with two staff members including the air ace whose face he had seen in Von Runstedt's mess. Minutes later the bar door swung open again and General George S. Patton stomped in, dressed in helmet, crumpled field dress and high boots. Patton led his group over to the table whereupon the Germans stood up, exchanged formal greetings, and the ensemble sat down and ordered drinks. Von Runstedt asked for scotch, and Patton, bourbon.

Setting down their glasses after a quick toast by one of the American staff officers, General Patton rose, ordered another round and while still on his feet, gulped his bourbon down in one swallow. He looked directly at Von Runstedt and exclaimed, "Hell, General! What are we fighting each other for when the worst bastard in the world is that S.O.B. Stalin!" Those opening remarks set the tone for the meeting, the rest of which is still classified.

But the military plans agreed upon at that secret rendezvous between the leading Allied and German Officers were to be held in abeyance - forever.

Two weeks later a disappointed Von Runstedt, back at his headquarters, told his officers present that the plan proposed by Patton at Berne had been vetoed by President Roosevelt over even Churchill's and Eisenhower's objections. Von Runstedt said there was now no hope to end the war except by surrender of the German armies . "There is not much time left before the end," he said. "We shall hold out only long enough to collect all those on the staff list for transfer to the new land. Soon it will be every man for himself. Whatever you do, arrange to give safe harbor to your families while there is still time. It is hoped that someday they will join you in your new home."

Then, turning to Kurt Von Schusnick, later made a general, the Commander introduced him and said, "This brave young Air Force officer is in total charge of the new method of evacuation on a craft which is called a 'round wing plane.' Many flights in the future days have been ordered to ferry special Germans to the new land. That is why some of you are here."

Von Schusnick then told the group that more top ranking Germans would be arriving daily at the headquarters and nearby village for evacuation. The round wing plane would transport at least 20 bodies packed in like cordwood and each man would carry only minimum personal belongings. Von Schusnick said that within the next month, he would make at least two trips daily with a full load of VIP's to Argentina, staging area for the new land. Turning to Von Runstedt he remarked so everyone could hear, "My duty eventually is to take the respected General Von Runstedt down under when defense here can no longer be maintained."

Unexpectedly, Von Runstedt replied, "Thank you - no! I would rather stay behind and become a guest of the English in their prisons. Better to do that than serve that Bavarian Corporal and his Nazi followers, and train his Nazi army in the promised land for the next war."

In the ensuing weeks, Kurt Von Schusnick took thousands of hand-picked Germans, no doubt including prominent Nazis in disguise, out of the country.

But regardless of those Germans who got on the list for emigration to the Inner World of the New Reich, the decision as to who would be permitted to reside below rested exclusively in the hands of the Bodlanders who screened incoming Germans at the tunnel entrance in Brazil and also at an undisclosed point of departure for the Inner World somewhere in Argentina. Several million Germans from Nazi Germany were rejected over a thirty year period by the Bods as being unsuitable for citizenship in the Inner World of New Germany. Many of those refused entry were Nazis who unable to return to East Germany under Soviet Communism or for fear of imprisonment in the Federated Republic of West Germany because of war crimes, took refuge principally in Brazil where the wartime German apparatus continued to flourish unchecked.

Meanwhile, Kurt's brother, Eric Von Schusnick, was deploying another round wing plane in the removal from Germany of special documents, plans, medical supplies, valuables and essentials needed below. Although much of the timber needed for the New German world went through the tunnel or shute in Brazil, certain items needed quickly were flown at once through the South Pole opening to the new land. The round wing planes were simple in construction, had few moving parts and required little maintenance. Their loadbearing weight factor was determined only by volume.

In one of the operations, Eric von Schusnick made repeated trips from inside the Earth's South Pole to the surface in the Antarctic where the round wing plane picked up tons of ice, suspended them below it, and deposited them in a fresh water reservoir for the inhabitants of a new settlement. Such was the diversity of the new round wing plane which the Venusians had helped the Germans to build. In retrospect, Germans interviewed in 1978 admit that the colossal power and multi use of their limited number of round wing planes, augmented by limited aerial transportation from Bodland round wingers, not only made possible the birth of their new nation but speeded up its development by forty years.

American Immigration now realizes that the Germans moved many post-war dependents into their new world by means of visas with temporary stays in the U.S.A., the Caribbean Islands, or Brazil. Regardless of routing, the tide of German men and women continued to take their post-war ways to the new land. Germans within Germany proper kept the secret and no dispatches or serious leaks occurred. As the settlements below were expanded, additional technical help was sought in the Fatherland and these colonists, like the German mercenaries of 1572, followed the same routing. But, by 1948 they passed through the mantle to the interior in a leisurely 24 hours rather than the three generations it had taken their German soldier ancestors and relatives.

The shute or elevator or train trip, which it was called, was no longer tedious or difficult. By 1953 it had transported up to two million Germans below and brought up to the outer surface hundreds of thousands.
In 1958, Kurt von Schusnick was struck down by a heart attack due to the burden of work performed in the years 1944 to 1948 in the round wing plane services of New Germany. This man who had earned the highest German decorations, and whose name appeared on Churchill's list as an enemy not to be dishonored, died in his prime at 38 years of age - never to see the New Germany below fully
bloom with the apple, the pear and the grape, the seeds of which he and others had carried down to be transplanted.

The same year, Eric, who also lived in New Berlin, took Kurt's family, including the youngest son, David, into his home and prepared to support them in keeping with a pact he and his brother had made together years before.

All official New Berlin records began in the year 1945 at which time pouring of the bottom floor of the ten acre capital building was begun. Today the entire Government complex is housed in this one atomic bomb-proof building whose walls are six feet thick. The ministries within this state house include Chief of State Office (Hitler II), Treasury Office, Secretary of Defense for Air Force, Navy and Army, Department of Prisons, Department of Transportation, etc.

The State House is in the center hub or oval of New Berlin. The streets are the spokes radiating from the State House and the avenues are never ending circles located at intervals in the city. The land is flat with no rivers intersecting it.

Today New Germany has 18 million people, approximately eight million of whom were bom below. One and one-half million people live in New Berlin. There are 40 million descendants of the old Germans from the 1572 expedition, making approximately 60 million late arrival Germans inside the
hollow earth, plus of course the early Bod arrivals of 30,000 years before numbering only 36 million in 1980. The city of New Berlin now has state colleges and hospitals, and the entire metropolis is served by a monorail system with German-made cars and buses being the other means of transportation. Although first housing was wooden and prefabricated set up by the Bodlanders, much of the new residential buildings now being erected are of cement, brick and plastic siding and roofing, as there still remains a lumber shortage on the arid German occupied continent below.

The main church is Lutheran although there are several other denominations. A reformed Catholic Church was established after 1945 when Hitler I decreed it should contain no idols except the figures of Christ on the Cross. The first ministers and priests were brought down from above. Marriage rites today may be either secular or civil but any constituted member of parliament may also perform the

As above in 1945, Hitler was proclaimed Chief of State (functioning as Prime Minister and President) over the German Reichstaad consisting of a lower and upper house.

Three candidates form a slate for each office within the Party System and those running for office must have served at least one four year term and be a graduate of either a college or a trade school.

Qualifications for candidates to the upper house are as follows: church membership, party membership, at least 30 years of age, professional or worker, and preferably a veteran and at least three terms in the lower house.

The lower house is elected by popular vote and members must serve three terms or six years at which
time they are eligible to run for the upper house.

The State charges a straight ten percent of a person's gross income for taxes and has not nationalized
any industry. Churches are not allowed to hold property other than the land and edifice of worship. Neither are churches allowed to accumulate liquid wealth. They are separate entirely from the state.

The school system is of 12 years duration as above. No dropouts are allowed. Aptitude tests and job
preferences during the last four years determine the students vocation. Upon graduation, each male must serve four years in one branch of the New German Defense Military. The student can specify a preference for Army, Air Force, or Sea Force. Those with leadership qualities are sent to Officer's Training Schools. Upon completing the four years military, the young German, who may now be about 22 years of age, is sent to a university either below or above. Diplomas from trade schools are considered as important as university degrees in the life of New Germany.

Hitler's own son, Adolph, at age 12 was sent to Switzerland to complete his academic learning where he attended the private school, St. Albans, in the northeast under the name Adolf Wolfgang, a common Austrian surname. While there he was carefully guarded and also had a telephone by his bed to enable him to speak to his parents daily. He graduated in 1956. Although Adolph had decreed that his son assume the Feuhrer's role on the old one's retirement, he had said that Adolph It's future leadership of the new nation should be judged solely on ability.

War ace General Kurt Von Schusnick's son David chose to enter the Air Force after his four year compulsary military training as an officer cadet at which time he also qualified for the air service.

Flight training required of David Van Schusnick was that he first fly conventional aircraft and graduate to the round wing plane. German pilots are armed with individual hand-held ray guns.

The Germans refused to discuss the ship's weaponry except to say that silent laser beams and other ray guns are used in place of conventional fire power. The Germans had also developed a laser shield on their ground ray guns and other laser counter measures had been perfected on the airborne craft.

David Schusnick received his wings upon graduation from the New German Air Force flying program
on April 18, 1972. They were pinned on him by Air Marshall D. C. Kitchiner.

On April 20, his uncle, Eric Von Schusnick, and his mother called David aside. The uncle began, "You have earned your wings. Now it is time to talk about your career." Thus began the talks of where the godson of Eric Von Schusnick would study and what vocation he would follow. Young Schusnick was urged to attend a university in Germany or Switzerland and there to study the vocation of law which he had chosen. But the young man replied that he wished to go to an American university, preferably Harvard.

Over strong objections, David conviced his uncle and mother to send him to Harvard. He came up to the surface via railroad and flew to Bonne to meet his relatives and later on, after a vacation, he went to New York. In September, 1972, David Schusnick enrolled at Harvard University as a West German
national under the name of David Schmidt, giving a Swiss address, the home of his uncle Johannus of

According to a State Department source, he majored in international law and took general business
law, graduating in 1976 in ceremonies attended by his uncle Johannus and other American relatives
including his deceased uncle Elmer's wife, June.

When he returned to New Berlin below, David Schusnick reviewed his American college experience with his uncle Eric. Among other things they discussed the German ethnic element in the U.S. population.

David Schusnick reminded his godfather, "Germans have no trouble becoming Americans or Canadians or British. In fact 50 percent of the stock in English-speaking North America is probably of Germanorigin or had some German in it, and of course we're taught that the English are of Germanic origin. I felt at home in the U.S.A."

David ended the conversation by saying, "Someday when the Russian question is settled, I want to live and practice law in Florida. But for the present, uncle, I want to go back into the flying service." (At the time of the final interview with the Von Schusnicks in 1977, there were still 30,000 German soldiers held by Russians in Siberia's prison camps, which could account for much of the German hatred for the Soviets.)

As David Schusnick emersed himself back into the New German life below, the country continued to develop much like that above in West Germany.

New Berlin had two daily newspapers telling what went on in the upper world, but one day in  November, 1974 large headlines featured a different story. Bannered streamers on November 12, 1974 in the "New Berlin Daily News" (circulation 450,000), editor Max Speigel (formerly New York Times who left that newspaper in 1941), read as follows:

"THE FUEHRER IS DEAD." The paraphrased subtitle told how Hitler, founder of National Socialism, passed away in a foreign land, failing to reach Germany where he wanted to end his days." The New Berlin's second daily, "The New German Enquirer" also ran the story in large banner headlines.

In respect for the former fuehrer's death, all flags were flown at half mast the following 30 days by order of the German government. West Germany government flags were lowered on the day of the funeral and for ten days in Spain. In New Germany it was an official day of mourning. The son and heir of Hitler, Adolf Hitler U, had been in power for three months when his father's death occurred in
Zaragoza, Spain. As Hitler neared death on October 25, a German round wing plane took young Adolf Hitler and other close relatives and friends to the bedside of the fuehrer.

In the absence of Adolf Hitler Jr., the adopted son ruled as Chief of State. The present name of the son adopted by Hitler and Eva Braune is Dr. Hans Tirsther, Deputy Chief, New Reich. When Hitler's motorcade was passing through Strasbourg in 1944 on its way to France and Spain for ultimate evacuation to the new German retreat, young Hans, then a 12-year-old admirer of Hitler, had thrown a bunch of flowers into the fuehrer's car. When the boy was apprehended by body guards, Hitler rescued him and asked his name. The boy told Hitler his mother and father had been killed in a bombing raid. 

He looked at Hitler and is reported to have said: "You are my great father now, Sir." Moved by his remarks, Hitler took the boy aboard his cavalcade and eventually adopted him legally. Hitler's son was interviewed by the authors at a certain location in the western hemisphere in 1977.

Hitler had made his farewell speech on August 7, 1974 from his residence (begun by his ardent admirers in New Berlin in 1943). Following his parting words, he turned over the reins of New Germany to his son Adolf II and boarded a German round wing plane which, escorted by a squadron of three companion craft, set course for Spain. In the old castle La-Aljaferia, Zaragoza, at 5 A.M. on the cold, wet morning of Octover 25, 1974 Adolf Hitler, founder of Germany's Third Reich died at age
85. He had outlived all his avowed enemies, Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill. Practically his last words were, "We would have won the war except for those damned Americans! Today they lead the upper world, but I hold no hate for them whatsoever, except that traitor, Roosevelt. But on my deathbed I prophesy that the Americans will now have to take care of the Russians before the Russians take care
of them and the rest of the world."

The late fuehrer died with his close relatives and friends beside him including his friend Generalissimo Franco. The funeral was attended by most of the West Berlin cabinet including President Helmut Schmidt. Present also were the West German Ambassador to Spain; Professor Dr. Francisco Javier Conde; the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joseph Hoffner, who conducted the last rites of the Catholic Church; and by Franco's request, Cardinal Marcelo Gonzales, who sang mass assisted by Monseigno, a leading Catholic cardinal of the Vatican told the authors of the following FMerian reply to the Pope. "Excommunicate me and I'll persecute and kill all offensive Catholics and other Christians within Germany, and I'll destroy the Vatican itself." At that time with Nazi ambitions in the ascendancy, the papal order to excommunicate Hitler was never carried out in the face of such a ruthless threat.

The town of Zaragoza was placed under martial law by General Franco during the week of Hitler's

The solidarity of National Socialism in the New Reich had been established during the Hitler years beginning in 1945. In 1974, by vote of the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament over the signature approval of the new Chief of State, Adolf Hitler U, the Parliament recommitted themselves and the 18,000,000 New Germans then living in the hollow earth to the continuance of National Socialism as a sovereign state, no longer under the watchful eyes of the Bodlander government, since the 30 year
treaty was about to end.

Six other Kingdoms of 40,000,000 old Germans ruled by monarchies also existed beside the New Germans on a nearby continent in the southern hemisphere. Adjoining and connected to the New German lands via road and rail was the ancient Bodland whose overseers had channeled the New German beginnings throughout all facets of society from limited military advice to education, transportation and capital construction of factories and relocated industries. In the northern hemisphere on the Vikingland continent there dwelt a pocket of Scandinavians descended also from Germanic tribes. The Viking influx to the inner world had taken place 2000 years before with the last group arriving 900 to 1000 A.D. Like the 20th century new German influx, the last wave of ancient Viking sea rovers had sailed into the inner world as marauding conquerors and had to be tamed into a pastoral people by earlier Scandinavian and Bodlander arrivals.

On the outside of Planet Earth, West and East Germany remained divided politically by diverse conquering ideologies, but nevertheless, Germans of the same ethnic beginnings occupied much of Europe including AlsaceLorraine, the Saar, now part of France, and numerous other German areas in Eastern Europe.

But in a political scene, a united Germany was still as illusive as it was in the 12th century when 367 Germanic Duchees, Dukedoms, Kingdoms, etc., stretched from Holland to Italy and Russia. Neither the Kaiser nor Hitler' had been able to amalgamate the separated German pockets in Europe, but an undercurrent of German sentiment calling for unity was still bullish in Western Europe and outright  bellicose in German foreign policy and ideology engendered since 1945, particularly in the Brazilian
Germans relocated in South America. Also, the upper world, Germans and New Germans in the interior continued to espouse the belief that Russia was the offensive nation whose power must be broken before the German Empire could be restored in Europe.

A knowledgeable Bod spokesman on a five year U.S.A. visa said this about another possible Upper World conflict. "We (the Bods) understand the German reasoning for their hatred of Russia." This learned man who speaks seven languages stated that "Soviet Communism is an evil force - but it will eventually destroy itself from within without involving outside interference.

Our intelligence below and our prophets contend that internal insurrection within Russia will triumph by the year 2000. Therefore, the solution to the Soviet problem will take care of itself without the renegade Germans starting another war which could become a spreading holocaust."

Asked what the Bods would do in case of such an Upper World War, the Bod spokesman replied:  "We would not get involved. If those Upper World Germans in South America persist in destroying themselves, we (the Bodlanders) will not take part." But this Germanic scholar said he had faith that if such a war were to begin, their New German neighbors would have been re-educated enough to remain neutral.

The alignment of the three contenders for superiority in any forthcoming world conflict currently  presents a paradox of ideologies. There is the vociferous Soviet system of Asia with its denial of God and rejection of man's spirit by which he would try to lift himself to higher spiritual levels of consciousness. Opposed to Soviet dialectic materialism is the moden day Nazi movement, strong, but submerged in all German societies - an ideology founded by Hitler and his SS nucleus in the 20's on the basis of racial superiority ~ might makes right. Against these two systems which murdered countless millions of their enemies in order to stay in power is the giant America of Christian inception. While still keeping its personal freedoms relatively intact, America has allowed its moral strength to be eroded in government, business and institutions so that the question of its national virtue is now being debated publicly. In the ensuing years, one asks whether America which now leads the upper free world will have difficulty in firming its economic, political and spiritual philosophies in sufficient time to gird itself against its two adversaries of evil and madness. Within the American sector it will take a national leader of Gideon's stature to rise up and awaken the nation into renewing the faith handed down by the founding fathers.

In 1978, New Germany recalled Eric Von Schusnick as the second secretary to its US embassy of the Federated Republic of West Germany. Von Schusnick was accused of treason for revealing New German Nazi intelligence concerning possibilities for renewed surface war. The brave German did not deny the accusations, stating that in talking to us his objective was to prevent war. He was tried and condemned to death. The United States and Great Britain interceded on his behalf. Today he is serving a lifetime sentence without parole in a New German prison.

By the early 1970's German/American/British anger over World War II differences had begun to
soften. Young David Schusnick became part of that amelioraton.

Thus, in 1977, the first timid venture of an interworld friendship occurred between New Germany and
certain surface nations under the most impolitic circumstances. It was perhaps the beginning of a new era of understanding between New Germany and some upper surface nations. The carefully planned program began on Sunday, July 31, 1977 when New Berlin in the earth's interior and Cape Kennedy, U.S.A. on the exterior shared in common a spectacular event. Winged emmisaries from New Berlin inside the hollow earth began the marathon to the surface.

On that morning, Captain David Schusnick was given a special letter to President Jimmy Carter of the U.S.A. from the New German head of state. Captain Schusnick and two other round wing crew members boarded a non-military German round wing plane and took off. Crew members were 2nd Lieutenant Karl Ludendorf, grandson of Count Von Ludendorf, Inspector General of the Imperial German Army in World War I. Grandson Karl had dropped the prefix Von.' Felix B. Armondstein, 1st Lieutenant, was the other crew member.

The trip to Kennedy could have been made in less than two hours, but the crew was given permission by the New German Air Force (Vermacht) to take their time and schedule their arrival over Cape Kennedy exactly 12 hours later on noon that Sunday. The instructions were to carry out certain activities and stops beforehand but once over American air space to fly directly to their expected point of arrival.

As the German round wing craft began descending over the Cape to an altitude of 1,000 feet, Captain
Schusnick addressed the tower and waited for recognition response. At this point the craft appeared to waiting ground spectators as a luminous ball of fire as it suddenly shot down to less than 28 feet above the east end of the remote Kennedy runway. The Americans had witnessed this ball of light speed toward them when at a specially marked spot on the tarmac the light went out and from within the glow there emerged the outlines of a flying saucer. The three tripod legs dropped to the cement and suddenly the thing stood alone like a round bug.

A door on the craft's undersection opened and dropping to the ground, formed a stairway on which the crewmen stepped down for formalities. Their uniforms were black, the trousers lined with silver side vents tucked in high black boots. German type caps showed an air insignia of the Air Corps of NewGermany.

Captain David Schusnick, officer in command of the German craft, was introduced to representatives
of the American Air Force including General David Jones, then Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force, General Harold Brown, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. An official photo of the German plane and its occupants was made by a US Air Force photographer for the author's associate, but the picture (as well as the notes) were confiscated by the U.S. Air Force and never returned.

Waiting in line to receive the young commander and his crew was the newly appointed (April 20, 1977) Second Secretary of the German Embassy in Washington, the old ace of World War JJ, the Godfather of David, Eric Von Schusnick. After formalities, at the request of General Jones, Schusnick was asked what he and his crew would like most to do. Almost in unison the young Germans from the Inner Earth spoke up, "Ride an American motor bike." As 100 selected Americans gathered in the hanger and freely inspected the German machine inside and out, the U.S. Air Force Band played German music. 

Meanwhile, the police blocked off the ocean road to Melbourne while those curious who were privileged to be near saw three young men and a police escort enjoy the power of Harley Davidsons in the Atlantic breezes. (Before the craft departed, a similar bike was placed aboard.)

Viewers of the interior of the German ship were told how the controls worked. In addition to the computerized navigational system, sensitive touch buttons for feet and knee-pressures were also used to control the electro-guidance system. A left foot button turned the ship counter clockwise; a right foot button turned it clockwise; a center foot button was for ascent and descent. Left knee pressure on the electro magnetic button was for reverse and right knee pressure was for forward. Finger keys duplicated the feet maneuvers. The foot and knee buttons were used in case of combat, so that the hands are free to operate the electronic laser weapons.

The German round wing itinerary was to have included a stop over at Ottawa, but the German request  was rebuffed by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau according to Canadian authorities while the German craft hovered over Canada's capital.

On July 17, the same German craft arrived at an RAF military station southwest of London, England.
Although it was not a scheduled stop, a formal reception was hurriedly prepared by the British, whereupon David and his crewmen were taken to Buckingham Palace in a royal limousine where Queen Elizabeth cancelled previous engagements to graciously receive the visitors.

The new young Germans bom inside the earth's interior whose parental roots had sprung from their fatherland above had emerged openly to be accepted with enthusiasm by the Americans and the British.

From London, the German craft was flown to Rome where the Italians paid honors. While at Rome His Holiness, Pope Paul VI, asked if the German craft could visit the Vatican. "Certainly," said David, and that night, Captain Schusnick gingerly sat his craft down in a Vatican garden enclosure. After an audience with the Pope and a friendly chat with the Secretariat of the Vatican, the Germans craft departed late the next day for Berne, Switzerland. Swiss police guarded the craft while David and his crew went into the city to visit his relatives and his father's birthplace.

Like American heroes being welcomed with a ticker tape parade down New York's Fifth Avenue, the young German ambassadors at large arrived back in New Berlin. They had forged a new but fragile link of friendship with old surface enemies. Perhaps only such a new generation could have so succeeded.

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