Monday, March 23, 2015

Huge Part of ME with Kimberlee

This newsletter was put out by my Daughter this month.  She has been one of my informants regarding the structure and nature of the Spirit world or perhaps better now, the second tier of matter.   What she reports consistently rings true.  Think about that for a second.  I do not use these words lightly.  The information passed along is always carefully worded.



Note the particular allusion to the founding image of Christ's birth.  I never thought that the three wise men were Arabs, but they had to be by the nature of their gifts.   Has anyone else ever thought that they were Arabs?  I am not aware of this so it certainly is not a common thought.


Even more interesting is that there exists a spiritual bubble around Old Jerusalem that she was able to sense.  This has been suggested before but not nearly as convincingly. 

I personally sense that i have had a guided life, but certainly at a low threshold of my perceptions.  In her case it is in technicolor.  And yes, her condo renovation was an exercise in magic applying automatic writing to source information and people.  Try it sometime - you may surprise yourself.


Huge Part of ME

 Wholeness in expressing who I am has recently become important to me. 

A lot of you may not know that I have quite an active spiritual life and it is such a huge part of me that I no longer want to keep it from you.

I have had many amazing experiences with its development.

Do any of you have an experience that you can share with me? Any moments of elation? or moments when you did not feel alone and could feel the support of something bigger than you?

Have you witnessed a miracle before?

Let's start the conversation!

Writing is my outlet and my direction 

So I have done many crazy things over the years and I must say I am guided on how to get there. Whether it is working with an ocelot in the jungles of Bolivia or renovating a condo from ground up without any clear direction, I am guided.

I write. And I receive information that I can use. I have a high belief in angels that serve purpose in our lives. For the renovations I had a professional Renovator Angel on my side the entire time.

This angel came through my writing, writing to me what to do, who to call, and where to be. 

There is a greater power in which I simply call magic. But living in this magic I must say is the funnest experience of my life.

It makes you feel not alone and capable of anything. I also feel a sense of support there that no one person can really give me.

I get exactly what I need when I need it and the sense of trust is strong.

Getting Started 

I started with something that came naturally to me, writing. I also went to church. All these little things and little places that open us up to more possibility thinking are truly key to exploring the spiritual realm.

What does your sanctuary look like?
Is it visiting a forest?
Lying on a beach?

Anything that is deemed your 'zone' is where you can ask for your deepest wishes and impossible dreams!

Finding your deep calm is a big hint to finding your flow state in life… then you can start listening to your guides and get where you want to go faster! 

Jerusalem and Bethleham

So a year ago I went to the Holy Land (Israel) where many religions were born.

I never spoke of the spiritual elation that I received when I was there. 

When entering Bethleham, I could feel my soul leap. And I wept uncontrollably in happiness tears.

I was on a bus and my sister was beside me at the time. It didn't make her feel comfortable that I had so many tears but there was a super deep part of me who felt home.

In Jerusalem, I went to the first church where Jesus was born. (they built a church on this spot).

I received messages of how this space was not supposed to induce bloodshed (Israel and Palestine). There was so much sorrow and pain. 

The purpose of the wise man, the Virgin Mary and the animals was about peace (wise men were Arabs, couple were Jewish and no fighting amongst them was supposed to occur.)

I also lost my breath when entering the bubble of Old Jerusalem. Like I fully could not breathe or catch my breath for like 2 minutes until my body adjusted. It happened on the way in and then on the way out of this invisible bubble that seems to exist there.

Meditation Means Anything

Meditation can be such a heavy guilt - filled word that takes a lot from us to do every day. Basically I have found that anything that gets you in the moments of life can count as meditation.

The keys are:

• Self expression and connection to the things you want from deep within.
Allowing flow into your life by listening to that little voice in your head guiding you in your daily life. 

So whats your zone??? I would love to hear from you about it. What space do you create to connect to yourself?

Everyday life

What do you do to fill your soul up? is it music? Is it dancing? Is it playing with your children?

There are many things that can help us to live in the moment and trust what is coming into our lives. 


Ken said...

The entity Jesus Christ never existed. He was created by Constantine Flavious in 326 AD. Bushby - "Forged Origins of the New Testament". Also look at "Caesars Messiah". The nation of Israel was created by the Khazarian Jews, the "rich men of the world". Headquarters for the "evil empire" New World Order. See Khazarian Mafia. You don't have a soul, you ARE a soul. Angels? Maybe, but to rely on anything outside whats withing already doesn't work. That's enough.

Herbgarden said...

Arclein, THANK YOU VERY MUCH For making this post, it is really inspirational and made my entire week and even Year !

Please try to have more posts like these, there is a dire need for it in this world,
I loved how every sentence was carefully worded and rung true :)

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