Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Prime Directive

It turns out that they will not openly talk to us until we learn how to reach other stars.  Thar sort of makes sense.  In the meantime they are working clandestinely to help us along and we must be pretty close as traffic keeps going up.   That suggests that the Prime Directive is pretty leaky.

We also pick up the formative experiences used by Gene Roddenberry to create Star Trek.  It is obvious now that he channeled aliens and came to understand what future technology actually looked like.  This is important because enough is now apparent that I had come to be curious regarding just that.

Recall that I had worked my way through the bulk of the science fiction oeuvre from inception through the early sixties during my teens.  They did not in any way properly anticipate the world of Star Trek.  Snippets here and there yes but we really did not have Moore's Law sufficiently accepted to anticipate cell phones and the types of hardware seen.  And that happens to be the easiest aspect to anticipate for a writer.

Yet everything shown us in Star Trek becomes more plausible as we advance to the absurdity that the universe of Star Trek has never needed a true over haul.  Try that with Buck Rogers or other lame attempts to do science fiction in those days.

Is this the reason why aliens not openly lands in the front garden of the White House?

By lionsground - Jul 17, 2016

In 2013, the former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer made a shocking statement: a federation of alien races mankind are watching and controlling us. Reported television channel History.

Some say there is enough evidence to support this claim. Almost every culture has stories or emperors, kings and pharaohs who consulted a group of nine gods. Even CIA scientists channeled in the fifties with an alien group that was called ‘The Nine’. This group are here to influence events on earth, according to the station.

In 1952 the American physician Andrija Puharich put a special laboratory that was part of a top secret government program. In the lab experiments were done with psychological manipulation and hallucinogenic drugs. One of his subjects was Uri Geller.

Nonphysical Beings

One of the most controversial aspects of his research related to channeling, making contact with non-physical beings. contact was made in December 1952 by a group of entities that was called ‘The Nine’.

“The Nine said they were an endless presence,” explains Nick Pope from, who has worked 20 years for the British Ministry of Defence. “They kept an eye on mankind from the beginning, in his own words.”

Star Trek

In his private residence dr. Puharich discussed his research with people from the top layers of society. Someone who actively participated in those sessions was Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the famous TV series Star Trek. The series was inspired by the mysterious group ‘The Nine’.

The Prime Directive, a directive from the popular series prohibiting active involvement with less advanced species would have emerged from the sessions of dr. Puharich.

“If we are being watched by aliens, it is very likely that they do not openly land in the garden of the White House because of the Prime Directive,” says Pope.

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Vision aerie said...

I also heard that the Rand Corporation was instrumental in the whole Star Trek concept, so obviously (as usual) we are being indoctrinated in ways we never realized. Not sure about the aliens though -- couldn't they just blame any problems on them?!