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Hangzhou UFO Airport Event

For once we have something a lot better than a light in the sky.  It is still a light in the sky over Hangzhou but it is clearly illuminated.  Virtually all prior observations were of craft that sported modest illumination conforming to ionic discharge brought on by the strong magnetic fields involved.

This craft is actually well lit and over the full length of a long hull and it is not obviously a modern aircraft or plausibly an air ship which would never approach an airport unannounced.

Thus we once again left to accept the impossible.  As I have just posted, UFO’s have suddenly become less furtive.  They are acting as if direct contact is eminent and it does not matter too much if we see them.  Their well lit presence by an airfield in the middle of the highly populated China is almost a provocation.

These are no longer glimpses.  It is also reported here in the second item that they are able to mentally order certain behavior.  This has been hinted at before, but rarely so decisively when action was decided on.

This may all die down again, but in the meantime, it is worth while to keep awareness up.  This is unusual enough.

New Hangzhou UFO Photo and Xiaoshan Airport Staff Interview

© 2010 by Linda Moulton Howe

“There was an unknown object seen in the skies over the airport. So, according to our regulations, we had to close the airspace. Aircraft movements were suspended from 8:45 PM to 9:45 PM (on July 7, 2010).” - Ruan Zhouchang, Spokesperson, Xiaoshan Airport, Hangzhou, China

June 20, 2010  Hangzhou, China - I have received a new image of the Hangzhou unidentified aerial craft from a Hangzhou contact who requests anonymity. The photo below was reportedly taken on Wednesday, July 7, 2010, between 8:00 PM and 9:30 PM near the Xiaoshan Airport in which airline flights were suspended from 8:45 PM to 9:41 PM.

Image submitted to from an American-Chinese businessman with contacts in Hangzhou, China, who has asked to remain anonymous. “The photo is real per my trusted employee. Taken between 8 PM and 9:30 PM on July 7, 2010, within 25 kilometers of Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou. The buildings match the area. The lights out so early in evening is very common as power costs more in China than USA.  Please do not use my name.”

Also, Blue Ocean Network's BON Headlines interviewed Ruan Zhouchang, Spokesperson for the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China. Here is the link to the interview:

Here is the complete transcript of the interview with Ruan Zhouchang, Spokesperson, Xiaoshan Airport, Hangzhou, China:

Ruan Zhouchang:  “There was an unknown object seen in the skies over the airport. So, according to our regulations, we had to close the airspace. Aircraft movements were suspended from 8:45 PM to 9:45 PM (on July 7, 2010).”

BON Reporter:  “Airport staff say the first reports of the UFO came in just after 8 PM from both air traffic controllers and civilians. The object at the center of the commotion, visible as a light in the sky, was captured in this photo. [ BONLIVE shows video frame with arcing light circled near Xiaoshan Airport.] It might not look like much, but it does not belong to a civilian aircraft. Nor does it match the flight plan of any aircraft supposed to be operating in the area at the time.

Ruan Zhouchang said there were few eyewitnesses because the event occurred at night when most staff members were not present and passengers were in the waiting hall.

During the hour in which the airspace was closed, six flights were grounded and six inbound flights were diverted to nearby airports at Ningbo, Wuxi and Shanghai. In total, almost 1,000 passengers were inconvenienced by the closure. Flights have long since returned to normal and an investigation of the mysterious lights is underway.

UFO sightings are nothing new in China, which has a history of such unknown objects almost as rich as the U. S.  China's web users are all abuzz with speculation ranging from it might be a Chinese or foreign military aircraft testing to the slightly implausible idea that it's aliens  coming to watch the World Cup final.

It might disappoint UFO enthusiasts, but Ruan Zhouchang says it is highly unlikely that the investigation will find any evidence of non-human behavior.”

Ruan Zhouchang:  “When the results of our investigation are published, we might have a clearer idea. Or we might never know.”

Further, I received the following email with the Hangzhou, China, image below included that shows the spire of silver metal spheres atop the roof of the lower right structure commonly used as lightning rod or roof decorations in Hangzhou.

The China UFO & My 2004 Vashon Island, WA Sighting

Date:   July 18, 2010 
To:   Linda Moulton Howe

Photo taken by a Hangzhou resident shows an unidentified flying object hovering over Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, around 9 PM, Wednesday, July 7, 2010. Note the three-sphere lightning rod used only in Hangzhou, China, rising from lower right roof. See People's Daily Online.

Hello, Linda:

I thought I’d share with you my experience having seen one like this, but from a much closer perspective than what’s apparent in this photo. This one in the photo was very much like the one I saw, but without the bright glow from the bottom. Mine looked like a dull, inner-luminous pewter.

It had those lights on the edge, exactly like this one. They were virtually the same in size and appearance to horizontal traffic signal lights – no green or yellow, but alternately flickered a deep red or a light pink rose color. When I tried to focus my eyes on them I found it impossible. They seemed to be there and yet have “no perspective” with regard to distance perception as we know it. The black edge that ran around the entire craft was no more than 6"  in height, filled with those traffic signal-sized lights in a single horizontal row, side-by-side and separated by about 3"  from each other. It was as though these lights existed both here and elsewhere at the same time and I was not biologically equipped to perceive it.

How did I come to see it? It was at 4 AM in the late summer of 2004 when I was living on Vashon Island near Seattle, Washington. I was asleep and was awakened by my gray, longhair cat. He was in the bedroom window, squeezed between the blinds and the glass, making a chattering noise like he’d seen a bird. I got up and looked because I heard no birds and was wondering what his problem was. More so, I didn’t want him to damage the blinds, so I pulled them up. I nearly fell to my knees as to what I saw. My cat stayed there with me watching it the entire time.

I took off my glasses and cleaned them with my shirt while not taking my eyes off it. I even slapped my face to make sure I was awake and put them back on. It was still there. It was hovering just above my eye level, over the cow pasture behind my apartment complex only 3 feet away from my 3rd story apartment bedroom window on Vashon Island near Seattle.
I’d been a trained observer as an industrial safety consultant and a technical writer for close to 27 years at that time, so it was easy to take it all in, judging distances and perspective to get an accurate reading, while saying it aloud to myself and my cat what I was perceiving.

It was between thirty to forty feet in diameter and about 12-feet-high from the rounded dome on the top to the bottom. The dome, which had no distinctive seam, was entirely smooth. It occupied about 1/3 of the upper surface area of the disc-shaped craft. I saw no “windows,” but it seemed to glow dimly from inside. It was tilted about 10-degrees in the direction it was moving, very slowly from south to north at barely walking speed.

What was odd was my immediate impression that it was not be propelled in the way you or I would assume. It “felt” as though it created a “cavitation” in the direction it wanted to move, and was “drawn forward” into the cavity it created. A cavitation in Space-Time? I have no idea. Try to imagine a submarine that could somehow project a cone-shaped field in front of it, pointed-end away from it, and it caused water to displace, creating a vacuum to move the submarine forward. There was no sense of “propulsion,” as you’d assume. That’s the closest I can get to a description.

It finally went out of view after what seemed to be about two long minutes. Just as I had the thought to go outside and see more of it, to grab my camera in the other room and try to take a photo, an immediate “NO!” entered my mind. That thought froze me in place until I decided I wouldn’t go outside. I have no idea if it was my common sense speaking to me or if it was someone or something else.

Again, it was the lights on the edge that to me was so riveting. I have to say I wish I’d seen the letters, “USAF” on the side, but no such luck. I don’t even pretend to know what this was other than some kind of craft. I have no idea if this is the result of Reagan’s defense spending or if it really is some kind of extraterrestrial technology. Why it was outside my window is an entirely different question. My guess is because it decided to stay low and evade radar while observing us at night through our walls – perhaps they are scientists? My guess.

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