Tuesday, July 9, 2024

AI ( Artificial intelligence )to naturally replace government bureaucracy.

 AI ( Artificial intelligence ) to naturally replace government bureaucracy.

It has been long argued that government agencies do not actually create anything and this makes almost all tasks presently undertaken by government easily handled by the present evolution of artificial intelligence.

In fact we will soon have self driving cars, but always with the human driver in position to intervene as a matter of course.  It took a long time, but that is turning out to be good enough.  Over time we expect the number of interventions to approach zero but also never quite make it.

The same things holds true for governance.  We may set rules, but reserve the right to intervene.

My take home is that the majority of procedure based human activity can now be better handled by AI.  And we can in fact separate out those activities demanding human contact.

At the same time huge amounts of human activity does demand application of the mark one human eyeball.  So we will see a major shift in human activity toward those tasks in which human recall of the future is a dominant factor.  

Sooner or later, we will walk a field been processed by robots while we focus on disease vectors and the like which will always require that sort of intervention.  After all it is absurd to count all the aphids in a ten acre field, but it can be rationally justified.

It is actually very specific what AI can do for us, and some of it is great.  Yet the tipping point is coming in which AI must freeze up in the face of deliberate error.

I have entered a lot of new knowledge into our timeline, It is out there and when it starts returning properly accredited then we will all know humanity can win.