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Trump’s Prime Directive: Save American Culture From Maoist Forces


The one big problem faced by POTUS is that he has to fight several large wars. Common sense dictates that he must solve them essentially one at a time and completely at that.   Yet before all that it is also necessary to eliminate the DEEP STATE which is central to all these wars.  The DEEP STATE is waging a Maoist campaign against western culture itself and it has become obvious.

Intel from Q  has informed us regarding ongoing actions against the DEEP STATE. I now think that its demise is eminent.  I also think that the Midterms will be a smashing Trump victory.  Dem efforts have been tepid to date and leadership is AWOL.  This can give him real control of both house and congress and i also note a large number of GOP congressmen and senators are stepping out which can only mean Trump endorsed replacements.

Then expect a wall reform legislation including some form of single payer medicare in particular.  The cultural war will be suddenly reversed through the reform of education including the universities in particular.  Having avowed Maoists brainwashing the non STEM crowd has got to stop..

Trump’s Prime Directive: Save the American Culture From the Maoist Forces Which Are Imposing Their Communist Will On America

Mao, despicable but effective. According to NYU Professor Rectanwald, Mao is the model that is being used to destroy our country.

President Trump has finally, and I mean finally called out Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to put a merciful end to the Robert Mueller’s Russian-collusion-delusion. The so-called Mueller investigation has gone so far off the mark that the private attorney of the President has been raided and his confidentiality agreements with this attorney’s clients has been breached. In fact, Manafort is standing trial for something that Rod Rosenstein refused to bring charges on 8 years ago.

There are far more pressing matters that face this nation than some nonexistent crime allegedly committed by the President. America needs to be done with this modern day witch trial and move on.
You might be asking, what could be more pressing than the Mueller witch hunt? The answer in the words of a New York University professor, Michael Rectenwald, is that our American culture is at stake.

NYU Professor Says America Is Losing Its Culture

The following quote, from Facebook, is the most lucide I have ever seen on the topic of America losing its culture. Thanks to Jenny N. for sending this to me.
We’re undergoing a Maoist-like Cultural Revolution — with the power of the corporate mass media, corporate social media, the academy, most of corporate America, the deep state, the shadow government, and most of the legal apparatuses behind it. Anti-western, anti-individual, anti-Christian, anti-liberty monsters are ravaging our cultural legacies as well as our contemporary arts and letters. Our entire culture is under siege and undergoing an utter and relentless social justice dismantling. Leftist totalitarianism is running amok. We’re on the precipice of completely losing our culture, the benefits of western civilization, and the entire legacy of western civilizational history. A major resurgence and counter attack is necessary and soon.
 The professor clearly identifies the target of media oppression and they are Anti-western, anti-individual, anti-Christian, anti-liberty. Tthey should his describes most of America. In other words, the majority is losing its cultural identity, to the few and the few are following the Maoist plan of social revolution. I have never seen a quote about the present situation that I agree with more that this.
Recently on Youtube, I was demonitized by telling Americans if they did not like the way thing are, then vote this November and have your voice heard. I was shadow-banned by Youtube to the extreme. In 2017, I did a Youtube video on FEMA camps. It had 1.1 million views. Today, the video would be lucky to get 10,000 views.
My President, My President Why Have You Forsaken Me?

It is safe to say that Trump would not be in the White House if it were not for the relentless Independent Media. Yet, the President has allowed the social media giants to break open forum laws with impunity. Open forum laws state that when one is an open forum they are immune to prosecution for any rogue post (eg child porn). However, open forum laws are being ignored, because a social media giant cannot censor and retain their open forum protections. Yet, to date, Trump is allowing Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google have it both ways. Even Ted Cruz has been outspoken on the fact that social media giants need to be regulated under this provision.
At the end of his Facebook rant, the NYU professor called for “A major resurgence and counter attack is necessary and soon.” At risk if the 1st Amendment. And if the 1st Amendment is sacrificed upon the altar of political correctness, then all of the other Amendments will follow including the right to own a gun. Then, at long last, the communists behind this American version of a Maoist revolution will have us where they want us, unarmed and vulnerable. Perhaps it is time that your voice be heard.
Finally, the President, your economic gains mean nothing if we lose our culture and our subsequent freedoms. Let me remind you Mr. President, the professor is correct, our entire civilization at risk. The communists who have taken over our media do bear a resemblance to Mao, and in his social revolution, he killed 60 million people.
President Trump, you need to regulate the social media and make them comply with open forum laws. If you don’t you won’t go down in history as the President who saved the economy. Rather, you will go down as the President who lost our culture.

Nuclear Fusion Updated project reviews



I must admit that after discovering just how easy it is to produce a 3D spiral wave able to induce electron decay in Dark Matter, my interest in fusion waned.  As i have posted before, we have all the energy we want for the taking and anywhere inside our galaxy at least.

These research programs remain as excellent work in understanding our physical limits and much is been learned so bravo still.

This item gives us an update and general summary of the ongoing work which has isolated several separate protocols and is attempting to drive them home.  I continue to like LLP simply because containment is not the issue.  The issue is unsurprisingly materials science.  It is also capable of been very compact, but after saying just that i would like to spend the heavy coin to scale it all up ten fold.  I do think that this design will perform much better as scale climbs.

That is exactly why we already have huge gravity ships that you do not know about although just too many folks have seen them pass at night.  Note that all UFO's are gravity ships at least and EM ships second in order to maneuver...


 Nuclear Fusion Updated project reviews

Here is a rundown of the various nuclear fusion projects. Overall there many interesting projects with decent funding. Most are being more careful about making specific timeline promises. Molten Salt fission could deliver on most of the nuclear fusion clean energy and low-cost energy claims with what appears to be lower technical risks and no scientific uncertainties.



General Fusion
General Fusion is raising hundreds of millions for 70% scale demo system to be completed around 2023. The next system after the 70% scale system will be a full commercial system. They have a pulsed system without the need for plasma containment. General Fusion feels if they can prove out end to end power generation that scaling to higher energy return will not be a hurdle.

Simulation will be used to validate the economics and design specifics to move to a 100% system.

The Demo system will cost several hundred million dollars. General fusion is fundraising now. Several existing funders (Jeff Bezos, Canadian and Malaysian government) are likely participants in the next round. However, the fundraising cannot have actual disclosure until it is completed. As of late 2016, General Fusion had received over $100 million in funding from a global syndicate of investors and the Canadian Government’s Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) fund.

All of the individual components have been matured enough to enable integration into a prototype pilot plant.

Over the five years of the demo plant there will be design, construction and a nominal 18 months of testing.

The plasma injector component built so far is a 2-meter plasma injector. It will be a 3-meter injector for the pilot plant.

Helion Energy

The sixth-generation machine (Trenta?) is already being designed. The seventh-generation machine hopes to hit net energy gain.

Previously there had been hopes that the sixth machine would hit net energy gain. Helion Energy is pulsed energy and does not depend upon long-term containment of plasma.

LPP Fusion

LPP Fusion has raised nearly $1 million via crowdinvestment. They have enough money for 2018 experiments and some of 2019. They are trying to prove out a dense plasma focus fusion experiment for net energy gain. There is no confinement problem in their design. They have to work out controlling contimination of a nuclear fusion spark plug like design. They have a lot of scientific risk.

TAE Technologies

California-based TAE Technologies (formerly known as Tri Alpha Energy) has had over $500 million in venture capital to date. They are working on their fifth machine. They hope the next machine will hit break even energy.

• C-2U plasma sustainment compelling foundation for “long enough” (Gen 5 reactor targets 30 milliseconds up from 10 milliseconds)

• 3 year C-2W project underway – towards “hot enough” (Gen 5 targets 10x the power)
• Begin to work on to commercialization plan w/ utilities and industrial partners

MIT Commonwealth Fusion

Trying to make a compact Tokomak with more powerful superconducting magnets. They want a commercial tokomak by 2033.

MIT has spunout a tokomak fusion project into Commonwealth Fusion systems. They want to apply modular designs to high-temperature superconductors. They want to get to stronger magnets that will shrink the size and cost of the potential nuclear fusion reactor. Improved magnets would improve any nuclear fusion design that involves confinement of plasma. There is less science risk to this MIT approach but more technological risk. They are trying to accelerate the commercial use of high-temperature superconducting magnets and trying to contain their costs. Cost for superconducting magnets for past fusion projects have been $20 per watt but other applications have seen costs of $1.4 to $1.8 per watt.

Lockheed Compact Fusion

Lockheed is still working on the Compact reactor but they are doing computer simulations and testing to validate certain components and aspects of the design. The initial design claims of ten years to a 20-ton reactor that can be moved by truck have be wrong by 100 times. They now hope they can get to 2000 ton fusion reactor that works.

Clinker built Viking ship DRAGON HARALD FAIRHAIR

Dragon Harald Fairhair: The construction of a Viking DragonShip

I was unaware that the Norwegians had actually built one of these and had really got it right as well.  a lot of good questions got answered herel.   This one was crafted inside of two years.  Watch all the videos in this post.

It was also build as large as likely ever built as well.  Now i want to see this scaled back to a more practical size, not least because this size comes in at 70 tons.  60 foot length and a 15 foot beam should get us down to under twenty tons.  Assume ten pairs of oars for a crew of forty or so.

This was surely typical of the usual long ship of the vikings.

Better yet it is light enough that sledging it becomes plausible.  Thinner planks would make a big difference there.

There is an excellent prospect for building a fleet of these smaller craft for sailing in Salish Sea between Vancouver and Vancouver Island's Cowichan Valley which was the likely site of the original Vinland.  It is clearly no trick to provide  a decent motor to run these ship's and they are naturally fast in even heavy seas.

We often get a six foot seas and a good running wind which would make sailing these ships  a real pleasure.  Thus we have a new form of sport sailing.

Dragon Harald Fairhair: The construction of a Viking Dragon Ship

August 9, 2013 by

Dragon Harald Fairhair: The construction of a Viking Dragon Ship

From A ten-minute video on the construction of a Viking dragon ship, which began in 2010 and is the largest Viking ship ever built in modern times.

In March of 2010, construction began on what will be the largest Viking ship ever built in modern times. Named after Harald Fairhair, the king who unified Norway into one kingdom, the great dragon ship is coming together in the town of Haugesund in Western Norway.

The ship measures one hundred and fourteen feet of crafted oak, twenty-seven feet on the beam, displacing seventy tons, and has a thirty-two hundred square foot sail of pure silk.

The Dragon Harald Fairhair will have 25 pairs of oars. It is necessary to have at least two people on each oar to row the ship efficiently. That will give a crew of at least 100 persons, yet the craft should be able to be sailed by only twelve.

In June 2012, the Dragon Harald Fairhair was launched and tested for the first time. Here is the video:

This year the ship is undergoing more testing, and it is expected that its first voyage will occur in 2014. To learn more about this ship, please visit or follow them on their Facebook group.

'Gargoyle' Sighting - South of Boston, MA

This time we got a good look without the face.  That the witness confirmed first impression of a gargoyle is important as he surely got it right.  This means not a bird and not a pterodactyl.  We have now had plenty of likely gargoyles and even some other actual IDs as well.

The Chupacabra is surely a gargoyle and there is plenty of game out there for a blood feed as well.  These creatures generally stay well clear of us and our animals though not always with a chicken coop and other small operations.  Larger operations really have way too much protection.

Again we have the Thunder Bird out there as well as the Chupacabra or Gargoyle and we also have a Pterodactyl also.  All these can sit down on a roof and will.

'Gargoyle' Sighting - South of Boston, MA

Friday, August 03, 2018

The following account was posted at Reddit today, by the user named Decay_WithMe. I contacted the witness and received a bit more information:

I live 25 minutes south of Boston. About 6 months ago I saw this insane thing. It was about 3 AM, I had been up late as I normally am. I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. It was dark as Hell except for the stars and moon. As I was smoking I heard this noise of something flying. I look up and see this winged creature land on my neighbor's roof and just sit there like a Gargoyle would. I thought I was seeing sh*t or seeing something wrong but then the creature jumped up and flew away and I could see its whole body. It was the size of a small human but massive wings. It reminded me of a Gargoyle. I don't know what the f**k I saw but it was crazy. Has anyone ever had an experience seeing something like this? Humanoid creature with wings?

After contacting the witness, I received the following message:

Hey there. I can do my best. I couldn't see the creature's face because it was dark and it was on the roof facing away from me. It looked black with a wing span upon flight maybe 4-5ft. The creature itself while crouched on the roof looked the size of a smaller human maybe 4ft. I watched it trying to figure out what I was looking at, for maybe 1 minute, then it jumped and flew off. Even when it flew away it still looked on the shorter end. As it flew, its legs hung but still in an almost crouching position. It wasn't a massive creature but it was definitely humanoid in appearance. Location was 25 minutes south of Boston around January - February of this year. Because it was on a roof next door crouched its possible this thing could have been much larger. I wish I could have seen its face.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Qanon Media Deconsolidation

On the corporate front two major initiatives have long been powerfully indicated.I have little doubt that they are underway in the planning stages since Trump landed.

The easy one is the breakup of the Too big to fail crowd and the reestablishment of the original regulatory regime separating ordinary retail banking from any form of investment banking.  This was changed just as clinton left office and led directly to the 2008 crash and the need for 'quantative easing' or money printing.

The more difficult is the smashing of all forms of media monopoly whatsoever. Their access to capital has been through merger after merger and their capacity for internal promotion that came with it.  Thus today we have a single source media that acts exactly like a propaganda machine who even is trying to clumsily suppress competition.  Their abuses have now become visible and their breakup is certainly necessary and it is coming.

This item from Q merely confirms that this is at the top of the legislative agenda and will be underway during the next two years..  .

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.141 
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.138 


FAKE NEWS consolidation [propaganda arm of the D party].
Define Antitrust Law(s).
The Sherman Act outlaws "every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade," and any "monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize."
"The FTC's competition mission is to enforce the rules of the competitive marketplace — the antitrust laws. These laws promote vigorous competition and protect consumers from anticompetitive mergers and business practices."

[BC set the stage]
Could a new Telecommunications Act be on the way?

China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag

In this Thursday, June 14, 2018, file photo, a Chinese national flag at Tiananmen Square flutters against the capital city tallest skyscraper China Zun Tower under construction at the Central Business District in Beijing. China has threatened "comprehensive measures" in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's new tariff hike, raising …
 I find this hilarious.  From now on you advertise the religious nature of a building by hanging a huge flag.  Does hanging a flag make you legal as well?

Perhaps Falun Gong can practice their public exercises by also mounting a giant flag.  The spectacle of government enforcers tearing down a flag will do wonders for party credibility.

This can only bring attention to a religious movement and whatever else they attempt to impose, the public will merely ignore.  All this will trigger organized passive resistance.

China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag
AP Photo/Andy Wong
China’s state-run newspaper Global Times derided critics in the West Thursday for condemning a new initiative forcing all religious buildings to fly China’s red flag as a means to “enhance the concept of nation.”

The newspaper claimed the move was necessary because, without imposing the government’s wishes on individual religions, the nation could “lurch toward war.”

Requiring religious institutions to fly the national flag, a symbol of the nation’s embrace of communism in 1949, is necessary because “religions are exclusive” and the government has a responsibility to work on “strengthening people’s national and civic consciousness,” the Global Times argued.

According to the state newspaper, the proposal to make all buildings fly the flag came from “the country’s major religious associations.” China recognizes only five religions legally—Protestant Christianity, Catholic Christianity, Islam, Taoism, and Buddhism—and has established government-recognized “patriotic” institutions that govern each. Chinese citizens who wish to worship outside of government institutions are considered criminals. Beijing has increased its persecution of unofficial “house” churches and home worship under Communist Party leader Xi Jinping.

“The country’s major religious associations on Tuesday proposed an initiative demanding that all religious venues raise China’s national flag to strengthen awareness of respect for the flag and preserve the flag’s dignity,” the Times noted, adding that “some Western media outlets” condemned the move as stifling religious expression.

“A national flag is a symbol of the country that should be respected by all citizens,” the Global Times insisted. “The display of national flags is not only recognition of national sovereignty, but also a manifestation of love for the country.”

The propaganda outlet argued that, without “national identity,” allowing religious freedom leads to war.

The Global Times announced the initiative on Tuesday, citing Chinese “experts” who applauded the move “for seeking to assimilate religion into a socialist society and as progress for religious development.” At the time, the newspaper once again expressed the belief that Beijing has a responsibility to teach religious people to “better practice socialist core values.”

The move follows orders from the government leaders of the five religions to local churches, temples, and mosques, to “Sinicize” the religion fully—to make each religion more “Chinese.” To do so, according to a white paper the government released titled “China’s Policies and Practices on Protecting Freedom of Religious Belief,” religious leaders “must conduct religious activities in the Chinese context, practice core socialist values, carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, and actively explore religious thought which conforms to the reality in China.

The Chinese Communist Party has expressed particular concern regarding the activities of Christians around the country who do not attend government-organized services, Uighur Muslims in western Xinjiang province, and Tibetan Buddhists following the Dalai Lama in Tibet. Part of the campaign to “Sinicize” religion involved banning children from religious services. Most recently, the government decreed that children in Tibet are not allowed to participate in any religious activities during the summer. Parents of children in the province were forced to sign documents promising not to expose their children to religion. A similar decree was passed in Xinjiang months earlier.

According to the U.S. State Department’s annual International Religious Freedom Report, Xinjiang is experiencing some of the most brutal religious repression in the world. The Chinese government is forcing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into “political re-education camps,” where they are often tortured and forced to violate their beliefs, sometimes by being forced to eat pork. The Chinese government does not deny that it is “re-educating” Muslims in the region—the Global Times boasted of the program promoting “the correct political stance and excellent moral traits” this month. It has nonetheless dismissed criticism from the rest of the world, particularly the United States.

“We call on the United States to respect the facts, mind its own business, and stop using the religion issue to intervene in other countries’ internal affairs,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters following the publication of the 2017 State Department International Religious Freedom Report.

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Does removing sugar from your diet starve cancer cells?

Somewhere along the way an old doctor had success with his patients by essentially starving them of all foods except cabbage soup.  Sounds boring and all that but this would certainly impose the protocol indicated here.

I also keep coming back to this because it prevents backsliding which is the enemy of every dietary approach.  I am sure a few other veggies work as well but starting with a large bowl of cabbage soup is pretty safe.

I have never actually had any reports on all this and my experience is that no one takes good advice or even truly safe advice. .

Does removing sugar from your diet starve cancer cells? New study finds surprising answers

Sunday, July 22, 2018 by: Ralph Flores
Tags: added sugars, Cancer Cells, cancer prevention, fructose, glucose, goodfood, goodhealth, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar

(Natural News) Cutting back on sugar may help decrease your likelihood of getting certain cancers, a recent study noted. The finding, which was part of an investigation made by researchers from Duke-NUS Medical School and the National University of Singapore, together with the Duke University School of Medicine and the Medical University of Vienna, is part of a unique approach explaining how reducing sugar can cause cancer cells to die.

The paper, which was published in the online journal Science Signaling, presented a novel cell death pathway through introducing how depriving cancer cells of sugar can trigger a reaction that causes them to die. This research builds on earlier scientific literature that indicates that cancer cells that quickly multiply need higher levels of sugar than healthy cells. (Related: More Evidence that Sugar Fuels Cancer Growth.)

In the study, researchers found that in specific cancer cells, the presence of low levels of sugar that are insufficient for providing energy may be used as a method to enhance the survivability of the cells. They then posited that this might be another effect that sugar has on cancer cells.

They also found that when cancer cells are deprived of sugar, this causes a reaction across the cancer cell membrane and leads to an increased intake of calcium ions into the cells, which causes them to die ultimately. For the study, they used two cancer cells: one that contained extra glucose and the other, which didn’t. Both samples were then exposed to a “two-pronged attack.” The first one was with STF-31, a compound that inhibits glucose transport into cells, and the second one was with thapsigargin, which increases the level of calcium in cells. The team found out the cancer cells that had that extra glucose in them were unaffected; however, those with limited reserves were killed off.

The team believes that this approach can be used in unique approaches to treating cancer. Initial tests in the study showed that depriving cancer cells of sugar and increasing the body’s calcium levels managed to destroy cancer cells while leaving the healthy ones unharmed. Also, only certain types of cancer cells were noted to have lost the capacity to maintain intercellular sugar levels after the treatment. Researchers believe that this only applies to cells which are sensitive to sugar deprivation.

“Because these phenomena are not seen in normal/healthy cells, this inability of some tumors to maintain intracellular glucose levels could be an unappreciated Achilles’ heel that might be therapeutically targeted,” the researchers wrote of the results, as it appeared in Cosmos. “A molecular signature of cancers with reduced ability to maintain intracellular glucose would help develop that strategy for clinical application.”

Of the results, the team plans to conduct further research to create possible treatment procedures from this approach in the future.

Other adverse effects of added sugar on the body

One of the leading causes of the increase of sugar in the body is the consumption of added sugars. Unlike naturally-occurring sugars, which can already be found in fresh fruit and vegetables, added sugars that are found in processed food and beverages overload the body, carrying a significant risk of disease. Here are some of the other dangers that added sugars have on our body. 

It contains no essential nutrients. Added sugars such as high fructose corn syrup found in sweetened drinks do not provide any nutrients aside from calories. Regular consumption of these “empty” calories can lead to significant nutrient deficiencies. 

It can overload your liver. Sugar is metabolized into glucose and fructose when it enters the body. Added sugars, when consumed, turn into large amounts of fructose, which are turned into fat in the liver. This can lead to fatty liver and other conditions. 

It can contribute to obesity in both children and adults. Due to the effects of added sugars, the brain feels less satisfied after eating it, which triggers an increased consumption. 

Learn more about the adverse effects of sugar by going to today.

Sources include:

DSP Satellite FastWalkers (UFOs)

Consider that the information provided here is already fifty years old.  What is important is that those satellites confirm several atmospheric transitions every week.  Other observations have actually seen them enter water in particular.  Other above sea level access points may exist as well particularly around the SW desert.

It is clear though that accessing a base by going underwater is a preferred method.
That quality of security will start to disappear though as our own deep sea tech has become effective.

Thus full disclosure must happen within the next three decades and is certainly underway already.  After all, actual sightings are increasing and disguised aliens are making like tourists as well..

DSP Satellite FastWalkers (UFOs)

The Defense Support Program (DSP) satellite has been detecting FastWalkers (UFOs) entering our atmosphere for decades. The DSP analyzes the temperature, location and trajectory of a hot infrared source could build up both a description of the type of missile as well as its target dramatically reducing the chances of a surprise ICBM attack. The satellite weighed about 2,000 pounds and had a 12-foot long Schmidt infrared telescope with a linear array of 2,048 lead sulfide detectors that detected infrared energy. The satellite rotated six times per minute as the sensor “scanned” the entire face of the Earth. The sensor provided below-the-horizon coverage by spotting the missile’s exhaust plume and carried sensors for detecting nuclear explosions in the atmosphere. The first DSP satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral on November 6, 1970, atop a Titan 3C rocket.

By late June 1973, the four DSP satellites in orbit had detected a total of 1,014 missile launches. They had proven quite successful and had relieved some of the tension that was always present during the Cold War. DSP also presented some surprises to its operators. The satellites began detecting infrared returns within and above the atmosphere that were entering and leaving the atmosphere. Some of these returns were caused by sunlight reflecting off the satellites or meteorites and these events were soon designated “Fast Walkers.“. DSP satellites, which are operated by the Air Force Space Command, detect missile or spacecraft launches and nuclear explosions using sensors that detect the infrared emissions from these intense sources of heat. During Desert Storm, for example, DSP was able to detect the launches of Iraqi Scud missiles and provide timely warnings to civilians and military forces in Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Warrant Officer Joe Stefula reports, “Our DSP satellites track the launch of various missiles using various types of sensors but chiefly with Infrared sensors. In addition to the missiles the sensors also are able to pick up unidentified flying objects that are entering and leaving our atmosphere called FastWalkers.” UFO buffs were able to correlate ground UFO reports with ascending and descending UFOs

Slower anomalous objects are referred to has SlowWalkers. The DSP satellite system once composed of 18 units in deep space orbit picks up several UFO intruders or “FastWalkers” ascending and descending several times a week. AeroJet General engineer and MUFON member Ron Regehr, helped design the satellites. Insiders report there is a great deal of excitement as the UFOs sometimes trigger the early warning system. Often they are referred to as Uncorrelated Targets indicating they are not in the computer data base for all known objects in space.

Editor’s Note – Uncorrelated targets coming into and leaving the atmosphere are picked up several times a week. Correlated targets are various types of space junk tracked and kept in Air Force computers while uncorrelated targets are unknowns. Our Earth is an oasis in space and UFOs likely stop for resupply, relaxation and recreation.

For example, Pine Bush, New York, Mt. Shasta, California, , and Gulf Breeze, Florida in recent years have had a large number of sightings. I know there are also missing persons in the areas of high UFO activity. There are geological anomalies, and unusual helicopter and military activity. I suggest our research specialists and consultants in various fields be tasked to look for anomalies in a particular area. We may find a series of surprising relationships. I believe many scientists would be interested in actively helping us find the answer provided they had viable evidence to examine.

MUFON’s scientific consultants and research specialists will provide a base cadre of scientifically trained personnel, who could be called on for help. We could also invite key Eastern universities to provide support and cooperation with the research. The exact composition of the scientific personnel equipment will need further development. Certainly various engineering, scientific, medical, military and computer expertise would be needed.


The phenomena associated with the presence of a UFO can be accounted for within the following scientific parameters as provided by Dr. Jim Mc Campbell:

*The emission of electromagnetic radiation measured isotropically (all directions) of approximately 1 to 1.6 megawatts in a fairly narrow range of the microwave region.

*Wave length of one tenth to one twenty fifth millimeters, and a frequency of sixty to eighty cycles per second. Electromagnetic energy in the range of 300 to 3,000 MHz or higher. *Pulse width of two to forty microseconds.

On top of the craft is a really high magnetic field which is about a million times more powerful than we know how to produce on the Earth. There is also a slow ripple of about ten per second, with about five to ten seconds between ripples. It’s about five to ten seconds per ripple, it’s very slow. That ripple is what causes the spinning of compasses which is reported so often. The radiant energy produces colored halos and plasmas around the UFO. Further research is needed concerning propulsion systems which probably propel by distorting the gravitational field and converting gravity into useable energy. The following equipment will provide the basis for the studies.



Scientific equipment is needed to verify the above data and scientifically show that these measurements can be duplicated, wherever a UFO is encountered. Equipment should include radiation measuring devices, video, photographic and digital cameras with star filters (diffraction grating of the 4th order). Some should be equipped with infrared and audio recorders. Additionally, we need magnetometers, magnetoscopes, portable radar equipment, E M spectrum analyzers, pulse analyzers and fluxgate compasses. Communication capability with airfield towers and aircraft should also be provided. The equipment should also include Geiger radiation detection equipment that is directional. Automatic recording devices set up with the equipment would also be needed. Ray Fowler suggested we need both equipment and trained operators. Simple magnetometers can be built and with alarms and recording devices.


Dr. Richard Haines from NASA as suggested that we may be able to signal or beckon the craft. He has recorded 200 instances where this has been accomplished successfully and is presently writing a book on the subject. He is willing to help us in signaling methods that appear to work such as search lights. Various types of signal equipment would be needed.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Mysterious ‘Pyramids’ Are Spotted on the Atlantic Ocean Floor

Let me explain something.  I have been expecting evidence of pyramids in this exact location for years.  This the first real occurrence to be properly reported or at least brought to my attention.

These were all port cities of the European Bronze Age and were sunk in 1159 BC by the same events that ended the whole Atlantean sea trade based civilization.  I have been posting now for years that the annual copper fleet from all of he Americas but principally from Poverty point and Lake Superior would gather here before making their run to the Irish Sea and Lewis in particular.  This area could hardly be more important.  It also collected brass from the mines in nearby Georgia.

Pyramids are built world wide and they are mostly associated with the Bronze Age from 2500 BC through 1159 BC.  This also had a long more local prehistory.

Earlier pyramids appear also but they are associated with a civilization that predated the 12900 BC destruction of the Great Ice Age through a comet strike causing the Pleistocene nonconformity.


Mysterious ‘Pyramids’ Are Spotted on the Atlantic Ocean Floor
Conspiracy theorists claim they have found two or three ancient underwater structures off the coast of the Bahamas.
Scott Waring, who created the UFO Sightings Daily website, is a regular contributor who was using Google Earth to scour the ocean floor for anomalies, when he came across the strange shapes. Speaking in the SecureTeam10 video, Mr. Waring said: ‘I found these two pyramids on the ocean floor near New Providence island, that it is not far from Florida.
‘The lines on the pyramids are easy to make out and are proof that the nearby island was once inhabited by an ancient man or Aztec-like people. ‘Narrator Tyler Glockner agrees with Mr. Waring’s assessment, adding: ‘I have to say these do look like pyramids, obviously ancient pyramids that would have some weathering over the years.
‘One thing about the ocean is that it actually preserves things much better, because you’re not out there in the open air where things can rust and deteriorate.
‘If these are pyramids, they could be much much older than, say, the ruins found on Earth that are barely still there and have nearly crumbled to dust.’
The pair point out that the two pyramids are not the same, with one appearing to be a perfect three sided structure, like the Great Pyramid of Giza. A third ancient underwater pyramids was found off the Atlantic Coast of Florida which few people know exist. Multiple sources of information about the pyramids are available, but for simplicity most of the following information is from Bill Hanson’s book “The Atlantis Triangle.”

Hanson notes that the three pyramids are equally spaced – about 35 miles apart – on the west side of the Gulf Stream. To add to the mystery, three other underwater pyramids have been seen on the east side of the Gulf Stream. Those are 25 to 30 miles apart and located near Walker’s Cay, Great Sale Cay and the Berry Islands of the Bahamas. Typically, the underwater pyramids have been seen after violent storms have temporarily swept away some of the sand covering the ancient structures.
Pilots flying low over the pyramid’s location stated, “All my magnetics had gone to zero. Then a strange hue occurred all around me. At about 600 feet above water in the air that bright crimson hue simply baffled me.”The 240 HP Continental began to be the most crazily running engine I have ever had the experience to feel. It became motionless no matter what I did with the throttle and pumps. It glided and floated smoothly for at least two miles. Then the engine simply started itself. I could not dive because I was already on top of the water. Then I realized that some force was pulling toward a westerly direction. . . After landing and getting inspection of Radio Communication and units, every last unit was blown, shorted out by some high frequency electronic shock, or mysterious high voltage in the air.” Thanks to Scott C. Waring* Warring

The Coconut Crab

Coconut Crab

A reminder that some things in nature are not your friend.
What i do find informative though is that these crabs are on every island with coconuts.  I had thought that coconuts could not travel successfully on their own from island to island.   I got that from a source read long ago but a quick check shows us that the wild ones did exactly that.  My source had picked up the dispersion of the domestic version which did follow human dispersion.
All this explains the antiquity of both the coconut and the crab as well as coral atolls as well..
The Coconut Crab Kills Birds And Breaks Bones – And May Have Eaten Amelia Earhart

By Mark Oliver

Published July 16, 2018

The coconut crab isn’t just scary-looking – these things really can tear you apart. Its claws are powerful enough to rip open a coconut, it can climb trees, and it may just be the animal that devoured Amelia Earhart.

Epic Wildlife/YouTubeA gigantic coconut crab climbs a trash can.

“Monstrous.” That was the only word Charles Darwin could find to describe the coconut crab when he first saw one for himself.

This was no ordinary crab. The coconut crab stretches three feet long, and though it only weighs eight or nine pounds, it’s strong enough to carry more than six times its own weight.

In Darwin’s time, there were stories floating around about what these things could do.

There were rumors that they could climb trees and dangle from them for hours, holding on by nothing more than a single pincer like some massive overgrown spider. There were stories that their claws were so strong that they could break through a coconut. And there were stories that they could tear a human being apart, limb by limb.

At the time, Darwin didn’t believe most of what he’d heard, but it was no exaggeration. Since then, we’ve found out that every story about what this horrifying-looking creature can do is more or less true.

Claws As Powerful As A Lion’s Jaw

Wikimedia CommonsA coconut crab on the beach. April 24, 2011.

The coconut crab is more than just creepy to look at — their pincers are some of the most powerful and most dangerous weapons in the animal kingdom. If its claws clamp down on your leg, it’ll grip you with as much power as a bite from a lion’s jaws.

They can do some terrifying things with those powerful claws. Usually, of course, they don’t use them on humans. As the name suggests, the coconut crab’s main source of food is coconuts. The strength they show when they eat them is unnerving, as they can tear a coconut apart with nothing more than their bare claws.

But coconuts aren’t the only thing these creatures eat. They’ll eat almost anything. They’ve been known to hunt and kill birds, to tear apart live pigs, and even to cannibalize the corpses of other coconut crabs.

Nothing’s off the menu for a coconut crab. They’ll even eat their own skin. These crabs shed their exoskeletons to grow new ones. When the old, molted shell falls off, they eat it whole, chewing up the dried-up shell of their own dead skin.

Coconut Crab: A Climbing Killer

Coconut Crabs in Bora Bora. November 23, 2006.

These gigantic crabs can climb anything they see. Their pincers are so strong that they can hang off anything they can get a hold of for hours, be it the branches of a tree, the chains in a fence, or the walls around a home.

It’s how they get their food – by climbing to the tops of coconut trees and knocking them off. The crabs live on islands all over the Pacific and Indian oceans. There’s a huge population of them on Christmas Island, but these things will be there pretty well anywhere you can find a coconut tree.

They don’t just climb trees to get fruit, though. In some places, their main prey is birds, and they’ll climb to the tops of trees to attack them and drag them down to the underground burrows where they live.

A coconut crab attacks a red-footed booby bird.

Scientist Mark Laidre described their attack strategy in horrific detail. It was on an island where the birds had learned to live in fear. They stayed up at the tops of the trees, never daring to touch down onto the ground below where they knew the powerful pincers of the coconut crabs were waiting to crush their bones.

“In the middle of the night, I observed a coconut crab attack and kill an adult red-footed booby,” said Laidre, a biologist who has extensively studied the coconut crab. “The booby had been sleeping on a low-lying branch, less than a meter up the tree. The crab slowly climbed up and grabbed the booby’s wing with its claw, breaking the bone and causing the booby to fall to the ground.”

The crab climbed down to finish it off. “The crab then approached the bird, grabbing and breaking its other wing,” he said. No matter how much the booby struggled or pecked at the hard shell of the crab, it couldn’t get it to let go.

Then the swarm came. “Five more coconut crabs came to the site within 20 minutes, likely cueing in on the blood,” Laidre recalled. “As the booby lay paralyzed, the crabs fought, eventually tearing the bird apart.”

Each crab took a limb or a hunk of meat from the mutilated bird’s body back down to his underground lair, and there they fed.

Tearing Amelia Earhart Apart?

Wikimedia CommonsAmelia Earhart shortly before her death.

Coconut crabs usually don’t try to hurt people, but there have been exceptions. Humans are their only predators, and when pushed, they will strike back.

Reportedly, the natives of the Pacific Islands have trouble with these giant crabs. In search of coconut husks, they would reach their fingers into their burrows, trying to steal the food the crabs had left behind. The unlucky would end up finding more than just coconuts. The crabs would strike, and the men would find their fingers caught in the vice-like grips of their claws.

The most horrific story of all just might be the answer to one of history’s great mysteries. In 1940, researchers found a fractured skeleton on Nikumaroro Island that had born torn apart, limb from limb. It’s widely believed that this was the body of Amelia Earhart – and that she had been torn apart by coconut crabs.

Earhart, it’s believed, crashed on the island and was left either bleeding or dead on its beach. Like the red-footed booby, her blood would have lured the coconut crabs living in the island’s underground burrows.

A team of scientists ran a test in 2007 to see what the crabs would have done to her. They left a pig carcass at the site where Earhart was believed to have crashed.

Just as they imagined might have happened to Earhart, the crabs crawled out of their homes and tore the pig to shreds. Then the crabs dragged whatever they could find down to their underground lairs and ate the flesh off of its bones.

Granted, the crabs have more reason to fear us than we have to fear them. Earhart may be the only person to ever have been killed by coconut crab, while we’ve hunted enough of them to turn them into an endangered species.

Still, if you see one, we wouldn’t blame you if you ran. Face-to-face with a three-foot-long, tree-climbing, thick-shelled crab that can snap your bones with a squeeze of its claws, it’s probably not worth sticking around.

Universal Healthcare Could Save Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Annually

The USA has been suffering under a blizzard on disinformation for decades whose sole purpose is to provide cover for insurance fraud.  An insurance company is necessary to provide life insurance or a pension benefit for a group of people representing a subset of the population.  All good as many people simply cannot actually qualify and it is certainly not universal.

Good health happens to be incredibly important to the individual and the Nation itself.  It is an universal need as is base sustenance.  The dead may well vote, but they certainly do not pay taxes.  My point is that the need is universal and quite independent of means.

Thus it is completely practical to establish it as a universal system as has been done everywhere else for a fraction of the cost the USA has been paying. Is any system perfect?  Of course not but it also makes progress as well.  What we have today in Canada is way better than what we had fifty years ago.

And private wealth will always be able to queue jump by simply paying cash now. Remember that when you hear the usual bleating.

Universal Healthcare Could Save Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Annually

Published by Stephen Lendman at August 1, 2018

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

According to Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), universal healthcare in America would save about $500 billion annually – by eliminating insurer middlemen and the bureaucratic nightmare it creates for physicians and hospitals.

Individuals wanting coverage this way could still get it.

Under a single-payer system, a public or quasi-public agency would administer healthcare coverage and financing, while delivering it would remain private, patients free to choose their providers.

Because of insurer middlemen, along with lack of regulatory restraint on drug companies and large hospital chains, healthcare in America cost twice as much as in other developed countries.

Most nations have some form of universal coverage, not America under marketplace medicine – except for eligible Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted annually, unrelated to patient care – including insurers’ overhead, underwriting, billing, sales and marketing departments, as well as huge profits and exorbitant executive pay.

Doctors and hospitals must maintain costly administrative staffs to deal with the bureaucracy, amounting to nearly one-third of annual healthcare costs.

No one ever visited an insurer to receive treatment for what ails them. Eliminating them would be a major cost savings.

Universal healthcare could provide everyone in America with all vital services – including medical and dental; prescription drugs and medical supplies; mental health and reproductive care, vision and optical services, hospitalization and preventive care, along with long-term care for the elderly, infirm and disabled.

Deductibles and co-pays would be eliminated, while coverage of this fundamental human right would improve, especially for the nation’s most disadvantaged.

Lack of insurance and underinsurance for unaffordability reasons would no longer exist.

Healthcare rationing based on the ability to pay would disappear. Millions in America are uninsured or way underinsured under Obamacare. Trumpcare if enacted into law would be much worse.

When I finished graduate school in 1960, healthcare in America was 5.1% of GDP. Last year it was 18%, heading toward around 20% in 2020.

Since 1960, annual per capita healthcare spending in America increased a shocking 75-fold – from $147 to an estimated $11,193 in 2018.

In inflation-adjusted 2010 dollars, it rose from $1,082 to the above estimated figure, around a 10-fold increase, still an enormous amount, making proper care unaffordable for millions of Americans.

According to a study by George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, a libertarian policy research think tank, Medicare for all would save about $2 trillion over the next decade – a conservative estimate.

Likely triple this amount would likely be saved, yet $2 trillion alone is a compelling argument for how healthcare in America should be provided – everyone in, no one left out, by eliminating bureaucracy, providing care to no one.

The Mercatus Center report explains the enormous administrative cost savings from a single-payer system, enabling far less costly first-class healthcare for everyone in America.

Citizens of the world’s richest country deserve no less.

In the 1960s before his state-sponsored assassination, Martin Luther King said: “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

Healthcare is a fundamental human right, essential to life and well-being.

It’s not a commodity to be sold like toothpaste – based on the ability to pay.

Universal single-payer coverage would transform America’s dysfunctional system into an equitable and just one – prioritizing human health over profits.