Saturday, July 7, 2018

Qanon - Death Throes - Deep State

Please watch this podcast.  It fills in details of the plan of operations to take down the DEEP State.   It will bring you completely into the present  global meme that is driving the actions of the Trump administration from the beginning.  The opposition has been allowed to show their hand but not to be publicly countered.  Thus we have had false flags over and over again.  If you do not plug in to this material you will be reacting to a lot of public nonsense unnecessarily.

 My target number for sealed indictments is 55,000.  We now have 40,000 +.  At 5,000 per month we are clipping right along to September of this year.  I do think that Mass arrests may start a lot sooner though, but this can be done at their leisure in fact, simply because of the silence.

We can presume that this mass of sealed indictments likely includes search warrants as well as indictments.  Thus it may well not include 5,000 individuals but somewhat less.  The end numbers will be still huge.  470 is the number of IG investigators.   This was clearly disclosed by Q in November 2017.

The key thing to listen to is the silence.  As each target is neutralized they become quiet as their options run out. An example is the failure of the CIA to cough up on JFK late last year.  It is unconfirmed, but i do think that the Marines collected the data and a lot more besides as was their intent.  now we have complete silence regarding those unreleased JFK documents.


Now this is important.  Q has told us that they have the server.

This weekend, Awan got a plea deal which makes complete sense because he is was a professional IT guy and certainly facilitated but never initiated.  Why would he?  And since they have the server and any one of three missing servers will be good enough to put together most of the underlying picture.  This is plausibly a recent development..

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