Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How the Education System Limits Your Consciousness

Of course, that is true, but it has never been through intent but through a simple lack of imagination and a lack of understanding process itself.
The purpose of education is to train the brain and there are many aspects to that.   All those aspects properly demand progressive training in order to achieve optimal performance.  With optimal performance new possibilities open up and become possible.

Education does teach scholarship, but it can do even that much better.  Real scholarship means reading all available texts on a given topic in order to open your eyes to various aspects of the topic.  Then setting it aside as understood pending fresh data.  If you have done this you should be easily be able to ace a proper test on the topic.  This represents hard work of course and possibly a practicum and a return to polish your knowledge.
What is not indicated is a superficial review, a cursory test to confirm a half grasped understanding as is most of our so called education.  Such a system barely helps you until you hit a real need and do exactly what i just described to master your art.  Every salesman has read all sorts of books on his art to improve his mastery.  I wonder why, when the process is so simple to describe?
You should not leave our school system with out real mastery of scholarship and a long list of additional skills including practical ones like plant husbandry, weapons drill (to develop real care around dangerous tools), welding, power tool use including lath operations and measurement methodology.  None of these can be done on a look see basis but needs to be done for say fifteen minutes at a time to maximize focus, just like meditation.  We need to also master meditation to control garbage input from our subconscious.

If we lack those clear objectives and not then work to apply them daily, then we advance ourselves haphazardly if at all.  Maximize those opportunities and i do believe the most physically limited human being will master his consciousness and find an honorable place within our society.

How the Education System Limits Your Consciousness

The debate around whether or not a college degree is worth it has become ever intensified over the last few months as people begin to beg answers to the question: when will students pay off their debt? How long does it take?

Further to that question, I believe “how many students end up in a job or career they actually enjoy?”

But economics seems to be the big question here, and that’s fair given our world always seems to push us to consider those numbers as the height of importance in society as opposed to creating a society filled with passionately acting individuals who do what they love.

It’s all too often we hear that thinking we could all do what we love is ‘a pipedream’ or ‘not thinking like an adult.’ In these responses, if we pay close attention, we are actually saying we’ve come to accept that the way the world is should simply be accepted.

Sure, in some cases these days we are working towards making a difference in areas of society like equality and poverty, but are we truly changing our system radically enough to make it so humanity can thrive? Or are we accepting enslavement?

In a recent podcast about my philosophy on how shifting consciousness and understanding conspiracies theories are intimately connected, I explored the system of education and how that functions. The education system seems to be a learning tool for us to accept the world the way it is.

While we think we are educating ourselves, and we are in some ways with specific skills, there is something more to the story we aren’t exploring. We essentially are taking an ever expansive consciousness, with full capability, and molding it into a tiny tight system of living and being that doesn’t even support our ability to truly BE.

I truly believe we need to begin dreaming bigger and imagining bigger about what we are capable of changing in our society. We have to question, why are we accepting a society that doesn’t allow humanity to TRULY thrive? We made it this way, we can change it.

What if we could learn about the technologies we truly had and were capable of without having to hold them back because of commerce? What if we learned medicine without the influence of pharmaceutical money and drugs?

What if we learned about how we could act as a global community creating abundance for all instead of learning how we’re all separate and we need an economy to operate? Are any of these things real? Or just a story? Why are we being told these things as if they are facts?

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