Tuesday, January 9, 2018


What is unusual in both instances is the bright light.   In the police case the police froze and the vehicle drove off.  This phenomena is unusual and not natural.  In both cases the flash was observed at a safe distance. Yet time froze for those caught in it and may reasonably have happened with the later case as well.

Certainly an intervention took place using tech we do not have and we have seen other similar reports as well.

We know that a program of human testing exists that is operated by non humans and this is surely part of that but with the advantage of been through a third party observer....


Friday, December 29, 2017


“My older brother moved down there after he got a job at Cadbury's chocolate factory in Birmingham. A work colleague told him that story as it was well-known at the time as the "Disappearing Jaguar" story. Apparently, the police officers involved never once changed their story, even years later, but, a witness had come forward some 25 years later but had wanted to be kept out of it at the time. He now had to have a high risk surgery and felt he had to say what he had seen, in case anything happened to him while he was being operated on and wanted the truth to be told. The witness said that the car hadn't "vanished", but that the officers had approached the car and were just about to knock on the window when a bright golden white light burst out of the car through every window. The witness had turned away at that second as he thought his girlfriend had called to him as he was due to meet her. As he turned back because she wasn't there, he saw the 2 officers stood frozen to the spot, not moving, and the car then slowly drove away. After about 1½ minutes, the officers suddenly "re-animated" and carried on as if the car was still going to be there. They looked stunned, shocked and shaken, and as he watched them from the corner he got scared. The witness was really frightened and since this had happened to police men, he thought better about getting involved and walked away minutes later after his girlfriend finally arrived. This was just one of dozens of weird stories that this guy told my brother, and my brother subsequently told me, as he knew things like that scared the crap out of me.

AS A SIDE STORY: This guy was into paranormal stuff, before it became popular. My brother said that this colleague (Who I think was named Jim, Jeff, George, Graham??) who told the stories was always on time, never late, never had a day sick, and had to be made to have his holidays. After 13 years of working with him and just taking his stories as "bits of fantasy", he got very uncomfortable and weirded out one week by him. He told my brother that he had got the feeling that someone was permanently shadowing him, like a ghost was stood next to him or something, and that he was being followed whenever he went anywhere. He told anyone and everyone who would listen and all just thought finally all these stories were getting to him.

Three days later on the Thursday the guy didn't turn in for work and everyone knew something just must be wrong. They tried phoning him several times but the phone was off the hook. The tried the operator who said that the line was connected to another number and that that number was 999, (England's equivalent to Americas 911 Emergency number). She cleared the line and tried to connect them, but the phone was dead. After hearing this, a decision was made that someone should go to his home and see if everything was alright. Three hours later they came back saying they were totally freaked out - by nothing! Two had gone, a woman from personnel, and this guy's immediate boss. They walked to his front door and as they knocked, the door opened. They called out to him, but no response. They walked in expecting to see a body, but there was nothing. The house was neat and tidy. The phone was off the hook and on the floor, but apart from that and the half eaten plate of food on the table, knife and fork still stuck in to a piece of chicken, and one curtain in his living room being half open, while the other was closed, that was it. They checked the whole house for him but zilch! His toothbrush and paste were still in the bathroom. There was a load of washing finished in the machine, but not taken out to dry. His clothes were all still there, nothing was missing.

A neighbor had seen them come in and was now at the door with two policemen thinking they were robbing the place. Explanations were made, calls made and the police then took a missing persons report. This was then the next door neighbor commented that at about 8.15 p.m. the previous evening, when she was watching TV she was disturbed by a bright light coming through the curtains. She ignored it, thinking it was the police helicopter, but then she realised, she hadn't actually heard a helicopter she just assumed because of the fields at the back of the houses, the police were looking for someone, and that they had caught him because she had heard a "sort of a scream but not really a scream", some 3 or 4 minutes later, and thought whoever had been apprehended. Just after that, the lights disappeared and she carried on watching TV.

This guy was never seen again. The police did checks on all flights, ferry's, even coaches and bus companies in an effort to find him, but there was no trace. He had simply vanished off the face of the earth. The cops traced the few friends he did have, but none had seen him since the previous Sunday afternoon when they had all met for Sunday dinner at their usual pub. In roughly 18 years he had never missed a Sunday lunch there, as it was also the weekly meeting for the "Anything Odd" group. They looked in to UFO's, alien sightings, strange occurrences etc etc. Hope this helps."

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