Monday, January 8, 2018

The Silence of the Wolves

For months, our National Media has been either silent or circumspect regarding the rising flood of information surrounding the full assault taking place on the Deep State.   The best information has been coming out of Trump's inner circle by Q anon  who is clearly working there and has been tasked with information flow and essentially confirms they are running a war room.

We had one plane turned around and now we have had several planes apparently called back.  The watchers have also tracked heavy flow of aircraft into Gitmo.  All this supports an ongoing  program of arrests rolling out through the past three weeks as has been reported or at least hinted at along the way.

There is a cadre of independent researchers out there using the internet to share their findings and Q anon has served to provide guidance which is very helpful, particularly in terms of understanding the likely scale of the overall planned operation.  The reason i say this is that it is the first trap any single piece of intelligence invites.  You initially underestimate the response required and assign obvious local resources.

Right now the response involves a major Marine force at least likely providing logistical support, and likely large numbers of special forces.  That means it becomes possible to storm the CIA to take full possession of key data.  It becomes possible to assert control over an extraction without much argument from local authorities.  Yet all this is presently operating under wartime secrecy rules.

The reason for that of course is that while the major media has not been chatty, that also could end.  Major players were picked up early and that appears to include John Podesta well before Christmas.  Yet nothing has been said at all.  That alone confirms a media clampdown.

What is certain is that the scale of the response is far greater than anything i ever expected but also reflects an accumulation of data through a full year.  That what is certainly a major move against high level pedophilia suggests a huge intact conspiracy involving all levels of government has brought about this level of response is shocking.

In the meantime, we have a report that a delta force raided an Obama complex in Thailand and recovered 200 mill in gold no less and that we will have military tribunals operating out of Gitmo..

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