Thursday, January 11, 2018

Silence of the Wolves

Continuing traffic supports the existence of an ongoing top secret operation against the Deep State.  In the nonce, 74 legislators have not shown up for roll call last week in Congress last week which is twice any past record.  At the same time, we are getting folks here and there around the globe been arrested for both simple corruption and pedophile related activity and a passel of mobsters arrested in Italy with asset seizure as well.  Yet all this is not high crimes which i am sure are getting the Gitmo treatment which means a long intelligence debriefing before been turned over to civil authority.  Shades of the Spanish Inquisition.

Podesta and the Clinton circle remain silent as well.

The hard part is that secrecy protocols are in place and I am sure that this will remain true until this operation is deemed complete.  The intelligence aspect of those 10,000 sealed indictments happens to be massive and it should be obvious that you want to both wring these folks out and to run down immediate leads without tipping them off.  The best triage will still demand several weeks of intense effort.

You will also notice that North Korea suddenly may have come to its senses and is engaging South Korea.

I want you to understand that i have excellent reason to state that it is within US military power to put a gravity ship over a North Korean military base during morning parade and abruptly laser destroy thousands of soldiers.  If this was done as a simple demonstration, the North Korean military would clearly understand how hopeless their position was.  The world at large would not even know.

This would allow a face saving arrangement to be made with the South which now must include a negotiated reunification similar to the German reunification.

The only remaining sources of partisan noise in the USA appears to be media shills who have not been told it is over and are unable to see the changes taking place.  Yesterday, Trump felt comfortable enough to put the cameras on a bipartisan negotiation and the public could watch him deftly work toward a negotiated agreement..  If that becomes the new standard, both houses will henceforth be on their best behavior.  That is something we already see.

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