Monday, January 1, 2018

End of the Deep State

It may seem early to make this declaration, but i think it is essentially correct as the bits and pieces trickle in.

1     Trump now has complete intelligence and knows everything from the past two years of NSA surveillance.   He knows exactly who was engaged in treason and the DOJ has all the pertinent conversations.  Thus the deluge of sealed indictments.  There is thus no better time to get them all and when better than the Christmas holidays.

2     Add into this that the Marines actually stormed the CIA and completed a massive intelligence haul.  This was certainly going to be the missing link in all the machinations of the past half century.  It is noteworthy that the Taliban Drug Labs were immediately targeted and destroyed along with additional CIA assets in country.

3    Heavy traffic and movement through Atlanta airport two weeks ago supports a strategic deployment of a Marine regiment to Gitmo.  This is in support of the movement of Deep State prisoners to Gitmo for a long debriefing away from access to the USA court system.   Thousands are involved and top military interrogators will likely be leading the debriefing efforts. Expect a marine firing squad to be conducting morning practices nearby. 

4    Other crumbs which may or may not be true suggest that the 9/11 conspirators have been identified and also  been retained.  A careful review of the data has largely confirmed that the whole operation was internal and surely CIA managed.  This is high treason and by itself completely justifies the actions apparently underway.

5    Expect complete disclosure regarding the assassination of JFK.  We already know what happened but few others do.

6    All this will brilliantly result in the restoration of the republic and a huge turn of the tide against all forms of ongoing corruption.  Even the alt right media is beginning to smell victory here.  Trump did tell us that the USA government was sick from all levels of corruption.  This event will prove to every employee of the USA government that all their conversations can be listened to and produced as evidence of corruption.  This alone will scare them all honest.

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