Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Decoding The Past The Templar Code Full Documentary

We have out there these narratives involving the Templars, Catholicism and Radical Islam.  I am posting them here as a reference and all that, but lack the patience to actually spend several hours listening to their claims.

Textual material is all over the place and far to much speculation has been folded into this complex narrative.  Folding them together simply piles it onto a larger dung heap of speculative history.

I do think that the Templar remained intact, but somewhat reduced into the post contact era and were integral with medieval Norsedom in particular.  Thus it is also likely that their traditions were written down and maintained as well.

Decoding The Past The Templar Code Full Documentary

The Templar Code (Full Documentary)

Wahhabism ISIS Salafism, a Zionist Creation: Azaziah (2011)

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