Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cloud Cosmology.

 This is another stab at making my theoretical conceptualization available to a larger audience. Thanks for tackling it.

 First I will share a rigorous description of Cloud cosmology.

My Cloud Cosmology is informed by my rigorous understanding of the n particle metric, foundational to the n body problem and the thought experiment that describes rigorously the Space Time Pendulum which imposes time in a 3D space or rigorously a 3D manifold.  This space or cosmology is additionally ordered by a six operator logic induced mathematics.

I am glad you followed that and welcome.  Now we will describe what this all implies in a simpler framework with occasional allusions to Physics as taught.

I can and will make three assertions.

1    There are three tiers of matter separated on the basis of internal scaling.  The one we are most familiar with is the third tier consisting of atoms assembled from neutrons and protons.  As they can assemble into a wide range of atoms, it all becomes messy and we can expect such messiness in all three tiers, but it will not matter because the important scale is the scale of the neutron.  More carefully the neutron - neutron pairing which decays into the hydrogen atom.

2   The second tier involves conceptually an electron - electron pairing that eliminates the massive charge of the free electron and makes it vitally undetectable using third tier tools.  I expect that they can be broken apart to produce an electron and a positron but it has not been simulated yet.  What is important to understand is that this particle pair can react at a distance along perhaps 1200 axis at least. This means that a distant free electron can align and lock up with such a particle pair along a combined axis.  Disturbing that free electron allows it to decay and release electron scaled radiation in the ultraviolet. 

This so called Dark Matter behaves like an in-compressible fluid which carries perhaps almost all the measurable gravity in the universe.  Third tier mater acts like a wave guide for all this.  Our lab work has largely confirmed all this in general terms.  I note that lab work in the fifties also confirmed that gravity can be manipulated as all this infers.  That science then went dark and is no longer your business.  We merely unknowingly redid old work and then went looking for the expected evidence.  It was way too easy.

3    The first tier is formed by  neutrino - neutrino pairing and this is the tier of void generated continuous creation.  Normally such spontaneous creation is suppressed by the Dark Matter or second tier 'fluid' which fills the universe as well.  At the macroscopic level though we note that a string of related massive voids easily triggered by EM forces are the likely cause of the ignition of a string of newly formed stars for which no one has anything approaching an explanation.  I will leave your overworked imagination there.

Assuming you got this far, the obvious next step is to merely release all that ultraviolet radiation in the second tier in order to power EM devises. Fortunately Tesla stumbled unto such a method a century ago with what i call the Tesla modulator which produces the necessary spiral waves able to disturb these free electron and assist in their decay.  We actually do not have to test the efficiency of our theoretical concept when it has already been well proven.

As an enterprise we are working inside that framework to produce a  modern power motor able to be retrofitted into a line of motor cars in particular as our lowest hanging fruit.

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