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The Seth Rich murder conspiracy smoking gun?

 First off, the manner of the killing makes it a high probability deliberate assassination.  Side stories about his last hours are not authenticated but also fall into this framework.

Now we have this impossible narrative about what occurred at the hospital.  This did not happen to any of the thousands of gunshot victims in the last decade.  Why was he so lucky?

Then we have the amazing lack of police interest in all this.

Add in the leaked allusions of one John Podesta and we have a go to starting point that works wonderfully.

Innocent explanations are hard to fathom in this case.

My key point is that this cannot be over and that blow back will be a horrible shock to the whole political edifice.


The Seth Rich murder conspiracy smoking gun?

Although we delve into conspiracy theories from time to time here at JOTB, we have refrained from weighing in on the case of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich because, quite frankly, we were waiting for enough credible evidence to surface before we could arrive at any conclusions. With hundreds of Seth Rich stories hitting the internet every day, it would be a full-time job just to browse through all of them.

As is always the case, we begin an investigation with an open mind. For instance, our investigation into the Sandy Hook shooting led us to debunk the claims of several leading conspiracy theorists. We examined every possible detail, interviewed several sources and worked with nearly a dozen unbiased independent investigators, journalists (and a handful of leakers) before we reached our conclusion(s). We did the same during our investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing, which many claimed was a false flag operation (it was not).

Therefore, it cannot be said that we are card-carrying members of the "tinfoil hat brigade"-- we examined the rumors and allegations and eventually separated fact from fiction. 

Sometimes the official narrative was right, other times it was wrong. Sometimes the conspiracy theorists were right, and sometimes they were wrong. Sometimes the media told the truth, other times they lied through their teeth. We played it straight and called it right down the middle, earning the respect of our readers-- and even a threat of a lawsuit from one teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and a visit from a very friendly FBI agent along the way.

But we never stopped pursuing the truth. Not even in 2007, when we explored the still unsolved disappearance of Centre County, PA, district attorney Ray Gricar. Our investigation was on the verge of a major breakthrough when our office was broken into sometime during the overnight hours. Two of our computers were smashed to bits; one of the hard drives was stolen. The other hard drive was badly damaged but, ten years later, remains in our possession, in a sealed container in an undisclosed location, awaiting the future day when technology might be able to salvage the data--and the deep, dark, explosive secrets-- it contains. Until then, that particular investigation is on hold.

As for Seth Rich's murder, we will not waste time and space by describing the events leading up to his death (if you're reading this, we assume you're already familiar with the case. If not, you can read a fairly accurate account of the murder on Wikipedia).

When it comes to determining whether or not Seth Rich was the person who gave stolen DNC emails to WikiLeaks, we'll leave that part up to hackers like Kim DotCom. 

Instead, we'll address one of the more interesting pieces of potential evidence that has been largely overlooked by the few media outlets who are covering the Seth Rich story.

Forget WikiLeaks. This, to us, might be the smoking gun 

On May 17, an anonymous user on the chat forum 4chan (ID: rhotYJAg) who claimed to be one of the surgical residents who attended to Rich at the emergency room of Washington Hospital Center, made an extraordinary claim-- that Rich's injuries were not necessarily life threatening, and that doctors were told to "stand down" and let the 27-year-old die after being paid a visit by law enforcement officials.

The day after this was posted to 4chan, conspiracy theorist Jim Fetzer was one of the first to bring it to the public's attention. However, Fetzer believes that there's no way of ascertaining the identity of the poster:

"Unless Anonymous comes forth to reveal his/her identity, there is no way for us to know if Anonymous is who he/she claims to be. However, as you will read for yourself, I find Anonymous to be credible because of the display of medical knowledge and use of medical shorthand terminology."

Of course, anyone with a fetish for television hospital dramas and a pre-med textbook could have concocted such a post. In order to prove that a conspiracy is afoot, it is absolutely essential to verify the accusations made by Anonymous. Based on the resident's post, he/she left WHC last year. Since a surgical residency lasts no less than five years, this person is still a resident, meaning that it would be impossible to find his/her identity by looking through a databate of medical licenses. 

One thing we have been able to uncover, however, is a pattern of disturbing changes in hospital security that took place at Washington Hospital Center in the weeks before Seth Rich was shot.

These changes were undoubtedly precipitated by a string of scandals at the hospital: On June 7, 2016 (less than one month before Rich was offered a job on the Clinton campaign staff), two security guards faced charges of involuntary manslaughter before a D.C. Superior Court judge for the September 29, 2015 beating death of a 74-year-old patient. Clifton Montgomery and Charles Brown, who were qualified to carry firearms and had arrest powers, will go on trial in July.

Just two days later, a former nurse named Jared Kline was convicted of three counts of sexually abusing patients, with one of the assaults taking place at Washington Hospital Center.

While neither of these incidents play a factor in the death of Seth Rich, they help to illustrate the need for a change in hospital law enforcement. After this deluge of bad publicity, a man by the name of Rodney Parks took over as director of security, working under the supervision of Kathleen Timmons.

By all accounts, Parks and Timmons were rather inept at their jobs. On June 22, 2016 (one week before the "secret meeting" between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the Phoenix airport tarmac), one member of an online forum for D.C. law enforcement officials wrote:

So, we have this new guy named RODNEY PARKS as our director and already 
he is shaking things up.

1. He changes our department's title to Public Safety

2. He eliminated our S.R.T. Team

3. He eliminated our K-9 Unit

He and his "Clueless Overseer" Kathleen Timmons (Formerly of Shady Grave) have crippled our department...

I guess its time to find new employment.

They want us to be the polite door-man when in all actuality 75% of the people we encounter do not like LEO's, SPO's or Whatever kind of Officer.

Rodney Parks, as it turns out, formerly held a position as Chief of the District of Columbia Protective Services Division, which is "the police force responsible for law enforcement activities and physical security of all properties owned, leased or otherwise under the control of the Government of the District of Columbia." After retiring from the Protective Services Division, he went to the Metro Transit Police, where he only lasted a month.

Another forum user wrote:

Parks I bet is the same one from DC protective. He killed that agency I hear he's a real pos scum bag

And still another wrote:

Although he did irreversible damage to our agency; we are very fortunate that 90% of his changes and policies were reversed within a year of his departure

Not exactly ringing endorsements for the person who was in charge when emergency room doctors were allegedly told by law enforcement officers to let Seth Rich die. And while the 4chan poster doesn't specify which law enforcement officers gave the orders, there's a 99% probability that one or all of them knew Rodney Parks. For all we know, it may have been Parks himself.

One important thing to keep in mind is that security officers at Washington Hospital Center aren't your garden-variety mall cops-- they are full-fledged police officers, all of whom have FEMA certifications.

So when the 4chan poster claims that the ER was "swarmed" by LEOs, this could not have occurred without the assistance of Rodney Parks. For everyone investigating the Seth Rich conspiracy at home, forget about Kim Dotcom and WikiLeaks. All you have to do is find out who ordered the doctors to leave Seth Rich for dead.

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