Friday, June 9, 2017

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt11 - Sacred Registers Pt 11 - Kohar

I lack clarity regarding the meaning of the Kohar.  It sounds like the guardian angel.  This item is a recitation of the spirit's merits which i find meaningless since in fact all this is known automatically and the supplication shown is more an imitation of feudal fealty.

This type of presentation works well for a priesthood wanting to retain royal favor as it establishes behavior for all subjects.

Otherwise it also informs a Pharaoh of proper behavior of a man with real world power..



My Heart, my Spirit, my Kohar, guardian of my memories, cast not your words in the balances against me. My faults and failings are not few, for no mortal man is perfect, yet they weigh hghtly against my qualities and good deeds. Say not that I have vwought evil to any man wilfully or with malice, say not that I am a man of wickedness. Let me not suffer sorrowful remorse in the gloom and darkness, but let me live forever within the Region of Light.

I have done deeds of goodness and led a goodly life. I have overcome the wiles of wickedness and avoided the snares of temptation. I have lived in peace with my neighbours. 1 have dealt justly and fairly with them and have not uttered words of malice to stir up strife. I have not gossiped about my neighbours, nor engaged in idle chatter concerning their affairs. These things are not easy, and as no man is perfect I have at times been bad tempered under provocation. Therefore, speak words that will weigh in the balances against my failings.

I have not slandered any man, nor have I wilfully caused pain and suffering. I have not caused the widow to weep, nor the child to cry without cause. I have dealt justly with my servants and with the servants of others, and I have been loyal to my masters. I have not slain unlawfully, nor wounded any man wilfully. Yet no man is perfect and when my burdens have weighed heavily upon me I have spoken harshly. Therefore, speak words that will weigh in the balances against my failings.

I have never oppressed a poor man or taken from him what is his by virtue of my position. I have never oppressed the weak or cheated in the substance of metals. I have never said to a hungry woman, "Lay with me and you shall eat", for this is a vile thing. I have not lain with the wife of another man or seduced a child, for these are abominations. Yet no man is perfect and few are commanders of their thoughts, Therefore, speak words that will lighten these things in the balances.

I have not turned the water of another so that he is deprived of his full measure. I have not stopped flowing waters in their course. I have not kept fodder from cattle, nor allowed the pastures to be neglected. 1 have not caused any child to know fear without reason, nor have I beaten one in bad temper. I have not transgressed the statutes of the king. Yet no man is perfect and sometimes that which is right in its day becomes wrong in another. Therefore, speak words that will weigh in the balances against my wrongdoings.

I have not stolen, neither have I taken the possessions of any man by deceit. I have not divided the household of any man, nor separated him from his wife or children. I have not quarrelled with any man because of ignorance.

I have not turned from my duties or failed in my obligations. I have not hidden my errors or buried my failings.

Yet no man is perfect, therefore speak words that will weigh in the balances for me.

I have never behaved boisterously in a sacred place, nor have 1 ever defiled one. My hand has not been demanding because of my office, nor have I dealt haughtily with those who came to me with a plea. I have not increased my position by false words or writings. Yet my burden has been increased because of the perversity and wilfulness of men, and no man is perfect. Therefore, speak words that will weigh in the balances against my weaknesses.

I have not permitted envy to eat my heart, nor malice to corrupt it. I have not been loud of mouth, nor spoken words of boastfulness. I have never slandered another or uttered words of falsehood. My tongue has never escaped from the control of my heart. I have never derided the words of another because they passed my understanding, nor have 1 stopped my ears to words of enlightenment. I have never hidden myself to observe others, nor have 1 ever disclosed the secret designs or doings of others, unless they be of evil intent. Yet no man is perfect, therefore speak words that will weigh in the balances for me. When I have done wrong I have adjusted the scales that weighed down heavily against me. I have not hidden my weaknesses and failings in dark places, but washed them clean in the sunlight of honest compensation.

I have not succumbed to the lures of lewdness, nor has my tongue spoken slyly of things which should be kept private. I have not peeped at nakedness or pryed into another's privacy. I have respected the modesty of womankind and the innocent delicacy of childhood. Yet men are as they are and imperfect, while thoughts stray wilfully and are not easily resfrained. Therefore, speak words that will weigh in the balances for me.

O Great One, protect me. O Kohar, save me. Hear the words of my heart. I was one who was ever mindful of what was right and what was wrong. I did what I thought was right and shunned that which I thought was wrong. I listened to those who were wiser than I and helped those who were less privileged. Can man do more? 

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