Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 4 - Sacred Registers Part 4 - afterlife

Again we have a continuing description of the spirit of the departed as he progresses deeply into the afterlife.  This clearly conforms to what we have learned from other sources.  Even to the point of noting that he then becomes a guide to others.

We know already that a successful spirit on Earth will then become an Earth angel to then advise the living.  My understanding of aspects informs us that upon reemerging the spirit will receive a natural boost in knowledge and wisdom from absorbing as many as thirty different aspects.

All subtle but this information on the architecture of the after life is pretty fair and conforms again top time and place.  Out own space and time is similarly represented in current reports.. 



No longer can the man who was speak with men on Earth, for he now lives in splendour among The Eternal Ones. He was weighed before the Assessors, and though his faults were not few he was not outweighed in goodness. He has become a Shining One and journeys on into the spaces of Heavenland, accompanied only by his compatible companions.

He has ascended into the Place of Glory, the Place of Fulfilment. The years have fallen off his shoulders, like a cast off cloak, and he is young again. He is vigorous, he lives. Time caimot touch him with change, nor sorrow enter his heart. He rests, awaiting a new call to duty.

He has passed through the Wide Hall and through the Narrow Portal. He has entered the Land of a New Dawning and he is welcomed, his Earth companions greet him, he lives. He is beyond harm, he sees the sublime visions which fulfil his yearnings. He who has served is now served. As he has sown and husbanded, so now he reaps.

He continues past the Place of Waiting Souls and sees the awaiting Kohars who will unite with the ascending spirits of men. He bears in his hand the Book of Life and glides over the pure pastures, past the bright dividing flame. He turns the face of compassion towards the darkness, but sees nought but fleeting shadows against the red glare. The Lost Ones shrink back in shame and the man who was passes the entrance to their foul abode.

Those who are left to mourn for the Glorious One have dried their tears, for all is well with him. He delights in the good life in a place of glory. He is safe in the embrace of his Kohar, he is the Adoring One whose eyes are opened to splendour, he sees the sublime visions.

The man who was seeks the Illuminator who will direct him in his duties, he cleanses himself in the Lake of Beauty and refreshes himself at the Fountain of Life. He sees spirits of the twilight who are purged of all their wickedness and lusts yet remain captive to The Lords of Destinies, for they are still unproven. The Lord of Life will direct their passage back for trial and testing. For these there is always hope.

The man who was has navigated the winding waters of life and crossed the dark waters of death, and is now strengthened in wisdom. He takes a seat on high, that he may become an instructor and guide on the path. He becomes a brazier in the distance, a homing light to guide those who seek Truth. He is purified and comes forth wearing the White Mantle of Greatness.

Behold the splendour of his raiment and the purity of his adornments, as he sits awaiting calls from those in the Heavy Kingdom, who seek his counsel. The seers in dark waters will amaze the people with the clarity of their visions and revelations, for the power goes forth from the man who was, with manifold strength. A great being has joined the Splendid Company in the Land of Dawnlight. Over there they will say, "Earth is worthily fulfilling its purpose when it produces men such as this".

You may wonder what are the occupations of the man who was. Does he illuminate the dark waters alone? May he not be among those who seek to enter the hearts of those who close the doors of their spirit to the instructors of wisdom? Alas, they who are heavily enshrouded in earthly wrappings are ever set of face before the instructors of wisdom, they say, "What have we to do with this babble?", yet they, most of all, require enlightenment, for they are men of small minds.

May he not have become a pathfinder in the night, a guide through the darkness, the star illuminating the night at its darkest hour as the herald of The Great Illuminator? May he not have become a Director of Rays that dance on the waters, or a Controller of the Winds which caress the cheek? Suffice that he rejoices in a life of splendour, so let it remain with him and his Kohar until the day when all is known, the day of full knowing. 

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