Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 28 - Sacred Registers Pt 28 Songs of Nefatari

More songs of love.  This is an indication of a settled ordered culture that has been the lot of most of mankind.

Admonitions to godhood are noted here which are much different than what we commonly see.  Yet spiritual reports do describe an afterlife full of structures as we might imagine and surely come from the human imagination.

Thus these snippets continue to reflect Ancient Egypt..




Life is the bearer of the most wonderful gifts. You are a man and my man. Maker of my heart's butterfly flutter when my breath becomes a necklace of sighs. In your strong arms I melt as honey in the warm night waters.

0 man and my man, great one in my maidenly eyes. The light of my life, the sun of my days and the moon of  my nights; the rock against which I confidently nestle, for to feel your protecting strength is my everlasting delight. My body yearns for you as the parched fields cry out for the caress of the fertilising waters.

How delightfial the gentle hour of love with you. O that it might become an eternity wherein I might sleep with you as your wife, your lifelong companion in love. In this life always yours, to serve your pleasure and be ever with you; to stand at last, my hand in your hand, together before the dream goddess in the Halls of Eternal Joy. 

There, those who have loved wholesomely, such as we, find everlasting pleasures.

1 am yours, both here and there, escapable never, yours forever. Yours pure, untouched and unsullied. I am with you first, sister in love. If at times my tongue speaks with unmaidenly boldness, then let this be forgiven me, for I am pure of heart. The words pour forth from a heart overflowing with love and not from a tongue dipped into the shame of impure experience.

I come to you with maidenly pride, as a dew-bedecked garden of herbs, fair flowering, sweet smelling and  refreshing. Peace and contentment are mine to gladly give. Upon you I gladly bestow all that is precious to a maiden. You share me with no other, I honour love by bestowing what is exclusively yours. 

Your brow becomes hot with the body passion of man burning within, and I cool it with my womanly hand as the cooling north wind tempers the heat of the burning sands. The strength of an ox and the gentleness of a kitten are united in love.

We walk together in a land of beauty, a garden of loveliness fashioned thus by the dreams we share. Hand in hand in the kingdom of men, heart in heart in the kingdom of spirit. When hearts are bound together in a love exceeding all bounds, then bodies may unite with purity and peace. We wander heedlessly about and my heart sings with joy, for we are together.

Your voice is the food of my heart, your touch the life of my body. I see you and I am gay, you depart and I am  sad. Your glance pierces me like an arrow of fire, your words carry me away like the surge of bitter waters over the beach.

For the lovers' hour we sit beneath the wild fig tree, beneath its fruits of lovers' blood and its leaves of lovers'  eyes. 

Hear it whisper to our hearts. I am a maiden reserved to you in love, you are my lord, the commander of my heart. I dwell beneath your shadow and within your shadow. O never leave me imshielded! 

My nights are restless and hot, shall I give my love the apple of his desire, the first fruits of womanly love? Am I the wild bird snare awaiting the wild goose? O my heart, how have women beyond number decided before me which answer is the true one?

0 take me not in my weakness, lest you despise me after the maimer of men and bring low the head of my father. 

Have manly compassion on the weaknesses made by my love. Degrade me not before my mother and let not the shadow of shame fall over my father's house. Let me ever keep faith with the Mother Guardian of Love, that when I am called before her I shall stand in unsullied radiance. Make me not a woman of the hedgerow.

Let our love bear us up in glory, up into the revealing light where we may stand together, proud and unashamed. 

Let ours be a love that fulfils its appointed function in the great chain of life, something honoured by men and an inspiration to our children. Let it not become a flower of the field comer which withers in shame when the sunlight falls upon it.

1 wait, the day comes, its hours are long and extended, but with its declining you hasten to me, my man and my life. Sweet mistress of love, speed the fulfilling hour. 

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