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Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 21 - Sacred Registers Pt 21 Sunsetting hymn

I have been doing all this in short snippets in order to force a close reading.  We have about ten more pieces of essentially literary work.

This is another hymn in praise perhaps as the sun is setting.

 I suspect that it could be chanted. 

 What is accepted here is a clear hierarchy of spirit.  There is GOD integral to all and there is spirit associated with driving life on earth. Yet all this feeds a natural zonation which we have already identified.  Earth spirits can rise through Earth angels and Archangels and that is really as far as we can perceive. yet all seem on a continuum rather than a real step ladder..



O Great God, unbounded by earthly limitations. Your Will is an eternal mystery and Your deeds confound the minds of men. Men worship You, the lesser gods pay due homage, while they who are between gods and men devote themselves to Your service. Highest of Gods, Lord of Men, Ancient Lord of Life and Light, Creator of the Tree of Life, who made the herb and fruit to nourish men and grass to feed the cattle; who perfumed the flowers and gave birds their gay plumage. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit! .

Maker of all that exists in all the spheres above and below, the essence of whose Spirit is in all things. Ruler of all the regions of light and Master of the nether regions. Great Fountainhead of Wisdom whose abode is in Truth, who fashioned men so they accord with Your own nature; who gave rare abilities to animals and instilled cunning knowledge into insects; who chose the colours of the flowers and the songs of the birds. O Veiled One whose sanctuary is hidden in the breasts of men, whose temple is open to the Heavens and hxmg about with the stars. O Mighty One, hear the cry of my spirit as it seeks nourishment from the divine source Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

Great Fashioner of Earthly Things, who came into being before all else, whose sacred name none can know, whose likeness is not displayed in writings and whose image is not carved in wood or stone; whose eyes were the pattern for the sight of men and whose sensitivity generated their touch; whose tongue gave speech to the little gods; who made the herbage for cattle and the waterweed for fish; who feeds even the worms and insects and quickens the life within the egg; who fashioned wild fruits for the birds and wild seed for the mice; who sustains the lifeforce within every living thing, up to the heights of Heaven, across the wide breadth of Earth, down to the very depths of the sea. O save me from that which is beneath the Earth and from those upon the Earth who would work wickedness against me. Hear me, and, my God, I shall praise You, my voice will rise up to Heaven and roll right across the Earth. All those who ply the great mothering river shall hear its echoes. I will tell of Your goodness and greatness to my children and to their children. My words will resound down through the generations as yet unborn. Respond to me, O Great One, as I seek to commune in the silence. My desire is to learn, but You are too mysterious for men to understand. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

O help my soul to rectify its evil deed and balance them with good. Destroy every form of evil which clings to me, and let there be nothing in my soul to cause malformation and thus estrange me from my friends who have departed to dwell in the happy Land of Dawn. Let brightness be my new life's birthright and let my spirit be ever light. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

The great dome of Heaven rises above and no man knows its limitations. The broad Earth is spread wide and no man knows its boundaries. Man cannot fathom it all, O God who is great, have compassion on my littleness. 

[ important - this does not reflect a spherical understanding of the earth which may actually be medieval, although again no mariner would accept it.  -  arclein ]

Bear Patiently with my blunderings and overlook my ignorance. Your reach is so great and mine is so small, help me to know You for myself I am helpless and lost. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

O Great God, who brings comfort to the prisoner, peace to the tormented; who strengthens the fearful and adjust the scales between the weak and the strong. Strengthen my desire to understand Your great purpose. O Sole God whose tears vitalize the hearts of men, in reverence and humility my spirit awaits Your command, my Creator and my Light. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

O Great Craftsman, who fashioned man so wonderfully; who brought together the elements of the Earth and transmuted them so mysteriously; who created with such diversity that no two things are exactly alike, give your servant some task, that he may accomplish it to Your glory. O Provident Benefactor, who provides sustenance for the beasts of the wilderness and fills the storehouses of men; who placed the great metals in the bosom of the Earth, that man might draw them forth, let not my body go naked, nor my sleeping place be destroyed. Accept my homage, O God of Truth, who lives down through the ages of time which make up the everlasting Circle of
Eternity. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

O Powerful God, whose wrath lit up the vaults of Heaven and whose fire devoured the wicked in olden times; whose whirlwind swept clean the Earth; who lifted the seas and dashed them against the mountains. O let not the great forces of Earth afflict me. Hold them fast in Your hand, that they may not crush me as the chariot crushes the ant. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

Having an affinity with You, my soul knows You and rejoices in the knowledge. It hears You and is at peace. It opens in response to Your warmth as the lotus, and awakens softly as the day opens its eye to the night. My soul knows what I know not. It sees into hidden places and understands deep mysteries. Let me know its nature better, that it may instruct me in wisdom. My soul swells with gratitude towards The Bounteous Being who causes all things to be which fulfil all desires. My God is not graven in marble or stone. He is not shaped in wood or cast in copper. He has neither offerings nor ministrations. My God is a god of quiet places and silences.

He is found where the wild winds blow and the gay flowers blossom, away from the habitations of men. He is not worshipped in temples and His praises are not sung by the unthinking multitude. My God is a constant companion, He lives quietly in the homes and hearts of men. His true abode is unknown. He has no painted shrine, no building fashioned by the hands of men could contain Him. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

O Ever Watchful God, The All Seeing One, if aught be done or concealed in the darkness of the night it shall be known to You. O Supreme Power, who alone can deflect the Awesome Ones of Heaven from their path of destruction; who alone can turn aside the sky boulders and break the winds of the hurricane, I acknowledge You as my Sole God, The Guide of my ways and The Guardian of my Life. I will call upon You by Your names of Power. I give You Your degrees, O Lord Over the Thrones of Earth, Director of the Destinies of Nations, Ancient Dweller in the Heavens, Lord of Existence, Lord of Terrors, Master of the Hidden Spheres, Commander of the Universal Hosts, Lord of The Law wherein Your will is manifested. Victor in the Skyfight, Creator of Hidden Desires of the Soul, Great One who mysteriously fashions His body as men fashion their souls. Giver of Life to souls, by whose breath they awaken. Selector of the Generative Substances, Transformer of Matter, Keeper of the Eternal Essences, Ruler of the Spirits in their Spheres. He who hears the prayer of the prisoner; who stands between the weak and the strong. Lord of Fertility for whom the great mothering river flows and the waters rise. Lord of the Tree of Life, Emperor of the Sacred Spheres, who dispenses the Celestial Substance, who directs the Thunderbolts; who pilots the stars in the skyways; who overlooks the Watchers in the Night, Great Guardian of Hidden Things and Master of the Divine Secrets, whose domain is shrouded in mystery; who makes tender the hearts of women and makes stem the faces of men. Dweller in Deep Obscurity whose sanctuary is infinite; who died in the effort of creation and was reborn in the soul of man. Great God, whose face shall be revealed in the future, when all men are wise, grant me Your Truth and Peace Divine. Hail to The Supreme Power of Spirit!

Though I falter on the way and fail at the task, despise me not. I try but success eludes me. I seek but cannot find. I am so small and You are so great that I cannot span the gulf between, unless You incline towards me. O Great Spirit, how near men are to You in reality! Through the darkness of ignorance greater than night they have groped a way to You. You alone are addressed in the prayers of men. To whatever men pray You alone hear their petitions, You alone can answer them. Only for You are their words of praise fitting. O Great One, enter into the hearts of men and renew the bond with their souls. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

O Mysterious God hidden in time. Great Ruler of the Ages, we who caimot know more than the smallest part of Your creation turn to You for help and enlightenment. If it be Your will that man should struggle towards understanding and strive for knowledge, then so be it. Man will do whatever he must do, but, O Great God, be patient with him in his failures and failings. Hail to The Supreme Power and Spirit!

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