Friday, June 16, 2017

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 17 - Sacred Registers Pt 17

This is an admonition against thinking of God as a souped up human king which he is not. 

Rather he is internal to us all as an aspect of our spirit body which operates our physical body.

 I have learned thorough deep contemplation that the reality of GOD is the consciousness of Dark Matter itself which at least floods our entire galaxy. That consciousness chooses what is best at every physical level and thus guides.  All living creatures are the true minions of GOD and are all free to shape the future to the extent possible.  EVIL is denial and must be allowed as part of free will.



God is in all and He encompasses all.

There is no God but The True God, and His existence is our assurance of life everlasting. He was before the beginning and will be after the end.

He is mighty and all powerfial. In His magnificence and majesty no man can conceive Him. His divine nature is beyond the understanding of man. His creation is awesome. His ways unfathomable.

His creative thought brought all things forth and the power which flows from Him is life. He holds life within His mind and the universe within His body.

If a man, in ignorance and foolishness, conceives a more understandable god in his own image or builds gods of wood and stone, that will not take anything away from the stature of God. The Supreme One is ever God, The Creator of man, and if man makes earthly gods to worship, then it is man who loses thereby and not God.

Among earthly things man shall find nothing greater than himself.

Man worships, not to make God greater, for this he cannot do, but to make himself greater. Nothing man can do can add to what God already has. Men conceive God as a Being having greatly magnified human qualities, as a kinglike Being greater than any king. Thus man falls into error.

As the sun surrounds man with light, though it be hidden behind the storm clouds, so is man in the thoughts of God, though God Himself be hidden from him.

Such is our God who, though Himself eternal, lives with each man and with him passes through the Dark Portal of Death into the light of the Glorious Region beyond.

God rules over all earths and all spheres. He is in them and they are in Him. All things are in God and He is in all things. What is was to be, all things begin and end in God.

This alone is wisdom, understand and live forever. 

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