Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 10 - Sacred Registers Pt 10 - Prayer of Introduction

Now our returning spirit enters into the presence of the greatest guide and he tells of his qualities in supplication to this 'great one'.


 All this emulates the court of a Pharaoh and surely informed the living of the direct connection to the other side that the Pharaoh enjoyed.  It becomes possible to understand the whole spiritual underpinnings of Kingship as developed and supported by the preisthood.

Our own culture has dismissed all such pretension but forget that we are the novel ones.  In fact divine kingship was sustained until recently everywhere with the first real break been that of the English Civil War which was then followed by its reinstatement.

And in fairness it was not until the protestant reformation that royal divinity was soundly rejected and education became universal first in Scotland.   That we think the present is natural forgets much.



My God and Father, my Creator and Governor, Supreme and Immortal Spirit, I come to you as a wayward son comes to his father. I come as the world-weary wanderer comes home. I come as the victorious battle- bludgeoned warrior comes to the place of his rest. I am one who has passed the trials. I am one who has survived the challenges.

I have returned full of wisdom and knowledge, the fruits of long years in Your earthly place of instruction. There I was diligent, I was not a waster of time, I was not a man of idleness. I am proved worthy. I, Your son, have come home.

The virtues I developed on Earth are the messengers that sped before me, my qualities hastened to announce my coming. They sped on invisible wings, so that only those sensitive to that which emanated from me knew of their coming. They came as perfume carried on the wind. They announced me, they heralded me. They gave salutations to the Spirits in the Bright Abodes. Yet I have not forgotten the Dwellers in Terror, and a small dark spirit of the Twilight has gone forth to make known to them my departure from Earth. This, that should any there know of me they may be made aware that I am not of their dismal company. Will there be weeping there in the dank, dreary darkness?

I surmounted the trials of existence in heaviness. Now my spirit can speed like the lightning flash. I am one who has accomplished what had to be done. I have governed my affairs, not wholly by earthly standards but by the greater ordinances of Heaven. I have carefully read the books of instruction and listened to the interpreting words of the wise.

He who tests hearts and reads thoughts has weighed me and I was not found wauting in the balances. I am a Cool One, for my thoughts rest in peace. I am not numbered among the Hot Ones whose thoughts consume them as fire consumes wood.

I have passed the Nameless Ones, to come into the presence of The Great One whom no man names, whose name is not knowable to men. I have reached the destination of ages, I have achieved the ultimate goal. I have put on the mantle of immortality and the robe of light which the Heavenly Weavers prepared for Me.

I am a Little One, one who comes in littleness and not greatness. I am a Humble One and come not in pomp and grandeur, for these are things of the four quartered Earth having no place here. I have done things which have been wrong, but these were done in ignorance and not wilfully or with malice.

O Watchers, announce to the Lords of Light and to the Lords of Darkness that I am one who has penetrated the Mystic Veil but is destined to return to the Realm of Heaviness. O Watchers, announce that I am now a self- knowing everlasting spirit. O Father of the Gods, who is above all, issue the decrees of fate which ensure that henceforth I live a life of service, that I may live purposefully when I return to fiilfil my destiny

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