Monday, April 3, 2017

Dweller of the Sand Dunes

This is an unusual report because it is remarkably rich in detail and unexpected twists and turns.  It is also not the first time we have evidence of an official response team that then becomes secret, begging the obvious question of the integrity of the story teller who is an eye witness.

The fact that it all occurred among sand dunes is unusual only because it is unusual.  The creature observed would patrol a huge hunting range and the available game brought it out of cover which allowed extensive observation..
Right off the bat, there is no doubt that this is a giant sloth.  It butchered the wolves and then simply left them there without ado.  It did take the cubs though for immediate consumption.  Again the easiest to devour outright.

Then we get pure confrontation with those coming in to help.  This creature is protecting its kill and is afraid of nothing.  The shotgun had zero effect as could actually be expected.  You need to fire on the face and eyes.  Again this is Giant Sloth behavior.

Now we finally get to see the creature and it is hairless.  However it a blue skinned which is actually conformable to a black furred pelt.  For some reason it appears to have shed its pelt.  Then there is the real oddity of just how much fire was thrown at it without stopping it at all.  Now i am also pretty sure that the moment the order was given to open up it slipped back into the house and took off out the unwatched back.  This could have avoid serious hut then. 

However i am also just as sure that the K- 9 unit emptied their fire arms into this creature but still lacked enough hitting power.  Thus when it confronted the armed crowd it immediately understood what was about to happen and took off.

And off course, it all was slammed under a secrecy umbrella so there will never be anything except this report.  And had i read this tale a few years back i would not have understood it at all.  I have now seen several confrontation tales and this is not something you ever want to mess with at all.

The Dweller of the Sand Dune

Monday, March 20, 2017

A few years ago, Albert Rosales forwarded the following report. I thought it was worth posting again:

This event happen about 30-35 years ago. It was in or around the Amarillo, Texas area. It all began when my grandfather got a job on a ranch. The owner told him he could live in a home nearby with his family of 12. It was two story home with an attic. The strangest thing was that the house was surrounded by sand dunes. No plant life was seen within several hundred feet of the house. No unusual happenings for a couple of days until my Aunt Betsy discovered something. It was a den of wolves and their pups. The next day she brought my grandfather to show him the den. But when they got there the wolves were all dead. The pups were missing. They were butchered by something with huge claws. This left them with a sense of dread.

The night after they discovered the wolves' remains, my grandfather had a dream of a little angel telling him to take his family and leave now! It kept begging him to wake up and leave. He woke up and realized it was only a dream. Then realized he had to go to the toilet. This meant he had to go the outhouse, it was a little distance from the house. When he got there and sat in the outhouse, something caught his eye. On a nearby hill stood a human-like shape with red eyes staring at the house. The words of the little angel echoed in his mind. So when he was done, he slowly walked back to the house.

Earlier in that very night, my great grandmother had a terrible feeling and sent my granduncle, Ray, with his family to check up on his brother. Ray was almost to the house when the car ran out of water. He remembered there was a well nearby and went to get some water. He didn't get too far when the thing with red eyes came in front of him. He ran back to the car and told his family to run to his brother's house. He grab his shotgun and Bowie knife so he could buy his family time to get away. Ray made sure the car was between him and creature. The creature charged him quickly. He shot the creature nearly point-blank range several times with no effect. He tried to stab it but almost got slashed by it's claws. Then, he ran fast as he could to the house. The creature followed but, suddenly stop short of the hill. By then, the entire family was awake and saw it on the hill staring at them. Grandfather told all the girls to get in the bed of the truck and covered them with lots of blankets and other stuff to make a barrier in case the creature jumped into the bed. The men were in the cab of the truck staring at the hulking being. They drove past it praying it didn't attack them. It's gaze was on the house. Suddenly it jumped off the hill and began to chase them. It stopped short of the line where the sand ended and grass began.

[  this now gets really weird as hell and it is all in broad daylight.  .]
Grandfather went the owner and told him want happened. The next day they went back to pick their belongings and saw a sight out of a movie. The owner was there with his ranch hands, police and what appeared to be military looking people. It seemed they knew about it for awhile, the family was bait for it. A K-9 unit went in to investigate. The first floor was totally destroyed . The second floor was the same as well. The dogs got a scent of something and started to bark at the attic door. The officers opened the door and let the dogs up it. Everybody heard the dogs fighting with something. Suddenly the dogs were thrown out the attic window like rag dolls. They were both skinned alive! The two officers inside went into attic to see what the hell it was. Everybody outside heard lots of gunfire and then saw one the officers being thrown out the window. He was dead before he hit the ground. When everybody looked back up toward the window, they saw the creature clear as day. It looked like a big bald blue-skinned man with big red eyes and sharp claws. The high ranking military man ordered its' destruction. Everybody opened fire on it and the house. Two guys threw grenades into the attic and it exploded. The house was then set on fire! Grandfather and the family left but later heard that the only body found was that of the other officer. Footprints were found leading away from the house! Nothing of it was ever heard again to their knowledge. 

NOTE: That's a very strange account. I wonder if any of the locals know anything about this incident or location? I've been to Amarillo, Texas one time. Back then the only thing of interest were the huge

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