Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Cryptid Investigation

Anyone following my blog over the past decade will be aware that we have been investigating cryptids in general.  These are unidentified animals, normally large whose presence has been observed randomly from time to time.  It is time to draw up an overview.

when i took on this challenge i drew up a protocol which centered on developing conforming data from multiple eye witness reports. This has turned out to be inspired.  It turns out that every eye witness sees something which he may be able to name somewhat to suggests what he may have seen and he is also able to usually pick up a single detail or two.  Sometimes it is a lot better than that of course, but it means every report typically throws out a datum that both conforms to the developing picture and is often a unique aspect.

It is very much glimpsing an 'elephant' and the tail or the trunk or the tusk or etc.

I also applied another rule and that is to wait until i had a couple dozen reports before we declared that a phenomena actually existed.  At that point the probability hits fifty percent.  This resulted in a fairly complete description of any such cryptid.

After that it is all about building numbers in order to refine the data base.

We now know the following:

1    Sasquatch or big foot        ---   Plus 10,000 individual reports mostly double interviewed.
 This is the best data base out there and the picture we have is extraordinarily detailed.

2   Giant Sloth or Dogman et al ---  Plus 200 to date but recognition will provide a flood.  Most sightings have been hidden inside the Sasquatch data.

3    Thunder bird                        ---  Plus 20

4    Gargoyle  or chupacabra      ---  Plus 20

5     Pterodactyl                         --- Plus 20

6     Small primates                   ---   Plus 20

7     Sea Serpent                          ---  Plus 20 worldwide.  Uncommon during theage of the motor ship

8     Mososaurus                         ---   plus 20 worldwide. same problem as sea serpent.

As you can see the Sasquatch is the elephant in the room and it has not won serious study or a proper attempt to communicate.  This would be safe to do as well.. Much easier than the giant gorillas.

The giant sloth needs to be shot on sight with a high powered rifle.  It is responsible for many human disappearances and is extremely dangerous.  Fortunately it is an ambush hunter and will not normally respond in a confrontation.  No one survives an ambush and this means that you need to pair off in back country to remain safe.  I reviewed all David Pilate's work and found a trove of Sloth kills otherwise unidentified and mystifying.

The larger animals have a superior sensitivity and are easily able to avoid us.  They stay away from us and normally hunt after sunset and go to ground during daylight.  We and bears are the real exceptions to this. 

From when i begin back in 1998 to now we have built a substancial picture and a real menagerie.  there are other potentials in the data but not enough sightings yet.  I would like to see this list get broad public airing in order to flush out the many reports not made yet simply because the observer has no place to go.  Publicity and increasing interest on the Dog man has brought in many new reports.  However no one else has identified this creature as the giant sloth.

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