Monday, February 27, 2017

Summary Conflict Castration

Summary Conflict Castration

I introduce here a selection of tools used to effect swine castration.  Rather obviously, they can be used effectively and as safely on human males as well.  We do castrate millions of farm animals and we do it safely every year.

Historically such a practice was far too dangerous, but that appears to be a problem long solved and modern pain control is also readily available. 

That opens the door for establishing a new law enforcement tool.  It is well known that castration essentially eliminates violent tenancies in the case of individual violent offenders.  Thus it makes plausible sense to consider a protocol in which previously convicted offenders are subject to summary castration if apprehended while engaged in conflict.  Of course the mere threat would likely quell such behavior as well.


Certainly the prior history information of an apprehended individual is available to enforcement.

We do live in an era in which gratuitous violence appears to again be on the increase and simply arming the police with SWAT teams as excessive potential force accomplishes little in practice.  In fact they have also become part of the problem along with militarized police.

Violent individuals will calculate their real time risk and mostly swing away.  In other words, police restraint is applied as a defense and allows escalation.  It is my contention that a police castration team on standby would not be ignored ever, nor would the threat of been convicted of violence either as that opens the door to Summary Conflict Castration.

Arguments in favor of any form of violence are not supported at all except as sophistry and will always be illegal.  Thus it must be discouraged. As violent men are the most likely to cause the most damage, it makes sense to focus particularly on that sector of the population from a law enforcement stand point.  It is reasonable to think that the threat of immanent castration will serve to ensure sober second thoughts among those inclined to violence.

Of Course I expect society to have real difficulty ever accepting such an expedient but alternatives are lacking or failing.

And a special nod to Mr Johnathon Swift, esq.

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