Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Study: Up to 2.1 Million Hispanics May Have Voted Illegally

Image: Study: Up to 2.1 Million Hispanics May Have Voted Illegally

 This number is about what i personally think is plausible.  Recall that the real perpetrator happens to be the Democratic party operating at ground level and as enablers to natural blunders such as unions and surely employers who depend on illegal workers.

This has produced leakage that says as much.  After all after a job well done folks do brag.

That two million votes certainly juiced the popular vote just the way you would expect in illegal rich areas.  Unsurprisingly recount efforts in Detroit stopped when it be came clear that such would uncover the fraud.

 It also supports Jerry Brown;s Dems behavior in California as well.

Besides cleansing the voting lists as practically as possible, there is one other thing that needs to be done.  All illegals who are on the voting list must be forbidden from ever applying for legal status.  This needs to be publicized widely.  Plenty of penalties exist otherwise and more do no good..

Study: Up to 2.1 Million Hispanics May Have Voted Illegally

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By Jason Devaney | Thursday, 16 Feb 2017 01:41 PM


An analysis of a little-known study concluded there may have been more than 2 million non-citizen Hispanics who illegally voted last year.

The Washington Times cites the 2013 study, which was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates. A separate, and more recent, analysis by research nonprofit Just Facts found there was potentially a large number of non-citizens who managed to cast a vote in last fall's presidential election.

Donald Trump won the election but lost the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton. He has said several times he believes voter fraud was rampant.

In the 2013 study, 13 percent of the non-citizen Hispanics said they were registered to vote.

According to the Times, James Agresti of Just Facts examined the results, applied it to 2013 U.S. Census data, and concluded that as many as 2.1 million Hispanics could have been illegally registered to vote.

"Contrary to the claims of many media outlets and so-called fact-checkers, this nationally representative scientific poll confirms that a sizable number of non-citizens in the U.S. are registered to vote," Agresti said.

It is against the law for non-citizens to register to vote in U.S. elections.

During a lunch with a bipartisan group of senators last week, Trump brought new life to the issue of voter fraud by saying he and former Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte would have won in New Hampshire if not for voters being bused in from out of state.

Some Republican lawmakers agree with Trump that at least some level of voter fraud occurred during the November election, while others aren't on the board with the idea.

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