Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Letter from Reader about an Underground Base

Somewhere in those mountains, a camouflaged hanger door exists.  Inside a short runway is available to handle a Hercules which is designed for short runways.  This allows resupply while hiding other access points which can be miles away by a simple tunnel not easily handling heavy volume. 
We have already posted on the plausibility of extensive underground facilities. They represent the easiest and best level of defense against a nuclear war.  It is also an excellent use of paid for manpower as well.  Armies can do this and do it easily even in the Twenties.

Thus we have additional confirmation of the top secret underground system that exists in the USA at least.

Letter from Reader about an Underground Base

Richard Bantel writes, “In 2000, I was flying my Cessna 150 my home base airport in Maryland (2W2) to Lewisberg, West Virginia airport.

9lWB). I chose to fly direct because of the solid VFR weather VFR weather and this direct route took me over the most rugged mountains in the eastern U.S. I was flying about 5000 feet AGL and I was enjoying the beautiful mountains. The terrain was all forest and no dwellings were visible in any direction and I believe the national forest was below me in this part of West Virginia. As I was looking around I noticed a C-123 a mile away at a flight level much below my flight level commencing what appeared to be final approach to landing. From my experience in Vietnam I know this aircraft was used for supply. The C-123 was not very far above the tree level in a relatively flat area and was headed directly for a rather high mountain. I immediately became concerned because there was no landing area visible and the aircraft continued heading for the mountain. I watched closely expecting the C-123 to impact with the mountain and prepared to notify ATC of a crash. There was no indication of a crash, smoke or fire, etc as it flew into the mountain and I found it difficult to believe what I had seen.

C-123 Provider

The incident was so unbelievable I neglected to get GPS coordinates. I believe the location was south southwest of Grant County, WV. A year later I mentioned it to Stephen Bassett who stated, “He was not surprised because he had heard of an underground facility in the general area where government officials meet with alien representatives”. We both agreed that stealth technology available most likely concealed an entrance to an underground facility. Thanks to Richard Bantel

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