Saturday, January 14, 2017

Donald Trump is Facing Seriously Short Odds to be Impeached in his first term as President

Really? What are these folks thinking? He has a serious majority in Congress and a majority in the Senate as well who have zero interest in any such thing. Better yet he has the finest legal minds available to assist him in implementation and avoiding serious conflicts of interest. 

Even better all the dirty tricks were pulled by the Dems this time as far as election politics are concerned. No traction there that does not backfire. 

Even better he has no need to skate fast and loose in order to preserve a personal project and even if a real need arose, his sons are easily able to run interference as well. 

His attention will be on the well being of the USA and that is that and if that is impeachable then we are all crazy.

Donald Trump is facing seriously short odds to be impeached in his first term as President

Nick Reilly

Yahoo News UK

There’s some seriously short odds on Trump’s impeachment
(Picture: AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
He’s not due to take up his position in the Oval Office until next Friday, but president-elect Donald Trump is already facing extremely short odds to be impeached in the first six months of his presidency.

A price of just 4/1 is being offered for The Donald to be hauled before the House of Representatives within a year of his first term.

And it looks there’s little faith for him to complete a whole term either – with Paddy Power offering odds of just 5/2 for him to complete his first four years in office.

However, it doesn’t look like Trump will try to make the White House resemble his gilded New York apartment – with long odds of 500/1 being offered on the Pennsylvania Avenue home being painted gold.

Reporters stand outside of the Oval office at the White House as President-elect Donald Trump meets U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House. (Photo: Carlos Barria/Reuters) 
Donald Trump isn’t expected to paint his new home gold (Picture: Carlos Barria/Reuters)

Some of the other bets seem to be just as outlandish as Trump himself – including odds of 250/1 on his first words as US president being ‘Golden Shower’, in reference to the leaked intelligence dossier.

Another option on the same price is ‘Home Alone’ referencing his cameo in the 1992 sequel to the iconic movie.

More likely, however, is Make Great America Again – with odds of 6/4.

And as for his first official visit abroad, it looks like Trump could continue his close ties with Russia – with 50/50 evens being offered.

Will Trump make an unexpected ally in Kim Jong Un? (Picture: ActionPress) 
Will Trump make an unexpected ally in Kim Jong Un? (Picture: ActionPress)

But if you’re looking to chance your money on an unlikely bet, odds of 200/1 are being offered on Trump heading to North Korea.
Either way, it’s just eight days now until the madness begins.

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