Saturday, October 29, 2016

World’s Oldest Pyramids Found In Alaska

This is hugely important and what we learn is that a major pyramid is intact and buried in Alaska.  This has obviously been put under a dark research program by the military.  We also learn that an additional site has also been located mostly under ice.

Better yet it appears that the military one produces a huge anomaly near mt McKinley and this led to its discovery.  Whistle blowers have indicated that a shaft has been sunk to explore this pyramid.  As this all began in 1990, it is unlikely that they have accomplished a lot more than reported in the video below.  That is still quite a bit.

That project calls for full excavation and that entails a pit that will be at least a thousand feet square at the bottom and three to four times that on the surface.  There is no way to hide all that and public release becomes important.

Inasmuch as we now grasp what these devices are, what is wonderful here is that we have a likely intact structure untouched since it was shut down.  It may allow us to reconstruct both the Great pyramid and the critical Ark of the Covenant taken by Moses.

World’s Oldest Pyramids Found In Alaska Shocks Scientific Community

October 12, 2016

 Could it be possible that Alaska has the world’s oldest man made pyramids? And, if true, is the recent snow and ice melting going to reveal even more ancient structures in the future? Amazingly, a small team of explorers has just announced that they have indeed found at least two ancient pyramids. Currently, only the upper portions of the pyramids are exposed but the general shape is obvious. The team was able to find the outer rock edges of one pyramid and the stones were obviously stacked one on top of the other (comparable to Egypt pyramids). The team actually made the discovery by accident while on a hiking expedition.

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