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the Peopling of the Hawaiian Islands

This documentary gets it right.  It even includes a proper recognition of the work of Thor Hyerdhal on this topic long before Kon Tiki.  He wrote an important book on the subject long before he was famous that is scholarly and massive in size

What surprised me from the oral tradition is that the actual travel was two way.  It was still far too arduous unless it was meant to be permanent, but it means that knowledge of the Hawaii  Archipelago existed in Haida Gwaii on the NorthWest coast as well as the obvious language roots.

All this apparently happened 2200 years ago and the founding story actually starts in an already populated Hawaii.  This is all long before the Polynesian Diaspora that occupied all the islands in the pacific.  This source also led directly to the peopling of New Zealand as  well though never by the Polynesians.

The most likely epicenter of both the North West Indians and the Polynesians will likely turn out to be the Ainu who originally dominated Japan.  The long swing along the coast through Alaska was possible around 22000 years ago.  It meant been able to turn the Aleutians and push south with robust canoes and kayaks as well.  This was very difficult but not impossible either.  A mere mountain pass inland would have proven the virtue of such an effort to a scout.



the peopling of the Hawaiian Islands


Ever wondered why the totem poles of New Zealand,  Tahiti, the Hawaiian Islands, southern Alaska and the Pacific Coast of Canada are so similar?   All references tell us that all Native Americans walked over a land bridge between Siberia and Alaska, while Polynesians originated in the southeastern tip of Asia then sailed out into the Pacific. There should be very little similarity between the cultures of Hawaii and British Columbia.  

What the anthropological references DON’T tell readers is that there are extreme similarities between the peoples of the Pacific Coast of North America and Polynesia.  Like Native Americans, Hawaiians are born with a temporary blue circle on the base of their backs.  Both the Hawaiians and the Haida People of British Columbia have cultural memories of epic voyages to islands scattered across the Pacific Basin.  You are going to be amazed.



Tour guide Gabi Plumm astounded us with the “secret” history of New Zealand.  In this video, she travels to the Hawaiian Islands and discovers that the royal family of Hawaii always maintained a different migration legend than the official one that is seen in history books or a similar one maintained by non-Hawaiian anthropologists.  The Royals said that the original people of Hawaii sailed from southern Alaska and the Pacific coast of Canada.  

Plumm then travels to the coastal islands of British Columbia . . . and would you believe . . . the First Nations scholars say, “Yes, this is true.”  An anthropologist in a museum in British Columbia shows a wide variety of art, tools and weapons from the Pacific Coast of Canada that are very similar to those found in Hawaii. 

As in the previous video by Plummtree Productions of New Zealand that we featured,  this film is a magnificent work of art . . . truly World Class.

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