Thursday, October 13, 2016

I will put you in Jail


If you wish to understand why the money boys are so frantic to elect Hilary there it is.  Systemic treason brought about the collapse of 2008 and it was not by the politicians who in 1999 foolishly loosened the governors put in by Joe Kennedy and FDR in 1933.  For the past eight years the money boys have step by step foisted the bill of that debacle onto the national debt and the USA taxpayer who actually cannot pay.  Trump has stated that those governors are coming back which alone ensures he is no economic ignoramus.

The collapse meant that the money boys had to ensure that their stooges always were in control of government.  Thus the real and current threat that the Donald represents to these people.  They know for sure that the con stops the moment he gains power and that they will start to pay.

And by the way do not think for a moment that these chaps are economic geniuses.  They are jacked up salesmen at best who were more ruthless than their peer group.  Their sudden removal will merely allow a new chastened generation to step up.

The president does have the power to release the full weight of the FBI and the CIA to uncover the Criminality and to chase down the money through offshore accounts.  That same power can be equally applied to the international drug trade as well.

Way more potently now after the latest pile on by the media over his obnoxious frat boy behavior, is that a large part of the Republican party have run and this means were he to be elected he would owe none of them.  This means that an elected Donald Trump would not have to protect a single legislator from investigation.  He will be completely free to clean house as it has never been done.

Can he still be elected?  This may sound crazy but I suspect that he has already won a landslide.  The polls all assume a fair election but this one is anything but fair.  The massive pile - on recent and past by the media has simply discouraged voters from admitting that they will vote for Trump.  Anyone undecided is voting Trump.  Remember that they do respect the man and his accomplishments.  They also respect the way he cleaned up the primary campaign by playing whack a mole.  They also like the way the establishment is trembling..

I am sorry to say this, but whatever the USA is doing in the world under Obama and also Bush and by inference Hilary has not worked at all.  That means at the least that you loudly question everything as Trump has done.  It pulls everyone back to the room to resolve issues.  It is a start and they are already jumping and paying real attention.  Not bad for a powerless nominee a long way from the presidency. 

Now he has to really close this deal.

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