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Genesis for the New Space Age with John Leith - Chpt XX - A New Age Dawning

This wraps the tale up.  Difficult to read as it is i can make a couple of observations.

1  The depth of apparent first hand information is substantial and all wraps around the so called round wing which is certainly nothing of the kind.  Thus i suspect that this book happens to be a history of the development of gravity control vehicles perhaps inspired by an off planet source during the second war and then placed under Joint  USA Canadian and British  control for rapid development.  I suspect a comparable German effort was then folded in as well,  mirroring then rocket work.

2    In order to maintain secrecy we also have a false narrative using nineteenth century hollow Earth speculations and a false German migration mythology that includes a mass of escaping Nazis.  None of this is particularly plausible or practical.  Too many people in too short a time had to simply do too much for it to be true.  (  this trick was used by the Chinese 2400 years ago in order to make alchemy texts an integral part of Chinese mythology - arclein )

3  Separate the two and we have a clear allied research and development program continuing to this day that we have confirmed from many other sources.  What is interesting is that most UFO sightings could turn out to be from this program.  The provided power plant of 1943 would provide what is needed for small craft.  Again it still demands that we know too much too soon about materials and that is something not readily done.

 I discovered little in the form of new insights which suggests that such was carefully edited out.  Obvious sections are missing and irrelevant sections sustained. All we get is a nod here and a hand wave there and insistence we simply accept plausibility.  An initiate would be expected to read only those passages pointed out.

A history of gravity vessels  was appropriate in 1975 as participants were beginning to die out.  Releasing it forty years later ensured that no living witness could actually confirm a word.  Add in the mythology and unless you are instructed, you will dismiss it all as bunkum and that was the whole point.

Chapter XX

A New Age Dawning

"My friends," President Roosevelt grimly told his cabinet in 1936, "We are being visited by beings from other inhabited planets in our solar system. They are a 1,000 years ahead of us in mastery of air and outer space. We don't have a 1,000 years to catch up! Perhaps we have only a generation — or maybe two."

Forty years ago, on the day of their utterance, the President's words were ominous. To the planners of a nation's destiny, the President had issued a challenge. But its pursuit seemed folly. They could only gasp at the spectre of a national or even world emergency let alone trying to comprehend the enigmas of space. They almost feared to speculate whether the academic and industrial might of America could provide a safeguard in their lifetime for life as they knew it in 1936. Nor dared they philosophize on the spiritual or ideological changes a new order of relationship with other planets might bring.

For years the U.S. government has been aware that other beings similar to humans in our own solar system did exist, but we also know now that they never intended to launch the invasion of America so fearfully envisaged by Roosevelt. The aliens had arrived in peace, and they had come to help.

Now, as the new decade arrives, again an alarm has been sounded. This time it has grown to global proportions. Earth nations are hurriedly trying to unravel the reasons for a new wave of uninvited visitors, this time from the far side of Uranus and Neptune, located somewhere beyond the frontiers of  the universe that even our space technology cannot decipher. Deep in the minds of all who know is a hopeful question: Will this new throng of strange Earth scanners also remain peaceful? Meanwhile where do we go from this point in the modem history of mankind? The answer is that we must trust our science to carry on in the inevitable search to move Earth away from a million years of isolation, and as science advances, so must the spirit and purposes of man. Otherwise, Earth, as we know it, will cease  to be.

As for the United States, she can look at the achievements which were begun two generations ago and
be assured that the dream of creating a counter force of round wing plane protection for planet Earth
has been reached along the lines first hoped for by President Roosevelt and his cabinet. The air military of the United States in conjunction with their compatriots in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are patrolling Earth skies 24 hours a day. Where once the British navy sailed the world's seas, the United States has replaced Britain as the guardian of the skies, and the seas of the world have become the pathways in the skies where round wing planes move noiselessly and fearlessly day and night. With their new found wings, this breed of aviators could race the rising sun from any given point on the Earth and circle the globe 24 times or more before the sun rose again. Optimum speed of one such craft was confirmed in a 1965 radar clocked, U.S. navy sighting over the Caribbean. The object was said to be American, and the identification has not been denied by Naval and Air sources. The round wing plane in particular showed on the radar screen of an American destroyer to have moved 350 miles from a stationary position in only seven tenths of a second. That means that it accelerated to 40,000 miles per hour instantly. So fast did it disappear off the radar scope, radar technicians verified, that the object looked like the trail of a radioactive particle in a cloud chamber.

The weaponry of the new aerial phenomena is entirely laser oriented whether solar or magnetic-induced. Rather than levelling a city and destroying its population, the city's entire electric capabilities such as generating plants, motors, cars, etc., could be disrupted or totally immobilized by this conical blanketing force. Its destructive power also is awesome. Cities the size of Havana, SanFrancisco, or Moscow could be wiped out in minutes by one round wing plane and existing ground defenses could not prevent the destruction.

It was military defense in the air which became the nation's first responsibility as laid down by the planners of American destiny in 1936. It was not until the year 1977 that an Air Force spokesman
would confidently address civilians and say, "America's military requirements to protect our country was the first priority in development of the round wing plane. It can be assumed the nation's planners  have already placed that aerial shield over our land, for if not, the military could not pass on its knowledge for civilians to build commercial round wing planes in the next decade." The spokesman did not boast.

The United States Air Force historical book number 12, in its repository in Kensington Tombs (Archives), documents the invulnerability of such a U.S. Air Force round wing plane during an
unauthorized trip over Moscow as far back as the early 50's. The pilot was Colonel Edward B. Wright, graduate of the U.S. Air Academy, and great grandson of Orville Wright. Orbiting his return into Earth's atmosphere over Asia, young Wright decided to test the anti-aircraft defenses of Moscow
following a report that a New German round wing plane piloted by Kurt Van Ludwig had already done so years earlier. Col. Wright dropped down over the Kremlin and trimmed his craft at 6,000 feet, low enough for trained Russian observers to see the U.S. flags painted on the undersurface. Half the U.S. crew manned stations while the remainder played cribbage. Colonel Wright counted 25 direct hits from a variety of shells and missiles fired by accurate Russian gunnery. The Russian shells exploded or bounced off the American craft as Colonel Wright unhurriedly took the ship up to 100,000 feet and continued passage for home. (The round wing plane used on the flight is now obsolete and out of service.) The officer commanding at the return base berated the Colonel and exclaimed: "I hope you have good pictures of Moscow gun positions to show for your joy ride." Indeed, the crew brought back excellent photos. The story of Col. Wright's escapade over Moscow went the rounds and the episode became as intriguing to tell in Air Force circles as had the ancestral Wright brothers' flight at Kitty Hawk generations before.

Such was the audacity of the new breed of airmen riding Earth's skies in a new type of aircraft of such spectacular performance that the young pilots occasionally forgot the whole world was not their back  yard and that the cold war was not a deadly game.

Becoming a member of the exclusive new group of round wing crews is no easy task. Indoctrination begins at the U.S. Air Force Officers' Training Academy in Colorado. Top volunteer graduates of this school then are enrolled into the round wing plane training school at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where all basic round wing instruction is first given in dummy ships.

After actual flight training is completed at the end of two years, the young U.S. airman graduates as a 2nd Lieutenant with rank insignia of a gold bar in a circle. (He may wear this insignia only on a round wing base.) Britain and Canada also send their future round wing pilots to the U.S. for training. A few also are admitted from Australia and New Zealand.

The round wing training centers are part of the Strategic Air Command; hence, in 1978, the Superintendent Officer Commanding Eglin Round Wing Training Program was an unnamed Canadian General. The command rotates among the participating English speaking nations. McDill Air Force Base was the training center where further flight instruction included interplanetary missions with experienced crews. On arriving at McDill, the student was expected to take the controls immediately. All training flights departed and returned to this base in Tampa, Florida during the hours of darkness. North American universities provided related courses for the Reserve Round Wing Plane Service.

So ends our brief references to the Earth-based training of U.S. round wing pilots.

The Anglo-American military fleet of planes numbers about 500 craft. The New German fleet is significantly smaller with superb laser weaponry. In either case, it is the magnetic generating capacity of the earth which decides the maximum number of round wing planes which can be operational at one time. The New German quota of round wing planes would be dictated by several factors among these being the number which the Bodlanders in the earth's interior decide the Germans could operate as part of the multinational guardianship of the interior based nations' defense.

The primary factor dictating the permissable number of round wing planes is the earth's magnetism itself. Because the interior earth generates much less magnetic force than is produced on the surface, American scientists believe the interior surface could generate power for only half as many round wing planes as are used above. What upper Earth duties the New German round wing planes perform is unknown, but it is understood that they and the Anglo American pilots abide by a tolerance that precludes any hostility, indicating that World War II enmity is dead.

Much of the war-time beligerance between New Germany, the U.S. and her allies gradually disappeared in the post-war period. The June 1977 goodwill flight of David Schusnick and his round wing plane crew to Cape Kennedy broke some remaining barriers of military mistrust, although there
are many Germans and Americans of expert opinion who have not altered their caution of each othersm perspectives.

But it was not until October, 1977 when the U.S. Air Force by request of the Security Council dropped its lingering mistrust of New Germany and sent a return flight of an American round wing plane to New Berlin in the center of the Earth.

Edward D. Wright (now General), was chosen by the U.S. Air Force to captain the latest American round wing plane on a return courtesy visit to New Germany. The goodwill journey was a success and to this day the New Berliners, (the older veterans of World War II) refer to the visit of General Wright and his American crew as German/American Friendship Day.

The story of the flight was headlined in all the German dailies below. The Commanding General of the New German Air Force personally met the American crew. The entire complement except the Flight Officer left the American craft for most of the day. After several hours of sightseeing in New Berlin and being honored by the populace, the crew was wined and dined in the Capitol Building, where they also met the President of New Germany, Adolph Hitler II.

An America flight had been sanctioned for some time after January 1979 by the General Aviation Sub-committee subject to approval of the U.S. Congress. A few high ranking Americans are expected to accompany the mission. New Germany had requested an Ambassadorial exchange with the United States as far back as 1976, and as a result of General Wright's mission, Congress was expected to decide on the request in 1980.

In the upper atmosphere and space surrounding Earth, both the Anglo-Americans and New Germans have a limited but expanding role in the Interplanetary Police Net, whose duties are to police this solar system, but to be on the lookout particularly for hostile intergalactic space craft. By virtue of their combined police relationship in the Interplanetary Police Net, enmity must be passe for cooperation in this body, and hence a new climate of friendliness is the vogue among the pilots.

The American Russian problems of dual adversary relationships have been kept quiet. The two (yes, two) Russian (killer) satellites shot down over Canada, early in 1978, were dispatched by the Canadian Air Force using a round wing plane after the Russian remote controlled satellites had shot down three American unarmed satellites monitoring the troublesome planet Nagirth, coming closer to Earth environs each year. The Americans (on behalf of the free world) had placed 12 such monitor satellites in the upper atmosphere and the Russians had knocked out three before retaliatory action was taken.

Who or what has the ultimate authority to say the round wing plane can or cannot be used in a future
war? The answer of course is enigmatic. But a considerable amount of the technological advice in construction of the round wing planes for the Anglo-American and the New German forces was provided by beings from other planets within our solar system - on condition that the new planes not be used as a strike force against any other Earth nation (or intergalactic invader) unless first attacked. It is presumed the Americans and New Germans are committed to that unwritten agreement. If so, the main role of the round wing planes as a world military or police force would be one of deterrence. But in case of attack on North America, retaliation would be instantaneous. It is also understood Anglo-American allies would come under the umbrella of protection.

Round wing planes manufactured on Earth may not be as sophisticated as certain advanced types flown by the other solar planets, and the U.S. Air Force must, therefore, accept help from the Interplanetary Police Net. The U.S. still may require ten or more years to catch up to the technology of Venus, its big brother helper, but New German and American laser technology is a top priority in their science worlds.

It will be difficult for the average reader to comprehend with any serious intention the story of other inhabited planets, extra or outer terrestrials and worlds beyond relatively like our own. It is a big mental leap to accept such declarations which this book attempts to explain with such candor. Yet the facts cannot be ignored a day longer if the earth is to protect itself and to take its place among the other planets. Aside from the outer terrestrials who are most qualified to talk about themselves, NASA and the U.S. Air Force are best able to establish the truth.

The U.S. legation to Venus was formed and made operational with the executive approval of the Jimmy Carter administration, and sanctioned by key members of the legislative branches.

Thus, unknown to the world, the U.S.A. has been vigilantly patrolling global skies since the mid- 1940s, making training sorties nightly into outer space since the mid-50s and will be establishing regular exploratory lanes to nearby celestial planets in the next decades.

But U.S. legation exchange between other planets in our solar system is already occurring and certain of the solar planets already carry on careful diplomatic dialogue with the U.S.A. On the 7th floor of the U.S. Diplomatic Training School in Washington, are some offices with strange sounding names. One is the Inner Earth Delegation and one floor above this delegation are suits of offices referred to as Outer Space Delegation. In the latter suites are the Venusians, Martians and Plutonian legations. Only coded badges acceptable to electronic eyes, plus a Marine guard checkpoint, gets visitors into these premises. The diplomatic solar cousins of Earthlings and their female staffs walk the streets of Washington unnoticed by hurrying throngs. The Venusians are the least noticeable because they are identical to the white races of Earth. They claim a common ancestry and say that our mother race was blue in color. The Martians are big people, the men usually about 6'6", with piercing eyes. The Plutonians have a skin color that at times has a greenish tinge with tones of brown rather than white. Their walk sometimes appears to be uncertain or jerky. Each planet represented has a five man delegation. There is constant consultation between the space delegates and the U.S. because of mutual problems which affect all the solar planets. The subjects range from defense to health and education.

Leaving the outer space legations, let us look for a moment at the Inner Earth exchanges: The United
States has a ten man diplomatic legation, headed by a retired Air Force Officer, located in the nation of Atturia (New Atlantis) In return, the Atturians have a delegation located on the 7 th floor of Washington's Diplomatic Training School. But the Bodlanders ask why the United States has not requested an exchange of consular officers or bona fide observers.

The New Germans from below house their five man delegation in the same premises as the Federal Republic of West Germany. Their chief is referred to as the Second Secretary in charge of the Inner Earth Delegation. Former head of the Inner Earth, New German delegation, Eric Von Schusnick was
recalled early in 1978 for talking to the authors. This heroic man did more to cement German- American relations than those who condemned him claims a member of the U.S. State Department.

The U.S. also has a delegation in New Berlin since 1977.

For almost 20 years there have been civilian and cadet exchanges between the countries of the Inner Earth and the U.S.A. Cadets from West Point (army), Anapolis (navy), and the Air Force Academy at
Denver have been sent below via the round wing planes on a regular exchange basis. (They have been
strictly conjoined to maintain silence about this at the cost of court martial.) Tour visitors from below
who visit the U.S. usually must wear thick, smoked glasses to shield their eyes from the upper sun. Otherwise, they go about unnoticed.

Constant visits by unknown aliens to the National Science Foundation and NASA have been verified and there is a strong possibility that American scientists are already working on Venus and that varied
scientific papers are no doubt being exchanged.

On June 7 to 12, 1975, leading scientists from Venus, Mars and Pluto were invited lecturers at a symposium for sharing interplanetary scientific information held at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. Earth counterparts were from Yale, Northwestern and Harvard.

One of the varied subjects discussed extensively was the method used by other planets to safely tunnel into the earth's subterranean surface for future inner-city and intercontinental thoroughfares. Earth scientists were told how such tunneling can be completed by lasers at the rate of a mile per day and how anti-magnetic trains and cars now run within such subterranean tunnels in other planets.

To millions of earthlings, revelations on the spiritual life and beliefs of the inhabitants would be more
appreciated than those of their third-dimensional, finite pursuits. There is divided opinion among contacts with Venusians as to the future role and purpose of the aliens in plotting the world's course in the remainder of this century, and this concern should be aired by those who are familiar with Venusian beliefs and can enlighten ordinary, bewildered people on the subject matter outer-terrestrial religion. Those of the Christian worlds who challenge the alien association are agitated by the failure of the U.S. government to allow the outer-terrestrial visitors to speak their beliefs. The real purpose of these beings has been critically debated ever since a group of Protestant Ministers met with them at an Orlando, Florida motel in 1977. The Christians base their hope on a typical bible verse: "There is no other name (except Jesus Christ) under Heaven whereby we might be saved." They ask whether this admonition applies only to Earthlings and not to Venusians and other planetary beings. Who knows, as yet? A Christian minister at the conference also accused the reluctant Venusian prelates of deliberately ignoring ancient biblical prophecies in the Old and New Testaments regarding the relevancy of those prophecies to a restored Israel in the 1980's, which the Christians contend will be the focal point of all coming world events in the remainder of this century. The Venusian reply to these bible prophecies centering around a returning Messiah has not been aired.

But if upper Earth nations had problems of interpreting other world religions, this did not hinder the continuance of technological advances in the interior world. For instance, the diehard remnants of the German Third Reich who settled in Earth's interior onward from 1944 soon learned that their Utopia was not attainable without superhuman sacrifices. And with sacrifice being the first ingredient required to build a new nation, the subliminal longing to dwell in peace overcame the New Germans emotions that earlier had kindled recent passions leading to World War II. As they became preoccupied in building a new sovereign nation they channeled their formidable inventive ingenuity into peacetime pursuits.

For those displaced Germans it was a matter of survival that they should employ the round wing plane both militaristically and commercially from the first day the planes were flown. The first 120 foot craft carried in its bowels livestock, tractors, railway cars, trucks, bulldozers, machinery and passengers wherever they could be squeezed in. Much of their original heavy equipment came from the U.S.A., where, as already noted, it was illicitly loaded on their round wing planes and flown out in darkness. One such trip loaded four new caterpillar road machines near New Orleans in 1946.

In 1978 a German round wing plane company called "Airtruk Limited" operated two 120 foot craft which haul freight, and a third 90-foot craft of 42 seating capacity was used exclusively for tri- weekly passenger service. Also carried on the passenger flight is mail and consumer express between West Germany and the interior.

New Germany imports 1,000 West German rail tank cars of refined oil per year via the round wing planes and expects to increase these shipments to 10,000 carloads within a decade. (Of course, the Odlander Atlanteans [Atturians] and the old Vikings have been using the magnetic plane for multitudinal uses for untold ages.)

Three planes comprise the total commercial equipment, these planes having been retired from New Germany's military inventory because of obsolecense.

In the upper world, the young, unchallenged American eagle had been flying the far flung areas of the globe in her new round wing fleet since 1945. The early models had been dramatically improved in performance, so that there remained little resemblance to the first Caldwell craft of the pre-forties. But as the lofty eagle sailed over the battlefields of Korea or the jungles of Vietnam, or as she skimmed the rooftops of Moscow, Havana or Hanoi, she had never shown her talons. But they were there, and still are. The laser and microwave weaponry had been proven, from which there evolved a confidence of invincibility expressed by the top military leaders of the nation and the crews who ride the winds night and day on the new planes.

Because of military priorities and also because the round wing plane was not required for commercial needs, the U.S.A. did not consider it necessary to plan for transition to commercial and passenger use until the early 1970's. By then, the military felt that all the latest ultra-developments had been incorporated into their version of the round wing plane. Then, in typical American fashion, they acted decisively.

First regular flight priority again will be the military. In 1980-81, a scheduled military round wing passenger service will be inaugurated between British Columbia, Canada - Ottawa, Canada - and Washington, D. C, U.S.A. Washington will also flight connect with London, England. Depots in Ottawa, Washington, and London have been or are near completion. Travel time from Washington take-off to Ottawa landing will not exceed 13 minutes. The Washington-London route of 3,674 miles, will be a leisurely 45 minutes. These routes have already been tested.

Changeover from the military to commercial requirements began in the mid-60s when a team composed mostly of experienced engineers was withdrawn or retired from the B.C. aerospace complex to delineate proposals for transition.

On recommendation of the transition committee, representatives of the American/Canadian aerospace industry were advised in 1974 of the round wing plane capabilities. The first group was invited to the mother factory where they toured the plant and later witnessed demonstrations and startling performances of the astonishing new plane, including a three decker developed in the 1950s. Then the group was given insights into the building of the planes from drawing boards to testing of the finished machines. A thousand questions were answered.

The following year a second top level group from Boeing and Fairchild was brought into the original complex for actual on-the-job training. Others from industry followed later. Only the design and basic aero-dynamic principles were taught these key industrialists. Information on the electro-magnetic motor was withheld since it is intended that the commercial craft, during the next decade, will use only the very successful jet motors perfected in the early military versions. The aircraft manufacturers will be disallowed most of the military navigational system (designed for anti-magnetic motors in outer space) and will build instead their own systems into the commercial craft with help from the first NorthAmerican facilities.

In September of 1977, leading representatives from major American airlines were called to Washington to be informed of the unexpected revolution in airline transportation. Thirty spokesmen were invited and met secretly on the Presidential yacht at anchor on the Potomac. They were shown pictures and films, and listened to discussions on the world's most advanced plane. Executives of the air line industry were then told that the round wing plane could be in restricted use on domestic flights over North America before the end of 1990, and that complete changeover should be possible by the  year 2,000.

In the near, forseeable future, the fixed wing planes in use on passenger lines will become obsolete.
Advantages of the commercial round wing planes, even with jet motors, will be evident to travellers: (1) A short take off and landing strip. (2) They will fly over five times the speed of sound. (3) Sonic booms will not be created. (4) More people, luggage and bulkier pay loads will be carried in planes perhaps up to 200 feet in diameter.

Eventually, when commercial research is complete and the anti-magnetic motors are allowed to be installed to replace the jets, no place on Earth will be more than an hour or two hours away. For a typical one day travel jet set excursion, one could take off from Tampa, Florida after breakfast and step down in Singapore or Sydney for lunch, returning home for dinner by way of Honolulu and Los Angeles. The old-fashioned may prefer to make the same aerial journey with an overnight stop. But, regardless, the serious businessman or woman will be only an hour between New York and San Francisco. It is assumed center-city takeoffs and landings will be feasible.

Nostradamus was right when in 1566 he foretold: "After a great human exhaustion, a greater makes ready. The great motor renovates the centuries."

When NASA's space platform is completed and functional in late 1990 and begins orbiting 240 miles bove earthly impediments of clouds, gravity and air friction, it will give earthmen an eye and a first firm foot skyward into the revelations and activities of our own solar system.

Vertical takeoffs and landings from this space platform vantage point will allow the magnetic powered craft of the U.S. and her allies to become interplanetary vehicles of commerce well before the next century.

The new round wing planes have not made the space program obsolete. The manned space platforms to be flown aloft by NASA will mean that all American space probes, whether manned or by drone satellites, will be launched without the problems of air friction and earth gravity, which in the past had to be overcome by the use of booster rocketry.

In 1977 two so-called unidentified flying objects passed each other in the blackness of space. One was
traveling from earth to the hollow planet, Venus, where almost four billion inhabitants live on both surfaces. The other so called unidentified flying object had left Venus and was earth bound. As the two almost identical craft passed within 100,000 miles of each other, recognition signals went out to each. From the craft, Venus bound, there went the signal: "U.S. Air Force training craft - Venus Bound." And from the craft headed for Earth, a message replied, "Peace! Signal received - New Germany Air Force training craft out of Venus - bound for home destination, Earth."

The space ships from planet earth had made history. The crews of each whose fathers were from two former earth- warring nations had passed each other 20 million miles out in space with peaceful and  friendly greetings. The captain of the American ship pondered, "How good it was to know that out inthis lonely, trackless void another earthling ship from Home Sweet Home had passed by and called hello."

In the middle ages, earth was regarded as the center of the universe. When Dr. E. Hubble's 100-inch telescope was first used in 1925, man's observation of the heavens knew no bounds as he spied perhaps billions of galaxies beside our own.

Now, only a half century later, as earth beings gaze heaven- wards on starry nights they can be sure that the first Earthmen have walked on three and perhaps twelve new worlds that a century before poets only dreamed about.

Not many simple earth people were aware of it, but in little more than a generation, mankind - with help - had conquered the nearness of space - at least within their own solar system.


"The United States is actually and potentially the most powerful State on the globe. She has much, I believe, to give the world; indeed to her hands is chiefly entrusted the shaping of the future." - John Buchan, 1940

The firm course which the United States and her Anglo allies would forge in the last half of the 20th century had been determined by Prime Minister Churchill and President Truman in the mid 40's. Subsequent U.S. Presidents and Prime Ministers of Britain and Canada with secret concurrence of their governments, continued to develop the anti-gravity principle into a variety of military logistics (and industrial civilian uses not yet revealed).

The military apparatus surrounding the round wing plane had spun off into wider civilian facets after the war. By 1950 that civilian service conglomeration had expanded into various government departments while disconnected scientific projects were crammed into the eyer expanding National Science Foundation. Overall decision making was cumbersome.

For cogent reasons President Eisenhower continued to regard the secret round wing conglomerate as
the nation's first response against Soviet power should war break out. So, with typical military planning, Eisenhower decided to consolidate the round wing diversities under one government scrutiny. Brought together was a group of men, unaccountable to open forums, who would exercise ultimate control of all round wing functions.

With blessings from key Congressmen and Senators, President Eisenhower picked twelve responsible
government leaders answerable only to him. The year was 1954. The new Presidential Committee was named "54-12."

In setting up the Committee, President Eisenhower openly reasoned: "Diplomatically we can't stop the spread of Soviet Communism. But if the cold war becomes hot we must prepare to win."

Thus, from 1954 on, all final decisions relating to round wing production, research, or security (whether military or civilian) would henceforth be made by this select group of advisors. Later on, the public mistakenly would come to regard the U.S. Air Force and C.I.A. as the repositories of the so-called hidden UFO evidence.

The 54-12 Committee continued to monitor American round wing development through successive Presidents since Eisenhower and developed the strategy intended to keep the nation's air supremacy vigilant into the 70's, through the 80's and beyond 2000 - if possible. So extensive was their watchfulness that secret civilian research for related anti-gravity applications would also be authorized by them with orders to escalate additional peacetime applications for use before this century ends. The Canadians would house their related endeavors in the National Research Council, Ottawa, and integrate their round wing scientific development with Washington and London.

By 1979 these international bureaus, working in unison, would forge closer links of cooperation with each other than had ever existed since Englishmen spread their language and common lawaround the world.

Various models of the round wing planes as described in this book dominated global skies until the 1960's. Then the first planes were phased out. All of those are now obsolete with representative types destined for future display in museum exhibits.

The original formations were replaced by entirely new models with sophisticated electronic gear and weaponry, which unbelievably altered their performance and military effectiveness. Because of necessity, the first round wing squadrons were basically Earth aircraft. But the latest fleets are all interstellar and intergalactic, able to venture into the far reaches of airless space on a complete life support system which can keep the crews alive for many weeks. The machines are also sea-worthy and water submersible, allowing them to dive into the ocean depths to avoid detection or do tactical
surveillance of an enemy shore line from the ocean's bottom.

The third generation of Anglo/Canadian/Americans operate the latest craft, with the original neophytes of the new age of flight, now retired grandfathers daydreaming of yesterday's glories.

One of those grandfathers is 80 year old Jonathon Caldwell. In 1978 he was living somewhere in the Baha area of Mexico, confined to an estate that is guarded like a feudal castle by patrols and a dozen
attack dogs. Caldwell's wife, Olive, has moved graciously with him across the portal of retirement years, and the old disease that once threatened to cut off her life has not returned, so completely wasthe illness purged by the power of Christ through the healing agent, Father John.

The last photos seen of the older Jonathon and Olive Caldwell were taken in 1959 and are part of the
historical collection filed for safekeeping in the Air Force underground Tombs at Kensington, Maryland. In those snaps the families of their son and daughter, showing happy children, were also captured in various poses. Where the Caldwell son lives today, what is his vocation, or what names he has chosen to bear, is unknown. The daughter, whose married name is also unknown, is said to live in California. The grandchildren of the senior Caldwells would now be in their 20's and may perhaps be married.

An attempt by Russian-paid agents to kidnap Jonathon Caldwell was made in the late 60's. Three of the kidnap force were killed by guards and the remainder were tried and imprisoned. After that disquieting sequel to a successful career and subsequent attempts to kill him, Caldwell's name and residence were changed again.

Caldwell retired as a Lieutenant General in 1967 but was recalled three times. Before giving up the office of Supreme Commander of the Aerospace Center, great honors were bestowed on him. He was flown to England where he was knighted by King George VI and also awarded the Victoria Cross. An
admiring General Charles DeGaulle of France presented him with the French Legion of Honor. (France was under German subjection when the grand round wing alliance was formed and hence was not included in the secret, although DeGaulle later sat in the allied Councils and was privy to round wing secrets, which, by oath, he never divulged. After the war, allied intelligence was wary of Communist infiltrations into the French government and military.) Canada also bestowed upon Caldwell its Victoria Cross, and from his home country a singular Congressional medal was struck and presented to the living hero by General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Although Sir Jonathon E. Caldwell reluctantly laid down the mantle of his pioneer round wing plane powers, he never dropped his love of the new dimensions in space travel. But from planes he switched his drive to people. For years he has pressured Congress through the Aviation Committee and the Eecutive Branch to recognize and augment a distinct Round Wing Plane Corps answerable to its own Commanding Officer. Such a new military service would become General Caldwell's last attempted program and an informed U.S. Air Force spokesman believes Caldwell will live to see this establishment become reality. For security reasons alone a separate Round Wing Service would be advantageous to the U.S.A. and its allies.

But if Caldwell was forced to hide his identity and live his life unpraised and unloved by his countrymen, so were many others. Sir Charles Wilkerson, who led much of the post-war round wing research, also walks about incommunicado, and all who meet him are pre-screened by intelligence agents. He must carry a weapon at all times and retain the companionship of an attack dog, and when at home his dwelling is doubly protected.

As scientific minds were mustered out of the Round Wing wartime detachment, men like Sir Charles Hadden of England were glad to get back into civy street. Interceding in high places, Sir Charles was
flown back to England by round wing plane in 1945 and dropped by parachute near his home town. Landing safely, he bundled his chute and hitched a ride into town - and home again.

That year Englishman Hadden and Canadian Stewart S. McLane of Ottawa were called to Buckingham Palace where each was knighted by the British king and awarded the Victoria Cross (only 26 VC's were granted by the British during World War 1 1) at a special service. As the Palace Band played, the three unsung heroes of science inspected the bandsmen and the Guard. Upon leaving they shook hands with each other and said farewells. They were instructed never to mention their experiences and, should they meet again by accident, they were to blot from their memories their years spent together and pass without speaking. Sir Charles Hadden resumed teaching physics at Oxford but has since retired. Stewart McLane returned to Ottawa.

So that today a body of senior, silent men walk the streets of a hundred towns or sit in the councils of
industry or the professions, their true war-time experiences a blank to all who might inquire.

The "age of space" is a new order. No longer is our home a small globe inhabited by a few ethnic varieties of homo sapiens. In the new revelation the globe is hollow. In this interior is the other and perhaps the most ancient of the two worlds. Into this inner world the New Germans have ventured and built an armada of round wing planes as a defense force to be used unilaterally or in conjunction with other Inner World nations in case of attack. The author has learned that the New Germans have not developed their forces for vengeful purposes to be used in the Upper World, especially since they are neighbors of the two oldest nations on earth whose objective it is to prevent war and defuse the global ambitions of the war prone. But confidential sources also reveal that the South American German exiles also have the round wing plane and have a nuclear strike capability as well.

Another civilization also exists under this planet's seas which certain scientific sectors are aware of, even if denied by them. And, added to the ocean dwellers are billions more creatures inside the Earth's mantle who apparently have never surfaced from their aloof abodes to police or contact the wayfarers above.

On the Earth's surface, more than ten nations are capable of waging a nuclear war, with the two giants able to launch a holocaust that would make the outer heavens a hundred light years away register the big bang.

And overhead in Earth skies there is still the unsolved alien space craft phenomena of strange objects which come and go at will. Not to be forgotten, too, lingering close to Earth's trajectory is that huge, lumbering, inhabited planet, Nagirth, two-and-a-half times the size of Earth, whose ultimate destiny may be collision into the sun.

And who knows what unfriendly worlds beyond our own solar system have picked up Earth radio signals and are among those aliens watching or about to arrive - even tomorrow?

So the sobering question must be asked. Are the inhabitants of this planet on the verge of a change in our world order, brought on by remote planetary forces about to enforce dictatorial rule on mankind to prevent one of our nuclear clubs starting total war in an Earth shattering finale?

The constant warfare of this planet may be only the visible phase of a far-reaching alignment of unseen opposing forces, whether they exist as three-dimensional or spiritual. These opposing forces, whatever the reader wishes to call them, may already be poised to use mankind in a confrontation which will decide the future of the world. To readers of the daily press, the Earthly or political nature exemplified by these forces may simply be Communism versus Democracy, and to the philosophers it may be good versus evil, and to the Religionists, Satan against God.

But in trying to resolve the riddle, any thoughtful person must wonder: Somewhere upon a higher plane of existence, is there a hidden power struggle of such magnitude that we cannot comprehend its
purpose? And are these forces now lining up their hosts for a climactic battle where mankind will be
only a pawn, and Earth the prize - or Earth the pawn and mankind the prize? Or is this planet simply a square in a gigantic chessboard of insidious interstellar rivalty?

Perhaps to be determined will be not just the outcome of this small planet, but its entire solar system
and possibly the universe.

Time moves on. It waits for no man - or nation. And each is time's captive. There are hosts of questions about the future of mankind in the new age which the authors were unable to reconcile. It soon became evident, therefore, in view of the gaps in our collected data, that the incomplete story must be told even if it were more provocative than scholarly.

With this book's release and its subject matter thrown open to critics and scholars, many new attempts will be made to learn and understand the significance of its pages. Primarily the nation - no, the world - must collectively resolve its most pressing problems and face the future together. The English speaking people and all their war time allies have closed the gap of World War n beligerance toward their enemies, and all these nations now collectively understand the new solar concept of trust and cooperation.

Well-divorced from politics, it will then be up to the world astronomers, for instance, to address themselves to the problem of how to tell the peoples of the world that we are not alone, that our entire
solar system itself may be occupied by beings with close resemblances to Earthlings who think they dwell in such isolated majesty on this planet.

Quite soon it will be the responsibility of all the federal governments of the world (who are perplexed
about how to tell of outer-terrestrial visits), to regain their confidence in the public and explain to them the arrival on earth of beings from distant galaxies and intelligences akin to even surpassing ours. These governments should also release the new stellar maps as well as complete information available on the subterranean and inner Earth.

In the immediate future, it will be up to the Carriers, the Drakes, the Columbuses returning from new worlds to tell Earthlings of the wondrous things they have discovered in space. And when all this has been accomplished and the beginning of a Utopia gained, it may be up to the philosophers to recommend what is to be done on Earth with that ancient vice or virtue called leisure. But to be all things to all men, the scientists of the nations must cross borders and unify their purposes in the interest of a new world free from war with advantage to all.

However, it is possible that the greatest challenge which the authors were unable to explore was simply this: How will the non-occult religions of the world respond to the new image of man, that he is not alone? Will they continue to have faith that the God of the universe is ultimately in control, working out the destiny of man through man? And when the incarnate Christ returns, as He promised, by what means do the faithful Christians think He will rescue His hopeful believers, or establish His much prayed for Golden Age of harmony when righteousness will cover the Earth as the waters covers the seas?

The central theme of this book has been the arrival of the free energy, space craft and its subsequent development by certain nations in the 20th century world.

Thanks to the anti-gravity principle of that magnetic powered craft, a better world lies ahead embodying the boldest of engineering feats imaginable.

And ahead there also lies too, the broad road for invasion into space, either militarily or peacefully.

But now that man has begun to reach for the stars, where may we ask is that wise and benevolent human leader or cosmic Messiah who will dispel mutual fear from the hearts of men? Will this King of  kings arrive in time to guide us into peace on earth before this planet is reduced to ashes again?


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