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Genesis for the New Space Age with John Leith - Chpt XIX - Strangers in Our Skies

 This is a listing of then recent non solar spacecraft visiting us.  It conforms to other reports as well.

 Beyond that what is described is a fully populated solar system using underground habitats and the inner side of the global shell.  By extension this must apply to all stars generally.

Again this conforms to the important work of Swedenborg over two centuries ago.

Chapter XIX

Strangers in Our Skies

Who are the strangers in world skies? From where do they all corne? What is their purpose in spying
on Earth? And finally, are they hostile?

The truth is there were over 7,000 sightings of strange craft of unknown origin intercepted and plotted by Earth radar installations in 1978. Frankly, like the U.S. Air Force, the authors who reviewed many sightings must humbly admit that they too are none the wiser as to the purpose of alien surveillance. But perhaps some readers of this book may lend their knowledge in solving the problem. The U.S. Air Force for one, as well as its Russian and German and French counterparts, are open to suggestion.

To understand the reason for the nose to nose confrontations of alien spacecraft from distant galaxies, it should be explained that the U.S. Security Council and its Canadian and British counterparts have the following policy: "Confront the strange craft. Try to communicate. Make radar shape identification and take high speed photos. Do not take hostile action unless fired upon." The Soviet injunction to its bases is "fire on the alien violators over Russian air space." As to which is correct is not our concern, but of immediate interest is the manner in which the North American Defense responds to the intruders.

Although there are many unknown sightings, the U.S. Air Force usually acts when alerted by radar systems or when public reports are consistent, or if the alien craft shows signs of creating fear or panic in the area over which it is dallying or studying Earth. The order to intercept is issued from Washington and generally involves one or two American round wing planes which first endeavour to establish communication with the alien ship. Of course, there exists a master plan for total action if the alien ship becomes hostile, but this master plan for obvious reasons is unknown to the public.

But in confronting specific alien ships and the intelligence of the beings or creatures or whatever flies
them, several recent sightings have been declassified and the method used by the U.S. Air Force to distinguish the origin and nature of the craft will be discussed briefly to acquaint the reader with NORAD's attempt to comprehend the riddle of beings scanning Earth from beyond.

Before describing the alien encounters it is important to mention that none of the confrontations were from craft based in this solar system, which is only four billion miles across. Our own interplanetary likenesses always announce their presence and request permission by pre-arranged signal before coming into Earth skies. Furthermore, U.S. Air Intelligence has eliminated the possibility that the alien craft are from elsewhere on Earth's surface, its interior, or from the 26 known subterranean cities  scattered on the floor of the world's seas. Therefore, it could be assumed that the alien presences are from star systems four to five light years away, such as Prima Centauri, 4.3 light years distant. They could also originate from double star systems like Alpha or Capella - or even Polaris, the North Star composed of three suns. But at present their origin is only a guess.

The reason for revealing these strange alien presences, arriving in space craft which may be more sophisticated than those of this Earth's own star system, is to say loudly that we must begin to realize that inhabited Earth is not alone in the Universe. It is but a speck among a collection of a dozen grains of sand surrounded by a system of 100 billion or so Suns called the Milky Way. Earth's solar group is said by astronomers to be near the twelve o'clock position in the elongated Milky Way, about one third in from the outer edge. (Diameter is 300,000 light years.) All of the stars which Earth people are able to scan with the naked eye are near this twelve o'clock proximity. Beyond our Milky Way, astronomers estimate, there may be a billion other similar systems. The old question has now become fashionable again! How many of those worlds are inhabited? And from where do the aliens come who likely left their home planet years ago to observe beings like us who dwell in this remote area of the stars.

In sequestered locations across Britain, the U.S.A., Canada, West Germany, Russia and Argentina great scientific minds are trying desperately to decipher the new riddle of where the strangers originate and how to induce them to declare themselves. But aside from additional scientific questions being asked, there are varied ones of more interest to the average layman. Do the strangers have an inherent or learned psychic ability to probe our minds? Do they recognize our fears, our conflicts? Do they think we're different mentally than they? How do they regard us on their mind scale? Or did we bring them here by our warlike history that now finds us on the brink of nuclear oblivion?

Whatever the reasons, the sky strangers know instinctively that we are different than they. Otherwise,why do the violaters of our skies stare down our chimneys, watch our teeming masses, no doubt monitor the endless trash on our TV's, which they probably judge to be a facsimile of our true life style. And is it also possible that they are tuned in to the moral decadence which not only our public movies and literature portray but our inmost thoughts send into the ether? The beings could also have a higher purpose than is apparent, connected with unknown coming events of a world wide nature. All who know the facts of outer space surveillance are perplexed but agree on one thing: The arrivals are carefully monitoring this entire solar system. But there are those in officialdom and the military who think it timely to share the fact of the unknown presences with the public. No threats or menaces from the alien ships have been recorded other than those we have described. Here then, are some typical alien arrivals in our skies which a U.S. military source has secretly provided.

A sighting on October 8, 1978 over Key West, Florida by Navy personnel has been referred to as the largest egg ever seen. It was estimated to be 300 feet long by 150 feet in diameter at its widest part. Contact was eventually made with the aliens in the craft, but they did not cluck, they conversed in whistling sounds. Like other unknowns, the egg craft flew as low as 2,000 feet, and was indifferent to human curiosity. Much of its surveillance took place over the Caribbean islands where its smaller scout craft were often engaged in watching fishermen, particularly shrimpers. Of the approximately 30 small scout eggs released, each appeared to be operated by a singular being. One such occupant sighted in the yard of a Key West resident was said to have long, slender dangling hands and an egg-shaped, hairless head with two eyes and ears, plus nose and mouth. Later these features were confirmed by a Venusian language expert permitted to land on the mother ship south of Cuba and interview the chief officer. The Venusian reported the strangers verbally communicated in different whistle scales. A tour of their ship was refused, but the beings explained (1) that their anatomy was different than that found in this solar system, (2) that they were unarmed, (3) they were engaged in mapping the universe and (4) they were from a distant galaxy in the Milky Way over four years away as measured by Earth time and not the speed of light. However, they would not reveal their optimum speed of travel. The egg craft has been seen on four other planets of this solar system, where, as over the U.S.A., no punitive action was   taken by the planet being observed and mapped.

January 8, 1979. A 100 feet by 25 feet cigar shaped object, bluish-silver in color, was seen travelling slowly over Atlanta observing the city. Sightings of the same ship over Macon, Georgia were later called "ghosts in the sky" by a Macon newspaper. An attempt was made by a U.S. round wing plane to establish radio contact over Atlanta. No replies were heard, but the Earth craft kindly asked the alien ship to vacate the air space over Atlanta and to acknowledge the request by wobbling as it left. The alien ship did exactly as instructed and departed. Cigar ship sightings are numerous all over the globe whether over the jungles of Brazil or scattered cities of Asia. They, too, are being seen on other planets within this solar system. These ships exhibit a polite indifference towards our interplanetary round wing planes, but show no hostile intentions when approached. They appear to have an additional energy propulsion system besides that of anti-magnetic, because they were seen emitting exhaust gasses from the stem end. There is global and some interplanetary concern about the boldness of the numerous cigar shaped craft. The Solar Council sitting on Venus is evaluating the reports.

February 12, 1979. A silver colored pencil-shaped craft estimated to be 1,000 feet long and 100 feet wide was studied by several witnesses travelling at high speed in the Atlantic and hovering over Bermuda. Miniature scout pencils were observed emerging from the flat end of the craft. Cockpit
controls were in the blunt nose of the pencil. Craft was intercepted by round wing plane but Earth craft were unable to make contact with mother ship or scouts.

The list of unknown sightings grew in 1978 at an amazing rate. Of the 7,000 seen by witnesses in a 365 day period, the silhouettes and sizes described were varied, but usually large in size, indicating that they were heavily manned. In addition to the shapes mentioned there were observed and catalogued the following: Eight hundred feet long wedges, bottle shapes, flying tubes, footballs as long as a football field, spherical and cylindrical. Hardly a shape was not reported except perhaps the square. And even  the square was part of the shape masses in what the Air Force knows to be flying cities, two of which took off perpendicularly when sighted in remote areas of the world including a southern desert area in the U.S.A. A larger city several miles in height and moving at great speed, was radar tracked above Canada's northern Dew Line.

The U.S. Air Force has excellent pictures of some of these intruders. For instance, on September 3,1978, a fighter squadron arriving at McDill from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, photographed a huge spherical object, 90 feet across, which joined the Earth planes about 300 miles west of Tampa over the Gulf of Mexico. Faces were seen at the windows of the alien craft indicating a large observer corps. One of the U.S. radio operators received what he said was a telepathic message saying "We are here in peace - we mean no harm."

Over Minneapolis on July 25, 1978 another radio controller received a telepathic message when a formation of strange lights alarmed many viewers. The message beamed into his brain was: "We are friendly. Our appearance is so unlike yours that you people would be frightened if you saw us."

In compiling its directory of sightings, the U.S. Air Force team sent to site areas has issued a series of
questions regarding size and form, location, height, maneuvers, etc. which witnesses are asked to answer. A headquarters intelligence group then evaluates the various statements. Similarities of color, size, speed, etc. of the object being classified form the basis of the finished reports such as described in the cases mentioned beforehand. Sometimes there is little useable information, as in the February 4, 1979 sightings over Minneapolis. From 100 feet away the object appeared as pure light with no form or size visible. But radar showed it had definite shape. On being accosted by a round wing plane, the light went straight upwards and its departure speed was so fast it could not be clocked.

An intense light form which excluded shape of its nucleus also appeared over Los Angeles on January
29, 1979. The object was not distinguishable by human eyesight or binoculars, but the jagged edges of the light spun constantly. It was described as similar optically to a spinning spoked wheel, which as the wheel turns faster its spokes become invisible. NASA began evaluating the Air Force pictures and radar patterns.

Earth nations are baffled by the strange sightings. So are other planets. There are no official answers but there are some possible explanations. For instance, unless there is a form of energy unknown as yet to Earth science, all interplanetary craft likely use an anti-magnetic form of energy to carry them through the cosmos to their destinations even to distant star systems. Such a craft originating in the Sirius constellation would use its own sun(s) to catapault or repel it into space and when past the half-way mark towards our sun system, the Sirius craft would use the magnetic forces of our sun to draw it toward this system. If the alien craft were continuing on to another or more distant destination after observing earth, it would use Earth as a magnetic way-station to provide required velocity through our solar system. It would have to make a half circle around Earth, or if it came down near terra firma it would require one and a half orbits around our planet to repel itself towards Mars, Venus, Pluto, or Saturn (whichever was in proper conjunction), using those planets as it did Earth to achieve extra momentum.

But although the strangers undoubtedly are space travellers using this method to arrive here, it is unlikely they are coming by accident. The sightings are too numerous. The patterns of alien observation are too similar to suggest random curiosity. That most of the occupants are too dissimilar to land and be seen  among us, the major Air Force intelligences of the world concur. But their true intentions remain mysterious - except for one area of agreement. They are carefully studying Earth people and their civilizations but in a totally unhostile way.

Perhaps there is no present explanation why strangers from unknown dimensions are in our skies. The revelation may come later. The reality of their presence and the magnitude of the cosmos itself may yet be too illusive for us to fully comprehend in terms of science.

Eventually, it may be realized that part of the linkage between time and space is spiritual - and that a
host of beings from other worlds under generally benevolent direction are determining how unruly Earth masses will bridge the gap into a new millenium.

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