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Genesis for the New Space Age with John Leith - Chpt XVIII - A Day to Remember on Planet Earth

Now we have a tale of a hostile interaction between us and another alien race which was thwarted.

Actual technology has long disappeared behind wall of secrecy and it is all a hand wave.

Otherwise is means no more than all our other UFO tales.  Confirmation remains impossible..

Chapter XVIII

A Day to Remember on Planet Earth

The following urgent and secret message was delivered in October, 1977, by the Russian Air Attache in Washington through diplomatic channels to the Commanding General of the U.S. Air Force.

Subject:  Alien base
Place:     Siberia, above Arctic circle
Date:      October 23, 1977

The narrative is paraphrased as follows but changed to third person context with actual names and places omitted.

Official Soviet awareness of a secret, extra-terrestrial base was first confirmed on October, 1977, when an Eskimo appeared at a military outpost.

The lone Siberian Eskimo had watched the yellow lights for many nights as they hovered near a high rocky bluff several miles distance from his camp. The lights didn't belong there, and they bothered him.  Finally he set out on foot to investigate the curiosity.

It was almost a month later when the Eskimo decided to tell authorities what he had seen. He headed for a Russian outpost north of the Arctic circle and reported to the commandant unusual aerial lights that issued from and disappeared into the side of a rocky bluff near his camp. And he also reported something that frightened him and his friends more than the silent aircraft. It was the unheard of appearance of huge, eight feet high, grey furred creatures that walked on two legs and left three-toed huge footprints in the snow.

The alert Russian commander surmised extra-terrestrial activity in the area and called for help. 

 Acting on the outpost evaluation of the Eskimo's report, 3,500 arctic troops were moved quickly into the area  by rail, parachute and tracked vehicles. Within a week a field station was set up, and the Arctic troops equipped with artillery and automatic weapons surrounded the rocky bluff which the Eskimo had pinpointed. The Eskimo scout who accompanied the troops then pointed to a particular area in the side of the rocky bluff. Artillery zeroed in on the target area and began shelling. What was thought to be a rock and clay hillside fell inwards exposing a 40 foot square opening leading into a black interior.

Troops moved in on signal and the artillery landed another salvo inside the exposed cavern.

Suddenly the interior lit up and amidst small arms and shell fire, three scallop-like craft issued from  the opening and went straight upward. Troops rushed the cave and poured inside. The hollow was empty aside from a work bench and special tools, and other significant evidence of the recent alien occupation was sparse. However, geiger counters picked up strong indications of radioactivity.

As the alien space ships sped away they showed their parting contempt for the earthlings who had ousted them from their cavern. What Russian science termed a black ray was beamed down on the ground troops and the temporary buildings. In a moment of time up to 1,000 superbly trained troops were dead and their bivouacs destroyed. The Russian commander called his base for relief troops.

As the alien ships disappeared, other Russian forces closed the net of a larger perimeter surrounding the cave. Advance troops began reporting huge, furry, green-eyed monsters stalking them from the shadows. One front line soldier was grabbed by a snarling creature and hurled 20 feet. The soldier, his weapon still in his hands, recovered and pumped bullets into the creature, advancing for the kill. While the bullets bounced off the creature's hide, a second soldier, knife in hand, rushed the three-toed Yeti.

The soldier thrust the blade into the creature's side and it broke away screaming in a trail of blood that led into a nearby cave. Troops followed the groans into the interior, but the body was never found.

Using animal nets, the Arctic troops captured 20 live Yetis. These were taken to a former exile concentration camp and each placed in separate human stockades. One of the Yeti was over nine feet tall. But that night the unexpected happened. Guards reported that one moment the creatures were securely in the cages and the next moment they all had vanished. What remained was a sulphurous odour. Next morning the guards responsible for watching the stockade were shot.

But before the first day's battle was over, the Russians sent out an international warning. From Moscow over the hot line to Washington a priority message was sent: "Formation of three hostile UFOs on southeasterly course headed for vicinity of Alaska. Complete text follows."

As the Russian signal was received, American and Canadian radar stations began tracking the alien ships. Eventually the bogeys were seen moving across the United States into the vicinity of a National   Forest preserve surrounding Brooksville and Ocala, Florida, where they were lost.

In 48 hours after the Russian attack on the unknown alien ship, the Russian Air Attache delivered a comprehensive account of the episode to a liaison officer at the State Department for delivery to Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. Ultimately the Russian account reached the Commanding General of the U.S. Air Force.

Meanwhile, the search for the alien ships took an unexpected turn as the Ocala area in Florida became host to some strange visitors.

Ocala, Florida is a town of about 35,000 population located near Route 1-75 on the edge of the National Forest. Strangers are generally noticed and there was no exception when an old Chevrolet with a Marion County license plate pulled up to a gas station In late October for a fill up. In the car were four passengers. The driver got out and paid for the gas in cash. As the attendant made change, he noticed that the driver, without the aid of sun glasses, stared intensely into the direct sunlight for several seconds and then remarked, "Isn't that sun beautiful?" The attendant sized up the thin stranger.  About six feet tall; long, yellow hair; cold blue eyes; pointed features and sharp finger nails, each coming to a point somewhat like a claw. The attendant then watched the stranger go to the car's gas tank and pour in liquid from a small bottle. The liquid smelled different from that of the petro-chemical additives with which the attendant was familiar. He also noted that the men addressed each other in quick snarl-like sounds.

When the old Chevrolet moved off the attendant phoned the local sheriff who logged the following note: "Informant insists he just had a bunch of funny doers, funny lookers and funny talkers down here."

Acting on other similar phone calls over the next week, the Ocala sheriff called McDill Air Force Base in Tampa from which three trained observers were sent out to watch the area. Around the Ocala,
Brooksville area a sudden increase was reported of a different strain of Yeti activity - not the five-toed
creatures familiar in the area, but three-toed ones. A sheriffs posse located the creatures northwest of
Brooksville. If the Russian episode were to be repeated here in Florida, the three-toed Yetis would be
clues to the whereabouts of the alien space ships.

After the posse report had been filed, the Brooksville area became the immediate focal point for a series of army maneuvers into the National Forest. Field Commander in charge of the operation was Marine Major General Peter K. Miller.

Tactical response for all U.S. national emergencies is under the jurisdiction of Readiness Command,
who had called for army maneuvers to begin at once on orders of the President. Again, it was a local
incident that resulted in a more intensified search being ordered. The incident which follows was nearly tragic.

A reconnaissance team of soldiers in the Brooksville area had followed a trail off a secondary road into a treed area. Up ahead they suddenly heard a girl's scream - then the neighing of a frightened horse. Speeding up their jeep, they emerged in a clearing where they saw a young girl on horseback being brought down by three grayish-brown, eight foot creatures uttering vicious snarls as they grabbed at the balking horse and captive rider.

The jeep halted and the soldiers fired at the creatures. All three fell. Quickly the men ran over to the girl who had gone from hysterics into shock. They calmed the frightened horse and called for medics and an ambulance.

At nearby Gainesyille Medical Center the unidentified girl was treated for the nightmarish ordeal and  several days later released. The horse was longer recovering; it too had been sent to Gainesville for  observation.

The U.S. Air Force was now actively aware that the appearances of the "monsters" in the Brooksvile  area was coincident with a 90% probable UFO presence. Readiness Command headquarters had been moved into the National Forest and a quiet soldierly penetration proceeded to scour the extensive caves for which the area was well-known.

Besides shooting the three creatures which had attacked the horse and its female rider, the soldiers (armed with special ammunition) came upon and killed more Yeti in self-defense, capturing two.

From reports of the patrols coming into the field headquarters of Readiness Command it was concluded that they now were about to uncover the alien hideout in that part of the forest. Continuous contact was maintained with Readiness Command, who in turn kept the Joint Chiefs of Staff informed.

Army patrols probed further into the cavern area. In the second week of November they came upon a site which instruments indicated was a cavernous interior with radioactive readings on the surface. Perfectly camouflaged as it was, the soldiers were sure it was the lair of the aliens.

Readiness Command was prepared for such a situation. On the night of November 23, 1977, a space ship from Interplanetary Police Net landed at McDill Air Base and left an occupant - a Venusian.  Washington had requested that an expert be sent whose experience could aid in identifying the alien space craft which perhaps operated from a hidden base located in the National Forest 23 miles northwest of Brooksville.

The Venusian language expert was ready when on the same night another space craft identified only as North American also landed at McDill. There was hyper expectation among the various chain of command at McDill and in the National Forest Preserve as the military men waited for a potentially explosive development.

In the nearby town of Ocala tense foreign visitors were arriving. At the Holiday Inn a Venusian language expert waited. He was from Plateu's unofficial Washington Embassy and had been brought here because he had mastered the Nagirth language, in the event a Nagirth alien was captured. At another Ocala motel two Soviet Air Attaches from the Russian Embassy waited with a standby American jeep and driver.

At Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, Plateu's private magnetic powered space craft stood in readiness to transport their chief to the Ocala area. A private air strip in the vicinity of Brooksville had been taken over for that and any other eventuality.

And during the night of November 23 or on the morning of the 24th, President Carter was told to expect a call if alien contact were made.

Dawn of November 24, 1977 gradually broke over the National Forest site where the alien hideout was pinpointed by Readiness Command. American soldiers who were quietly dug in around the area looked up at first light to see a new visitor in the sky. It was a saucer-like craft hovering silently and unmoving at 3,000 feet above the supposed entrance to a cave. The haze lifted and the sun broke out. The birds began to stir.

The radio exchange of Readiness Command (which draws emergency personnel from the combined services), McDill Air Field, the Pentagon and the Secretary of Defense had been operating jointly during the last 72 hours. Especially anxious were the Joint Chiefs of Staff whose departments had endeavored for several days to identify the source of the interloping alien craft which had fled Siberia  for another of their prepared bases in Florida.

Eye witness ground accounts and aerial sightings had now substantiated the origin of the aliens in the forest hideout. In brief, collective evidence indicated they were from planet Nagirth. Nagirth is described by NASA and two observatory officials as being a "wandering planet" which has been under intensified observation by various world astronomers during the mid 1970's.

Successive Apollo moon missions in the 1960's continued to observe Nagirth while it was on the far side of the sun. A new type of laser photograph operated from the moon made determinations as to the planet's structure and content. Follow up tracking devices on a moon observation site established in 1974-75 by Canada and the U.S.A. clearly showed Nagirth's projected orbit. Acting on this scientific evidence, the United States and Canada, with the direct advice and aid of Venus, began to harness their scientific brains and technology to meet the challenge when it came.

The planet is two and a half times the size of earth; it turns on its axis every 26 days; is hollow but its   specific gravity, notwithstanding its larger size, is at least 2.5 times weaker than that of planet earth.

To understand the nature of our own planet's normal magnetic field as it relates to Nagirth, Dr. H. Babcock, retired director of Mount Wilson and Mount Palomar Observatories, was contacted for an explanation of Earth magnetic characteristics.

Of course it is Earth's strong magnetic field which keeps the planet in a steady orbit. Dr. Babcock says "the strongest point of Earth's magnetic force field is located at the equator, around the planet's bulge, where the magnetic force pull extends up 1 14 miles. At the poles the pull is only 14 miles. The Earth's true magnetic South Pole is positively charged and from it a strong magnetic line goes out to the Sun,  returning to Earth through the true North negatively charged Pole. The principle is identical to the method by which automobile batteries and the like produce a current of electricity."

The above description refers to Earth under normal astral conditions which have resulted in our relatively unchanging seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter for countless eons. For without  the sun there would be no seasons and no life. Earth would simply be a giant iceberg. Furthermore, it is Earth's atmosphere which completes the cycle by turning the sun's magnetic rays into heat.

Then came Nagirth into Earth's orbit about 20 years ago for the eighth recorded time in the last million years. The random planet immediately began interfering with the Earth and Sun force field. The magnetic line running between Earth and Sun became broken at times by Nagirth's intrusion with predictable interference.

Huge Nagirth's weak negative force pull therefore has drawn it into smaller Earth's strong magnetic force field with Nagirth thus attaching itself to the pull of the strong Earth. Scientists refer to the condition as "dipping into Earth's orbit," moving from a reflective interference to a deeper penetration, (about 3 days in every 30) causing at those critical times a partial eclipse of the Sun, and other disturbances.

According to an unidentified physicist at Goddard Center, their instruments charting the flow of natural electric waves through Earth's north and south magnetic lines since the arrival of Nagirth indicate a terrific power drain as if power was being drained from the entire Earth. Just as a power station takes electric current from the Earth via the station's turbines, Nagirth seems to be constantly drawing power from the Sun/Earth force field. It has been noted that extra heavy power is drained from Earth during a severe snow storm or hurricane, these weather disturbances being created either intentionally by the inhabitants of Nagirth or unintentionally by its mere presence.

Regardless of the explanation, summers over the last several years gradually became hotter and winters increasingly colder, and by the mid-70's the scientific world knew for certain what would be the outcome of Nagirth's intrusion. In America, the first pronounced adverse changes in winter occurred in Buffalo, New York during 1977 and also in Cincinnati, Ohio. Other areas are expected to be similarly affected. Throughout the continent by the mid 70's (as in northern Europe), unseasonable weather patterns also changed measureably by creating abnormal rain falls and subsequent floodings as well as hurricanes and tornadoes. The seasons in the entire northern temperate world climates were undergoing change.

The world of science says Nagirth has interrupted Earth's weather seven times already in the last million years. This wandering planet last appeared over Europe in 1456, in a brief by-pass orbit, and was called "Haley's Comet" and described as having a tail 60 miles long. The "comet" was excommunicated by Pope Calixtus the Third and according to Roman history co-incidentally disappeared, leaving a terrified populace in its wake.

But in this century the Nagirth menace has become more serious in its blockade of the Sun/Earth force field. America's sister nation Canada has an orbiting Space Probe called COSP watching Nagirth. The Japanese and Russia's Academy of Sciences in 1980 is working closely with the U.S.A. Goddard Center and its Canadian counterpart watch Nagirth 24 hours daily and exchange information hourly.  

Thus, as power crazed egomaniacs create religious and political strife throughout the world, the real issue in the coming 80's has become the deflection of an inhabited alien planet named Nagirth (also called Naggarith).

How are we harnessing our scientific brain power to prevent a lumbering giant of a weak planet from
destroying much of Earth by the mere presence of its shadow or eclipse of the Sun? Primarily, the U.S. has a telescopic eye in the sky name OSO, (Orbiting Solar Observatory), relaying electronic messages to the Goddard Center. In addition there are other special function satellites monitoring Nagirth, the major one of which is Skylab, put up into orbit in 1965. (It was conceived by the late Robert Goddard  after a discussion with Jonathon E. Caldwell in 1958.) There is also a combined Canadian/American manned planetarium and data center located on the moon since 1974 studying Nagirth closely.

But of greatest interest to this book is a telescopic eye which is a 40 inch electronic telescopic mirror suspended from a double bag space balloon 15 miles in the stratosphere. Because of the position above Earth clouds and atmospheric impurities, this 40 inch telescope has the power of the 200 inch one at Mount Palomar. The 24 foot long, suspended telescope continuously travels with the sun, circling the earth every 24 hours. The intricate scope is operated by remote control from Goddard Center where viewing screens are monitored continuously. Also thousands of radio signals are beamed down to eight receiver stations set up around the globe, with these computerized readouts discussed and forwarded to the Goddard Center for action.

The big telescopes in California, including the 200-inch Hale telescope at Mount Palomar and the 100-inch mirror on top of Mount Wilson, (both built under the direction of Dr. George Ellery Hale, astrophysicist who first mapped the Milky Way in the 20's) also operate in conjunction with Goddard.   It was through the Hale telescope at Mt. Palomar under Dr. Babcock when six hours each day were spent studying Nagirth as it approached Earth, and it was this cataloguing of the intruder that first brought the phenomenon to world attention. Mount Palomar has its own electric space probe which takes X-ray photos of Nagirth and transmits the finished pictures onto the Hale telescope and into data computers.

The Mount Palomar telescope has detected life on the blue planet Nagirth as have Russian telescopic
sightings. While Earth viewed from outer space is pale blue with a mixture of pinks, Nagirth is a dark
blue with no change in color, which color density makes it difficult to view well except by the 200 inch Hale telescope at Mount Palomar that yields amazingly close-up pictures and slight color variations even within the dark blue.

A manned rocket fired from Cape Kennedy was turned back by either a man-made or natural force when it neared the blue planet, making astronomers believe that a civilization on or in Nagirth is closely monitoring Earth by telescopic methods as well as by manned probes. Unconfirmed reports say Earth  space craft (American) have flown around Nagirth and verified its Earth watching activity.

To prove that Nagirth is occupied by highly intelligent beings, a strange space ship 90 feet in diameter was seen hovering over Mount Palomar in 1976. It had sent a telepathic message down saying, "We mean no harm." The big scope watched the ship and even observed a face and form peering out of a port hole, when suddenly it took off at incalculable speed. A few days later Mount Palomar astronomers believe they saw the same ship in the Nagirth environs. (That picture taken by the Hale telescope is included in the appendix.)

With the alien blue planet causing climatic interference, scientists at Princeton, Harvard and other centers connected with the research state unofficially that unless earth prevents further interference and dislodges Nagirth from the earth's magnetic field, another full ice age lasting from 20 to 100 years is in store for the northern hemisphere, which in North America would stretch down to about the 35th parallel where the northern state line of North Carolina meets Virginia. Meanwhile, winters will become increasingly severe-with greater amounts of snowfall in those areas above the future ice line. Already Arctic waters have been frozen over for the last four summers, which have been ice free in July and August since data was first recorded. Extreme temperature changes have occurred in the northwest Pacific, the spawning place of some major North American weather patterns. Associated with these changes, cold Arctic air masses are pushing the east-to- west jet stream further south, allowing cold air to be shoved further southwards into hitherto temperate areas. At the same time, Pacific air riding the  jet stream is being transported to the Great Lake areas, carrying with it heavy precipitation from two hot Pacific spots. Modifying waters of the Great Lakes are causing winter precipitation in the form of  snow to nearby, particularly southerly, communities. Valleys and watersheds each year will continue to move this freezing air further southward. After the buildup of unprecedented winter snows, heavy spring thaws will occur and summer weather patterns will also be altered. Below the present snow belt, a rainy weather pattern will prevail for several years.

Historically, Nagirth has already come into the Venus orbit in this century causing much alarm to the
citizens of that planet. Techniques which the Venusians developed along with help from Pluto succeeded in creating a reverse magnetic force which shoved the blue planet out of the Venus orbital attraction. Nagirth, because of its low center of gravity, has been roaming around the Milky Way for untold eons of time unable to attach itself to any particular constellation and remain there permanently, as did earth's moon in times past.

A special government "Committee for future planning" is now developing plans to protect and even cover, with plastic domes, those cities to be most severely affected. Rail lines will also be covered. The Russians already have made plans to cover Leningrad and Moscow. Although the northern weather patterns will become more severe, regardless, a gigantic scientific effort is already in progress to reverse the new freeze trend. A technique has been developed by American research with the aid of advisors from Venus and Pluto to prevent Nagirth from getting closer as did the Venusians. Authorities are confident of success.

Three methods to move the planet Nagirth from further endangering Earth's solar orbit are now being used which proved effective when Venus experienced a Nagirth intrusion. These projects are located at Earth's polar regions, a similar one is functioning on the moon and the third method will involve 12 antigravity orbital reactors sent sunward to the proximity of Nagirth to stop it from creating an eclipse between earth and the sun. Four of these anti-gravity orbital reactors are already in space. The function of all three methods, whether space orbital reactors or static stations on the moon and earth, is to create in specific areas powerful reverse magnetic forces to repulse Nagirth, keeping in mind that earth's own rotation and orbit must remain unaffected.

General Electric International (Geo Physics Division of California) is building the stations with help from Stanford University scientists.

Harvard and Princeton Universities and Carleton, a Canadian one, are working with the Baffin Island anti-gravity station and another site located on the tip of southern Argentina.

As work proceeds in building the new installations to repel Nagirth, the existing Arctic glacial regions are being watched and sampled down to bed rock by Dr. George C. Martin and his meteorology department. And ice insulation (industrial soot) is being dropped in wide areas of the north to retard further buildup of ice.

Officially, no one in a. "responsible" position will admit (or to be explicit, is not allowed to admit) that Nagirth exists or is a threat to Earth's temperate zone climate. Such a commentator is Richard E. Hallgreen, Director of National Weather Services, who in the December 2, 1979 issue of the Family

Weekly insert section of the St. Petersburg Times was asked the question 

"What is the reason for our last two bitterly cold winters?" Hallgreen's reply as it appeared in that newspaper was: "Two consecutive cold winters are not an indication that we are on the threshold of a modem ice age - only that the weather is variable. Then the Director of the National Weather Service added, "An Ice age is brought about by a gradual cooling over a period of thousands of years."

Double talk, with with no mention of the real cause - Nagirth.

But is there a survival reality which ordinary people should be told? And at what time or period should word be released of an unforeseen planetary change because of which all the science and technology of modem man is being harnessed to prevent? Dr. Babcock had this to say about the world's future weather concerns. "It's only a matter of time before everyone knows the problems and how we are attempting to keep the status quo of our present climate relatively unchanged. But the
mysteries of the universe are so great that what happens to Earth must be part of God's master plan for a better world. The Supreme Creator is still in control, even if it seems a planetary accident has taken  place."

How many inhabitants live on Nagirth is unknown. We know little about them except they are desperate beings whose planet (because of its weak gravity force) has been at the captive mercy of one solar system after another for perhaps millions of years. Its people, therefore, may be cunning as they endeavor to locate in scattered hideouts throughout earth. To date no one is sure what they are trying to do on earth, i.e., whether random Nagirthians are trying to establish advance colonies on earth, with or without their own planet's approval, or whether the cavern outposts already discovered were intended to be spy pockets in case of a coming war.

At daybreak of November 24, 1977, the combined military emergency forces of the United States of America stood waiting on the ground and in the air for the entrenched aliens from a hostile planet to show themselves. The sun rose higher and it was 10 o'clock in the morning when the landscape below  the American saucer craft began to change also. A section of brush and grass on the side of the hill disappeared. In its place was a yawning square block void. And from the abyss a bright light took the place of darkness. Not a ground soldier stirred.

Suddenly, an object floated horizontally from the cave, and clothed in a bright yellow ball, it shot up at a right angle. It was only a matter of seconds till the object stopped abruptly at the 3,000 foot level.

As it sat in mid air, an invisible plastic-like blister on one side of its leading edge slowly turned and scanned the first object hovering silently about 400 feet away. The first object sat unchallenging like a toad.

Perhaps for a minute the alien ship from Nagirth surveyed its first encounter with a saucer-like craft from its unwelcoming host planet Earth. As they sat immobile, a dozen Earth nations waited fearfully for the outcome. On this moment there rested the fate of this planet in the words that had haunted the military since 1936. "If a hostile alien force ever lands, intent on conquering earth and subduing its people - how could we protect ourselves?'! Only 40 years had been given Anglo/American inventive genius and its military before the day of reckoning had arrived.

In the alien ship the same beings who had walked the streets of sleepy Ocala calculated the airborne vehicle nearby. Like two giant bugs the ships seemed to stare unblinking at each other.

They would not see it from the ground. But the same black ray that had obliterated the Russian soldiers and their equipment three weeks before was to come into use again. Were it to have been seen, it would have been a pencil-thin flash as the ray found its mark on the American craft. Suddenly the ray  shot out. There was a pause. Then another burst of destruction was discharged - a force that could cut a hole through a battleship or tank. Finally, the alien ship delivered another flash of laser light. The American craft seemed to tilt ever so slightly, as a million volts of concentrated energy and heat struck her.

Then, without warning, from an indistinguishable spot on the American ship, a red ray silently spat like a viper's tongue. The alien ship wobbled and began slowly to skip and tumble. As it spiraled down, the American object moved beside the alien craft as if to kill, but still in self defense.

A holding beam held the alien craft aloft and slowed its descent to the ground. The alerted ground troops watched as capturer and captive moved off towards a nearby airfield. As the two craft left the scene, two more alien vehicles shot up from the cave. Without stopping to survey the aerial disaster, they disappeared to the southeast. A Puerto Rican tracking station a few minutes later reported their flight towards the continent of Africa.

Even before the alien craft had been air shuttled to the nearby landing area, President Carter was notified. His first words are said to have been: "Thank God! From now on we know we have an equal chance to protect ourselves from any enemy invasion of the U.S.A. whether from Earth or beyond."

The alien craft fell on the airfield with a bang that residents heard for miles around. Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs cordoned off all roads into the area of the confrontation. As the alien craft, still intact, slammed into the earth that November 24, a low-boy swung out of McDill Air Force Base at Tampa and headed north. On the way back to the base, onlookers thought the tarpaulin covered contraption seen sticking out over the low-boy may have been a high ranking officer's sail boat, being towed south at taxpayers  expense.

At McDill, the machine was dismantled that same night. Inside were three charred bodies.

The next morning, across the world to Russia, Germany, England, Canada, France, Italy, plus several African countries, a message went out from America that a hostile extra-terrestrial ship from another planet had been confronted and destroyed over American territory. By mid morning, the U.S. Air Force was preparing detailed information on the alien craft and the word was spread among earth nations.

Deep in the center of the earth, New Germany received the news as did the other old races in the interior. And in earth skies and on the ground, multi-national crews belonging to hundreds of magnetic space craft gave a silent cheer on behalf of the Ocala confrontation.

In Hellitoogg, the capital city of earth's sister planet Venus, over forty million miles away, a high ranking statesman departed in person for a new structure in the heart of the city. Above the doorway as he entered, he read the name in English and Venusian, 'United Nations Embassy Planet Earth." On the roof there flew two flags, the United Nations of Earth and the United States of America. Inside the
premises staffed by 20 Americans the Venusian statesman was ushered into the office of the Earth's resident Ambassador.

His first words were, "Mr. Ambassador, I have been sent by our head of state to tell of the news flashing throughout the solar empire. Your country, on behalf of its world, has destroyed an invader from an alien planet."

The anonymous American stood up and thanked the bearer of the news.

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