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Genesis for the New Space Age with John Leith - Chpt XVII - Intrusion of Alien Beings into World Societies and Interviews with Leading Extra Terrestrials

 Another narrative is now introduced as well.  Taking stock to this point we have a gravity technology transfer that has developed and matured since the forties.  This closely parallels known gravity research since the fifties whose existence i am comfortable with and may well have been the reason all of this research was undertaken.

Woven into it is a German racial fantasy and the classic  Hollow Earth fantasy all tied together by impossible logistical issues.  Add the known experiments of the thirties and we have a porridge that does address real people and real events supporting the real US Space Program that sits in the background to be ignored.

There is plenty of data supporting an influx of real aliens on earth.  At least that turns out to be the easiest explanation for a range of unnatural reports that have emerged in the literature.  And why not?  This provides ample ground truth for those interacting with us at all levels and i had come to the conclusion a long time ago that it would be necessary....

Chapter XVII

Intrusion of Alien Beings into World Societies and Interviews with Leading Extra Terrestrials

A U.S. State Department spokesman whose name and position is classified estimates that in 1980 over 50,000 outer terrestrials of interstellar and intergalactic origins are living on planet Earth. Within United States borders there are at least 5,000 registered aliens of which the public is unaware.

Approximately 200 new aliens arrive in the U.S. annually and are given permits or visas to remain up to ten years, subject to renewal. The arrival of beings from other planets to America is not pre-arranged by this government nor is their admission on a quota basis. When a space ship carrying such unannounced alien arrivals approaches Earth's atmosphere, the Interplanetary Police Net usually picks up their signals of intention to land. Such being the case, Earth monitoring stations are notified and generally a government reception delegation is there to meet the alien craft. (A hostile space craft does not abide by the interplanetary rules of recognition and hence gives no signal.)

When a friendly landing occurs, whether on a military base or at a commercial field, the State Department is immediately notified. Then, upon an acceptable interview by State Department representatives, aliens are given typical Earth clothing and shoes. Their wardrobe, which is always a space suit and boots, (both exceedingly light in weight) is usually boxed and stored at an airport locker. Friendly aliens are usually English-speaking. (Major Earth languages are taught at an interplanetary language school on Venus, compulsory attendance for immigrants.) They are advised that in case of civilian misdemeanor or traffic infraction, they must immediately get in touch with the State Department or ask arresting officers to do so.

The outer space immigrants comprise about 40 percent females with the arrivals being both male and
female singles plus family units with or without children.

First task under the guidance of the State Department is to rush the aliens by round wing plane to the
Washington area and thence to Walter Reed Hospital where they are quarantined. A medical team including an outer-terrestrial doctor familiar with interplanetary diseases and types of people, conducts very thorough physicals with the recorded medical data punched in code onto a 3 x 5 inch card, which also shows the alien's thumb print.

By what authority or for what reason the aliens leave their own planet for an earthly sojourn is unknown. But generally the reason for their coming to this planet is listed as "I have come to Earth to
help" (and they indicate a special trade or professional category.) The arriving aliens occasionally are revealed to have four lungs and perhaps two hearts, plus other anomalies. A supernatural ability which certain aliens possess is the ability to change their form or appearance at will to resemble Earth racial characteristic. This change is usually made after they come in contact with Earthlings shortly after deplaning. In addition they usually can exhibit superhuman strength as in the case of a registered alien girl who simply lifted a car off two men in a Washington, D. C. accident, while a group of bystanders watched helplessly. Some aliens have four eyes, strangely colored skin, unusually shaped ears, and other oddly shaped appendices. These are all changed to conform to earth appearances. But what is obvious is that their minds and sensory feelings are identical to Earthlings, regardless of body structure.

Education and job qualifications of the arriving aliens are always extraordinary by Earth standards. The newcomers usually end up in a profession and are outstanding in physics, medical research, et cetera. Such cases have helped Earth industries develop plastics, chemical steel industries (hardened steel), fuels and other scientific breakthroughs.

For a time after arrival they are observed taking their nutrition by means of a variety of colored pills and water, distilled water preferred. However, they are soon able to eat small amounts of foods which aretypical of the menus in their host country. Once they have passed their physical and the quarantine is ended, the alien is able to move out unobtrusively and vanish into society. (Quarantine is 90 days.)

However, each year they must report their whereabouts to the State Department, which no doubt notifies Immigration.

The United Nations also admits newly arrived aliens and sends them to host countries willing to accept them. In a recent case, Russia accepted six new Earth arrivals, but instead of relocating them in requested job categories, the Soviets placed the aliens in isolation under 24 hour observation. Later the aliens simply vanished, showing up again at the United Nations in New York for re-posting to another country.

Not all aliens may stay, even overnight. A craft of six-legged men with green skin, eyes, hair and teeth, who could not change their appearances, arrived at a Western U.S. military air station in July, 1977 from a planet catalogued by NASA as Eeti. The friendly men called themselves Baahs and said they had been on an expedition for seven Earth years, visiting various planets in the Milky Way. The captain of the Eeti ship was able to make it known they had first touched down in Russia but had been fired on. They decided to try one more Earth landing and by chance, chose the western U.S. airdrome. On alighting they followed the jeep across the tarmac at 45 miles per hour, traveling like centipedes. They could laugh, joke and smile, and indicated the position of their planet on an interstellar map. They said their planet was more advanced socially and technologically than Earth. They were asked to leave and did so promptly.

Sources which do not want to be identified say there are aliens already integrated into the Russian political and scientific societies, but unlike their American, Canadian or French counterparts, none of the aliens inside Russia are known to the Soviet immigration or police. They could be called sleepers and would reveal their true identities only in case of an international war. An unimpeachable source said he was aware of an interstellar bar in Paris which French gendarmes claim is frequented by registered aliens.

Eighteen known aliens live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and perhaps double that number make the Los Angeles areajtheir temporary home. In all, three interviews were conducted with registered Venusian aliens in Florida.

The friendly earth invasion of these outer terrestrials, mainly from Venus, Pluto and Mars but also our entire solar system, has a purpose. Their objectives supposedly are to mingle into earth's mainstream and report activities to their solar ambassador so that planet Earth may be guided away from the self destruction course on which it is presently veering. If there is a more sinister reason, no one in authority has revealed it to the authors.

Coordinating and determining the direction of extra terrestrials on this planet is one alien. He is the chief representative to Earth of this solar system's governing body. Besides being in constant touch with all governments, his presence is known by the United Nations. As head of the global network of information, he is in daily communications with the Interplanetary Police Net and the Solar Council on Venus.

The name of this warm, friendly non-human is Mr. Estes Plateu. He has been the confidant and friend of Presidents, Kings and statesmen for centuries, but Mr. Plateu not only sat for an artist's drawing of
himself (he is not photographable); he also agreed to be interviewed as would any well-known earth celebrity.

To begin, this "illusive phantom" from Planet Venus, as he is referred to around Washington, says he was bom inl228 just a few years after the signing of England's Magna Carta. He began shaping the destiny of America as far back as George Washington's time and has been posted permanently in the American Capitol since 1943 from which he disappears for months at a time, probably to return to his home planet on furlough. Although his body resides in a particular office, on most occasions when he is seen, even by Presidents, he is a three dimensional projection of his true self.

Home planet of Mr. Plateu is claimed to be Venus, but he says Earth was the original habitat of his ancestors who fled just prior to a global catastrophe. Nevertheless, this interloping ambassador who first arrived without credentials stated he is the official representative of his planet where four billion
people live within and on the surface of the planet united under one government. Since the Earth's discovery of nuclear energy and its peacetime applications, as well as the negating of the gravity force by a universally understood form of electro-magnetic energy, Mr. Plateu says that in the next two decades Earth science and technology will be unbelievable in the service of human progress. But just as earth is about to achieve its goal of a Utopian civilization, it may be set back thousands of years again by another nuclear holocaust, the ambassador forecast. Mr. Plateu described earth as one of the leading planets in science and learning because of its recent achievements, whereas there are many lesser planets with more primitive civilizations.

The question of how to prevent earth from destroying itself is a favorite subject of the Venusian ambassador. As he sat in his office in a high building overlooking the Potomac, Mr. Plateu gazed out at the river for several moments, then turned around.

His pale, blue eyes changed from a trance-like expression to a piercing stare that somehow reflected no arrogance. An oval face with high forehead and long ears gave him a distinguished, philosophical
appearance. His hair is still black and no wrinkles show on his face. Here was a being who had talked with all the deceased leaders responsible for involving their nations in World War n, as well as all the American Presidents, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but excluding Presidents Coolidge and Harding who refused to hear him out.

Mr. Plateu was first appointed official ambassador to Earth by the present King of Venus on approval
by that planet's parliament (but his accreditation has not yet been approved by the U.S. Congress). He officially arrived in 1943 during the last term of President Roosevelt after a preliminary visit to the same President in 1936. The family of Plateus has long been trained and involved in Earth duties, Mr. Plateu's eldest brother having been advisor to Napoleon when he urged him not to fight the battle of Waterloo. Mr. Plateu reminisced that his father was on Earth at the time of Christ — and knew him.

This being who came from Venus claims that except for higher spiritual qualities among a segment of
their people, Venusians are identical to white Earthlings who wantonly destroyed their civilization 11,500 years ago in an atomic war, bringing about the sinking of the lands in Atlantis and Athenia. (Haammaan, of the Inner World's Agharta, also makes this claim.) Mr. Plateu says that planet Earth is the only one of twelve (not nine) planets within this solar system not belonging to our solar federation of inhabited spheres. (The ambassador recently advised the United States of another inhabited planet located in this solar system and unknown to earth astronomers. Its name is Anarus. It is roughly the same size as Earth or Venus and was discovered according to directions given by the Venusian via electronic telescopic camera at the Washington, D. C. observatory. The new addition is approximately 125,000,000 miles from Earth.) Earth is scheduled to become a full member of the Federation of Planets in this solar system when and if it is united under one world, and only then can the earth representative sit on the councils of the Interplanetary Government, headquartered in Venus, capitol planet in the solar system.

Venusians are not openly connected to every government on earth. But Mr. Plateu considers himself to be the first representative from Venus to Earth who must answer to his King and Parliament and to the Supreme Emperor of the Solar Federation as to what progress Earth is making towards a united world order. His reports to home base and his watchfulness on Earth happenings are critical at this time because of the nuclear precipice on which the nations of the world are poised. Venusian and other solar agents, living incognito in those countries from which they continuously report, keep track of the major nations' war aggravations and intentions, sending the information in code to Washington-based Plateu, who transmits the gathered intelligence constantly to Interplanetary Police Net and to the solar headquarters in Venus for action. Mr. Plateu declined to mention what action would be taken, if any, in case of a nuclear outbreak on earth.

The Ambassador chose America as his past and present headquarters because he says America, made up of a free assembly of diversified races, holds the greatest hope for leading this planet to overall lasting peace and prosperity. But Mr. Plateu's abiding fears are: (1) that Earth is lagging in universal brotherhood, mainly because of Russia's hindrance, and (2) that armament makers are preventing international unity by keeping the various nations veritable armed camps. According to Plateu, the global arms race is engineered through efforts of international forces loyal to no nation. These hidden power structures influence all governments and their military, including those of Soviet Russia and theU.SA.

Mr. Plateu believes that if a world plebiscite of all people were allowed, it would outlaw war at once and all the instruments and armaments of war. The last war on Venus was fought 3,000 years ago, he declared. Prior to this war Venus had been a highly evolved civilization, the planet's greatness going back countless millenniums. Before the war erupted, international bitterness had burst into violence among certain of the 16 nations of the Solar Federation. One nation had been the most quarrelsome and they instigated the first punitive action. An unnecessary nuclear confrontation broke out. Destruction was colossal. The land was devastated. Major cities were leveled and millions upon millions perished.

But far sighted men beforehand had saved and protected in deep underground caves, tunnels and pyramids vast libraries of learning, chemical formulae and industrial designs. When the survivors came together in truce, the first thing done was to renounce war forever. A new city in a new land became the capital of one nation instead of the former 16 warring members. Like the bird of Phoenix, rising from the ashes of the past, Venus was reborn. Today, said Mr. Plateu, Earth nations are where Venus was just before that global war of self-destruction. The Venusian historian concluded by saying that "while mankind understands the precepts of peace, it is ironic that the self-idolatry of the Earth nations won't let them practice peaceful co-existence."

Venus is entirely free of diseases which kill the people of Earth, including senility which Plateu referred to as a curable disease of aging. By Earth measurements, those living on Venus are considered young at 100 years of age, and are still in their prime up to 300 years old. From three to six hundred years, Venusians are considered middle aged and venerated as senior citizens from one to two thousand years old. Death on Venus is self-willed.

Reminded that Earth's probes of Venus show outside temperatures over 900 degrees Fahrenheit under thick clouds of sulfuric acid that rain on the surface, where pressures are 100 times those of Earth, Plateu suggested that the United Nations appoint a delegation to be taken to Venus to learn the facts. The departing Venusian craft carrying the delegation would leave from any spot so designated by the United Nations before a number of witnesses. Mr. Plateu said that several prominent Earthlings have already spent time on his planet including a well-known Catholic churchman  who was there as a 'guest' of that government for three months.

Venus is described as being geologically almost identical to Earth in atmospheric content including the interior. Constant temperatures there are 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Even plant life is similar. Their trees are like Earth's pine, oak, cypress, mahogany, et cetera. But all crops grow more quickly there because of a cleaner air environment.

Venusian family formation is the same as Earth with marriage sanctified. A mother on Venus (where
birth control is in effect) has the same great responsibilities as an Earth mother in bringing up a child the way it should grow, says Plateu (himself a father of three sons).

The moral laws of all planets are the same as those on Earth, and they spell out conscious recognition of right and wrong acts in criminal, social and civil obligations, along the line of the Ten Commandments handed down from God through Moses.

In earth's three dimensional world, the visitor said, it is difficult for spiritual qualities to develop in a
modem earth person as all values seem to be related to that three dimensional finite life in which earth people have subdued spiritual values. Earthlings must recognize that there is an eternal law of cause and effect that has recognizable relationship to karma or as said by Christ: "You reap what you sow." This law is not only individual, it is family, national and planetary. This truth also concerns one's thoughts. The alien explained:

"The difference between conscious behavioral norms and the subconscious spiritual nature of civilized earthlings is made indistinguishable by modem education taught in schools and universities. Right and wrong actions of a person, regardless of what one is taught, are answerable to a higher power, and a Supreme God has made it so."

On the first interview with Mr. Plateu, he was asked bluntly how Venus expected to help Earth through the efforts of his ambassadorship. He replied succinctly: "Number one priority is to prevent the use of nuclear missies. Next, to have Earth nations develop into one world government where war is outlawed. Finally, it would follow that other planets in this solar system who are also watching the
outcome would share their technology and science with Earth so that it could take its place among other inhabited planets."

Some direct questions and answers follow concerning Plateu's political, religious and philosophical

Question: Mr. Plateu, secret White House records say that your permanent stay in America began on
February 1, 1943 or thereabouts when you visited President Roosevelt. On that occasion you laid out plans for a one world government along the lines of the present United Nations. What exactly did you
suggest to President Roosevelt as to how this planet could be governed peacefully by one ruler under
the guidance of the solar council?

Answer: When I spoke to President Roosevelt that evening in 1943, he was reminded by me that I had
visited him also in 1936 to enlist the friendship of America. I had indeed visited him in 1936 because we could see World War II approaching.

I explained that our people had been visiting earth for many centuries and had also met most of Roosevelt's predecessors in office. It was also explained that I represented the Interplanetary government of this inhabited Universe, of which Earth was the only non-member. Therefore the purpose of my 1943 visit was to invite Earth into our solar confederation of planets, according to my
explicit instructions from home.

At first it was incomprehensible for President Roosevelt to accept the fact I could materialize at will and also that other planets in this solar system were inhabited generally only in their interiors - earth and Venus being two of the exceptions, i.e., surface dwellers as well as interior people. Following a discussion centered on Earth problems, your President was told that other planets in the Universe had been monitoring Earth's emergence from primitive societies for centuries. But the possibility of nuclear war had changed outside surveillance to one of immediate concern that involved bringing planet Earth into the Interplanetary Federation. But I cautioned Mr. Roosevelt that ultimately we would desire total participation of all world governments under one chosen head if earth was to take its place among the interplanetary governments to which I referred. Knowing quite well Mr. Roosevelt's ambition to head such a world government, I emphasized to him that such a world leader would be acceptable only if all personal, selfish ambitions for power were subdued.

It was explained to Roosevelt that all the potential world leaders of major nations had been evaluated and that he had been regarded as an emerging Caesar. I gave no good words for Stalin, and I stated that a cloud hung over Hitler and Germany for the present time. The President was told that the other
planets were aware that America led the world in prosperity and industrial output, and that its leadership and respect among all nations would remain undisputed for many years to come.

The President, gaining confidence, asked me to outline my plan for a united world government under a single head. I told him that he was somewhat familiar with the plan already, having learned much of its format from former President Woodrow Wilson, whose proposal for a League of Nations had been rejected by the Legislative leaders. Roosevelt had picked up the germ of a United Nations idea on his Atlantic Ocean crossing with Wilson following the Paris Peace Conference of 1918. Frankly, his political personality changed after that crossing, and he became a dedicated enthusiast of one world government and an advocate of international order among nations.

Quite clearly, Roosevelt had not forgotten Woodrow Wilson's dream of one- world, and was determined to resolve the future peace of mankind, and to use this concept as a cornerstone in any agreement, before committing United States forces to World War II.

A forerunner of the League idea had already been drafted by Roosevelt and it became public knowledge in August, 1941, following his meeting on the high seas with Churchill off Newfoundland. The document was called the Atlantic Charter, the eight clauses of which spoke mainly for the hope of
a better post-war world, free of war. The Charter had been Roosevelt's idea, and Prime Minister Churchill, whose country was already at war, and chafing at the bit to defeat the Nazis and their allies, had signed the document in the face of Roosevelt's ace in the hole, Lend Lease, or American Aid to a needy and struggling Britain, fighting alone.

Significantly, Roosevelt had won Churchill over to all the clauses without any remonstrance except those clauses which opted for restoration of sovereign rights to all countries which Churchill considered would thus return the world back to its former position of quarreling nations.

Plateu continued: "I could sense the future record of the post-war United Nations, and I reminded Roosevelt that the concept would fail unless the member countries of a united world order were to totally yield their individual sovereignties to the President of such an order. I stated that the other member planets had already placed each of their sovereign nations under one such ruler.

This then became the heart of the idea which I addressed to Roosevelt. One ruler of the entire world, with that ruler voting in proxy on all controversies of nationalism, law, religion, infinitum. Would such a Utopia be feasible? That was the idea I left with President Roosevelt."

Before Mr. Plateu was asked the question of a one- world government, the authors had researched the
White House records and verified the findings, locating various references on the dream of President Roosevelt to become leader of a new collective body of nations following World War H

As the Venusian was about to leave the White House that evening in 1943, the President's actions are
described as follows:

President Roosevelt wheeled his chair to the door to allow the visitor to leave in a conventional way, but the stranger simply dematerialized while in the room. The President of the United States, never to
be the same again, was once more alone. The record of that traumatic experience has remained virtually unknown by the general public.

Finally the President returned to his desk. Not entirely certain of the reality of the experience of which he had just been part and the actuality of the conversation, he hurriedly made notes of the visitor's remarks: "...from ancient times before it existed, the United States was destined to become a nation and a leader of the world. This unborn nation had to acquire a new land away from the national and racial conflicts of Europe. The original inhabitants of the continent (the so called Indians) were permitted to be pushed aside and make room to allow America to become a reality."

Other scribblings he transferred to paper were simply called THEIR PLAN FOR THE WORLD. Attributed to the man who called himself a space emissary were the following notes which are paraphrased here but in the same context in which President Roosevelt recalled the conversation. The
notes began: "All the divergent politics, cultures and religions of the earth would become 'one world'."

All armies would be mustered out of existence, their soldiers dismissed and their armour broken up and melted down, as in Tennyson's poem "when men shall beat their swords into plough shares." A small international police force would act as a judiciary body in the case of national disputes, and direct police action would be taken when and if the adherents to a dispute took bilateral punitive action among themselves.

Monies from the war chests would be diverted to education, various capital improvements (some of which were named), medical research, etc. Unemployment would be banished by new work projects  and new inventions (he talked about the peaceful uses of the atom). College admissions would be by merit only. Tests for non-college caliber students would direct them into areas where their special skills would be fully utilized.

Plateu's plan touched all facets of society. Juvenile delinquency was to be educated out of existence, making reform schools and prisons obsolete. Assuming that human nature was still criminally inclined, special schools were proposed where the "social abnormalities" found in offenders would be corrected in less than a half year at the maximum. In the case of direct criminal action, the offender would be sent to a correctional hospital where the ingrown deviation would be eradicated before being returned to society. Incurables would be sent by the authorities to isolated regions where they would live normal lives apart from society.

That synopsis of Roosevelt's recollections was the nucleus of the Utopia for earth which the spaceman had conveyed. The proposed Utopia did not propose a cure or a change of mens' hearts but indicated a disciplined use of education and force.

On that night of the 1943 presidential visit, Plateu had stayed approximately one hour and forty-five minutes. In that brief span of time he had appeared from an unknown dimension in space and time, and had revealed a profound understanding of the inner drive and character of Earthling Franklin Delano Roosevelt, both as a human and also as a leader. The visitor had plumbed the deep reservoir of Roosevelt's psyche, which Roosevelt, the man, may never have fathomed himself.

Looking out the window before returning to his desk to make notes, Roosevelt was glad the mystic ordeal was over and that everything in nature again seemed real as he knew it.

However, to this 32nd President of the U.S.A., the visitor would return again and again.
But in the ensuing alien visits one graphic statement of his intentions would be remembered by President Roosevelt. "Our numbers in your country will increase. Do not be alarmed. This is not an ominous threat. If we are received well, our future presence may be a blessing that the U.S. and the whole world can share."

Mr. Plateu admits that in this decade the present United Nations, from which a future world leader would be expected to arise, is not working for the good of mankind nor as an instrument of peace. The reason given by the Venusian is the deviousness of many of the representative nations in the U.N. who vote on issues according to their own power block considerations and not for the good of the world in general. He added that the present U.N. in its political alignment is a vehicle of mistrust among the representative countries rather than a base of mutual trust.

President Woodrow Wilson of the U.S.A., who was tutored on the idea of a league of nations by Plateu, is described by the Venusian as "that world statesman who arrived ahead of his time." During
their meeting, Plateu told President Wilson that it would take another war (World War II) for earth people to realize that peace should again be attempted on an international basis - but that a third world war would erupt before war itself would be outlawed and a united world order instituted. When asked, Mr. Plateu refused to comment with precision on the certainty of another world war in this century or the time lapse thereafter heralding the beginning of a peaceful planet, united under one world government. Mr. Plateu was asked whether his remarks at this juncture were prophesy or assumption. He replied, "I see the future over the horizon but I can't change it; it is destined to be. The next war will be between the forces of good and evil or God and Anti-God. Good will triumph and lasting peace will come to this planet. When war is no more, the symbol of the ruling Christ will eventually replace hate in the hearts of men and peace will reign forever. Out of the ruins of the next war the remnants of mankind will form the nucleus of a new world."

Question: Mr. Plateu, may we ask you what part religion as presently practiced on earth will play in this new age that has come upon us? Earlier you said a global government would be ideal to stop nations from warring and that we should use our human and natural resources for peaceful purposes. How could organized religion help in this Utopian dream?

Answer: I have not been involved directly in the religious visitations of our extra terrestrials to your church leaders, which visits have been taking place since 1944. But I am well aware that church leaders have been visited by us on a regular basis with one message — peace. We have been preaching peace to Earth's leading clerics and believe that church and state should work more closely to that end.

In the last year of Pope Paul VI's reign he had drawn up an encyclical letter stating that people should expect Christ to return to Earth as a conquering Lord to establish permanent peace. Such an epistle was not well received by many Catholic Cardinals. The last Christian Pope, John Paul I, also went on record that Christ's return is anticipated.

Before John Paul I became Pope, the authors had submitted several questions about his spiritual beliefs which he answered. He said that the Catholic church must be reborn doctrinally and that latter-day revealed truth might become a devisive factor among Catholics, even splitting the church because of its historic, doctrinal errors.

Pope John Paul I believed that all Christians should remember that the apostolic fundamentals were still unchanged — Christ's Virgin Birth, His atonement for mankind separated from God, defeat over death and bodily resurrection — along with His promised return to Earth as Lord and ruler.

The late Pope also acknowledged that Christ's love and teaching were meaningless in this permissive
society if ethical and moral standards continued to be ignored.

Our final interview with Mr. Estes Plateu, Ambassador from Venus, was extensive, but only this brief
account is reproduced here.

One of the face-to-face talks took place Sunday, March 19, 1977, in a small vacation lodge located in
the woods of West Virginia about 60 miles from Winchester. (Other telephone conversations were
held as late as December, 1978).

No journalist had previously interviewed Mr. Plateu. His office is guarded around the clock by two government agencies including Air Force Intelligence. This imposed guardianship prevents the Ambassador from moving freely about. Often, therefore, when he must be at another location where he does not want his Earth guards to observe him, he leaves his body by projection (which he says he can teach others to do) and visits those principals to whom he secretly wants to confide or deliver a

American intelligence sources apply no ulterior motives to Plateu's frequent, unannounced materializations before Presidents and senior government officials and even sitting committees. But they say his astral interruptions are sometimes meddlesome. Churchill ordered Plateu out of his office and when he wouldn't depart, Churchill struck out at him, but met only air. Churchill then asked Edgerton Sykes, the famous English psychic for an exorcism and Sykes supplied the means. The next time Plateu visited Churchill without invitation, the Prime Minister, following Sykes' advice, held up a two barred Druid cross which legend says came originally from Venus. The cross was pure gold except for the lower, shorter cross bar which was silver. As Churchill held the cross before the projection of Mr. Plateu, the Englishman said, "Depart from me, thou intruder!" In deference to the holy artifact, the Venusian took his leave without further conversation. King Haakkuuss, the Third, of Bodland also encountered Plateu in astral projection when the Venusian appeared in the Bodland royal palace. King Haakkuuss, himself adept in astral projection which he seldom uses, told Plateu never to return except in flesh and blood, using the traditional forms of inquiry to get an audience with him. Then King Haakkuuss went into that etheric dimension practised by Plateu and escorted the visitor back to his space ship where his body had remained.

In an historical sense, according to Mr. Plateu, he had observed the development of our world, continuously and in greater depth, than perhaps any other living being alive today. From the time of Christ, and particularly since the Middle Ages to the present, great events of political and religious importance which occurred on Earth are known by him. Perhaps, this book will be the forerunner of ensuing revelations as to what influence interstellar beings have exerted on world leaders since human Earth time began and also inspire others to come forward and shed further light on outer terrestrial purposes toward Earthlings.

As the final interview with Mr. Plateu ended, we asked if he would give a parting word to mankind.

"Yes," he replied. "I could frame my remarks around one word. That word is listen!"

"Listen, Earth nations! Unite peacefully before sudden nuclear war makes it too late to listen!"

The genius of this stranger of non-Earthling origin cannot be probed in this introductory chapter on his involved sojourn on this planet.- When the government of America and sources within the United Nations are undivided as to the announcement of his presence, or that of his successor, complete information as to why the Venusians are monitoring the affairs of this planet could be made known. Then this world may understand how the other orbital civilizations in our solar system are attempting to shape our destiny here and perhaps in the hereafter for good or evil.

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