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Genesis for the New Space Age with John Leith - Chpt XIV - Men From Atlantis

What is intriguing here is that this work provides essentially correct timelines that was not easily available even recently regarding the Great flood and the preceding civilization.  I have been associating Atlantis with the European Bronze Age which spawned a global trade empire not unlike that of Britain more recently.  Here like so many others the name is associated with the pre Pleistocene Nonconformity global civilization that also certainly lasted around fifteen thousand years from 12900 BP through 30,000 BP.  I would extend all that further back in time to 45,000 BP except that the actual development of civilization may well have consumed a good 15,000 additional years under natural conditions without handy interventions.

In short, much of what is reported here fits in well with our developed alternative history.   However, he has used the device of a huge Nuclear War  and a lot of implausible geology as well in order to explain the known data points that i have also been relying on.  It does not work at all.

Returning back to the developing theme of an accessible inner Earth, we remain completely without any physical corroboration at all and the sheer number of eyeballs seeing nothing must tell for something. 

What we continue to have is ample research in terms of times and places along with an insertion of pure fantasy into a whole range of actual claims not physically possible even in 1980 and continuously dis proven since.  It certainly makes good use of the underlying historical research and related interviews which surely took place but never truly addressing the fantasy component.

The writer clearly accepts a legendary account of alternate history as somewhat extant and recoverable circa 1980.  His interpretation is incomplete in terms of plausible science and geology but as well as could be done then and now for that matter unless you grasp the meaning of my Cloud cosmology...


Chapter XIV

Men From Atlantis

Nineteen eighty (the year of this book's publication) will be the first time that the people of the known

world first learned that they were not alone on this planet. Over half a billion lost relatives of us surface dwellers live peaceably inside the Earth's center. Moreover, these highly advanced people occupy a land mass greater in area than the outside surface.

Their civilizations flourished thousands of years before Moses gave the Israelites their first code of laws.  Their people were driving automobiles and flying in "aerial cars" when ancient Greece laid the

foundations of Western civilization, and their commerce swept the interior oceans when the  Mediterranean was but a Roman lake.

Yet these shy inhabitants of the hollow earth have remained incognito and free of war for 30,000 years. 

At what period this inner world was first colonized is unknown, but the existence of the largest group

concealed in the earth's interior dates back 15,000 years - 3,000 years prior to the sinking of their upper continent of Atlantis. They claim that catastrophe is the deluge known to us as the Noah flood or Gilgamesh Epic.

But the oldest race in the inner world is of ancient Germanic origin, tracing its beginnings to the frozen Antarctic in the world above when that sub-continent was once an inhabited tropical paradise of unsurpassed riches and beauty. Their exodus to inner earth was 30,000 years ago.

Regardless of international government censorship, thousands of surface dwellers in several countries know something of the inner earth due to its recent enterprising colonization by modem-day Germans. But additional evidence is irrefutable that the ancestral races of the Lapps, Eskimos, Chinese, Scandinavians, Germans, Greeks and other large ethnic groups still live inside the earth.

First, lest the dubious reader wonder if this is the beginning of a chapter on mythology, it will be revealed that constant ocean commerce is at present being carried on (unknowingly) between certain nations above and (knowingly) by their counterparts below. Further, it is in various government records  that over 100 of these inner earth inhabitants work or study in the U.S.A., as many in Canada and several hundreds in Europe. When they come to the surface via Arctic sea routes, they travel on Icelandic visas, but they also arrive above by means of at least three major train tunnel arteries, one of which is in the Western United States. These professional and technological "missionaries" from the interior who have been landing in such places as the United States, Canada, Germany or England for many years come only as friends without political or religious motives and could best be compared to the American Peace Corps Volunteers to underdeveloped countries.

When Admiral Byrd flew into the interior of the earth in 1927 through the northern entrance, he brought  back to the outside world the first authentic pictures of the lost people and cities to which this chapter  refers, and the two 1947 flights of the American round wing planes with their maps and photos, amply verify the early Byrd record. (In 1965, NASA did a complete, detailed mapping of the interior world.)

But to understand the hollow earth facts and why they remain discredited, the reader should be made

aware that a veil of inter-national government secrecy has kept them under wraps for 50 years. In lieu of the truth, the fiery molten earth core hypothesis has been accepted as the current geological condition inside the earth's interior. Many scientific papers and books still expound this theory and grade schools teach it. But such an explanation, while perhaps explaining the earth's formative beginnings, is outdated. Today reputable scientists secretly scoff at the given story allowed to persist by such a prestigious institution as the National Scientific Foundation.

Several old chronicles of Scandinavian and Eskimo origin persist in telling of people who were carried into the Earth's interior by ocean currents and returned years later to tell of it. But there were three projects developed by the 20th century Germany that unravelled the reality of the Earth's interior with more discernment than did unsubstantiated myths. Those German endeavors to validate the existence of the hollow Earth, and devise methods to penetrate it for their colonization, began for all practical purposes in the year 1913.

A paper on this unusual scientific sea journey was sponsored by an un-named science faculty at Georgetown University in 1977, and a West German national delivered the lecture. The lecture  caught officialdom by surprise, and later on, all who heard the talk were instructed not to speak of it.

The following narrative, except for the early Americans hereinafter mentioned, is part of that lecture.

Perhaps the Germans know of the early theories of John Cleves Symmes, of the U.S.A. Infantry, that the earth was actually hollow and open at the poles. Another American, Cyrus Teed, also held to this theory, though openly ridiculed. The hollow earth was written of in a book published in 1816 by James McBride, and in 1838 an American expedition actually left for the Antarctic after Symmes' admirers in Congress made it possible. Symmes' expedition, of which we know little, inspired Jules Verne to write his JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

In March 1913 the German imperial pocketcruiser MOLTKE left Keil, Germany on a top secret mission to find a northern passage over the top of the world. Like attempts by other nations, the Germans were searching for an Arctic route via a northwest passage through the Bering Strait to the Pacific. War clouds made it necessary to keep the mission classified.

The ship was under the command of Captain Von Jagow, now deceased. Also on board was Lt. Von Tirpitz, grandson of the Kaiser and great-grandson of Queen Victoria. It was the son of Captain Von Jagow who was interviewed in September 1977 about his mission. With him at the interview was Lt. Von Tirpitz (now 81 years of age), who at one time was Grand Admiral of the German North Sea

Fleet, as were his father and grandfather.

The MOLTKE under Captain Von Jagow steamed first towards Iceland, then past the southern tip of Greenland and northwest along Greenland's west coast to Canada's Baffin Island. It was late May when the ship anchored off the northern end of Baffin Island in the vicinity of 70 degrees latitude and 60 degrees longitude to wait for the pack ice to break up.

Within two weeks a navigable northernly channel appeared instead of the better known westerly route

in the Lancaster Sound area (referred to as the Northwest Passage and first recorded in 1903-04 by Roald Amundsen). The ice buckled and broke, permitting passage of the Moltke to open waters further north.

This was the first unexplainable situation. The open waters to the north were more extensive than the Germans expected them to be. As they moved northward on an apparently navigable course, the open water stretched as far as the eye could see. By the end of May, the crew were still sailing cautiously into warmer waters. Robins and bluebirds were identified and on islands they had passed there were reindeer and black bears, coming from the north. The German ship still maneuvered slowly further north, sounding the depth carefully. Daylight was continuous.

Then the captain became perplexed. The sun appeared to be low in the sky instead of above and its position was lower the further they sailed. By the end of June the sun had apparently set or disappeared and the battle cruiser was sailing in darkness. The compass was erratic and the true north indistinguishable. The air became misty, the wind increased. Gradually the darkness lifted and a new light from the forward direction shone faintly. As they sailed on, the glow from the new sun's position never changed. The sky was now grayish to black. The navigator surmised they had sailed beyond the   North Pole and were somehow headed south again on an unknown course.

Then they passed an Eskimo in a kayak, who spoke a Greenland dialect of Danish. He said he had come from a place called Vineland located about 500 miles south where he had wintered.

For 300 miles Captain Von Jagow continued to steer a southerly course. A continuous chart and depth record of that voyage is today on display in the German Federal Archives in Bonn along with the ship's log.

Finally the ship reached a rocky island inhabited by Eskimos who canoed out to meet them. Some of these also spoke Danish and had been to and from Greenland on several occasions. One of the group said he was a Lapp from Russia. The next day was a surprise. Tne German log says they saw on an island what they  believed was a species of supposedly extinct dinosaur. The dimension they had entered was too unreal to comprehend.

The Captain called an officers meeting. They were utterly lost and orders were given to reverse course. Fourteen days later, travelling at full knots, the true sun having reappeared, they found themselves back at the same bearing at which they had anchored in late May off Baffin Island.

It was then that Captain Von Jagow made a decision to explore the northern waters more extensively.

Drawing an arc, the ship directions were so given that the German battlecruiser actually sailed around the edge of the hole leading to the interior. On the outer perimeter of the circumference they ran into thick packs of ice and bitter coldness again. They finally (wrongly) calculated by checking compass movements that the elusive north pole might be inside the doughnut hole leading into the Earth.  Explorers before them had been fooled also.

On July 10, a course was set for Germany and on August 1, 1913, the German ship and her crew reached home.

A complete report was made to the Imperial German Naval Command, but its contents were not published. In 1922, one of the ship's officers, Lt. Von Tirpitz, wrote of the experience under the title "The Memoirs of Grand Admiral Tirpitz." From avidly reading this naval officer's account of the

northern inner sea, Adolph Hitler became convinced of the validity of a northern entrance to the hollow earth.

During Hitler's book burning in 1936, one of the banned German books most sought was Von Tirpitz'

story of the epic voyage on the Moltke battlecruiser to the inner sea, at the top of the world. Hitler's

agents confiscated all the books they could for public burning but Von Tirpitz removed his copy from

his own library and hid it elsewhere.

In 1924, the Imperial German Navy dusted off the old records of the 1913 expedition into the northern throat of the world. The expedition had not penetrated into the watery corridor beyond an approximate 400 miles but it had proven the existence of an opening. So, in the reasoning of German engineers, if there were an opening that led ultimately to the earth's interior, another such voyage would verify just where that northern doorway ended and the inside of the world began.

Information is indeed sparse on the cruise of the German icebreaker that was used on the expedition.

What is known comes entirely from American Navy Intelligence sources of 1924-25. In 1924, American Naval vessels followed the German icebreaker towards ice fields northeast of Greenland when the German vessel broke passage through the ice and disappeared. The American Navy records say the German ice breaker returned a year later (1925), stopping ten days at the capital city of Iceland before sailing for her home port of Hamburg, Germany. The ship and crew had spent the better part of a year in the earth's interior, the American intelligence records reveal, with its final destination unknown. A third possible German naval visit is rumored to have been made by the Germans in 1932, but this report could not be confirmed.

The Russians also attempted to penetrate the interior world in 1956. They sent in a battleship, according to Canadian intelligence sources, but the Russian trip was stopped by a deliberate warning   beam of laser power and allowed to exit to the surface with superficial damage and a stem reminder to captain and crew never to return. The next year, in the dead of winter, the Russians sent in a 16,000 man task force of troop-carrying vehicles, heavy artillery, regular tanks and armored cars over solid ice fields and islands through the polar throat into the interior. The invaders came up off a land mass in the extreme north of the interior where they encountered the old Vikings. The Vikings bombarded the task force with lasers, stopping all the Russian motorized equipment, so that the army was powerless to move. By radio they ordered the invaders to turn and head back to the surface. "Should you return," the voice warned in Russian, "it will be a one-way trip." The Russians retreated. A 30,000 man back-up army of reserves waiting in Siberia was not called upon to take the inner world by force.

In 1939 and ensuing years the Germans continued their exploration of the Inner Earth, and in the autumn of 1943 Germany dispatched an aerial expedition into the hollow earth by way of the South Pole region. The expedition was peaceful, its purpose to inquire if Inner Earth lands were available for colonization by upper world Germans. The upper Germans brought gifts and were well-received by those Germanic Saxon cousins who had migrated below in the 1600's. On the same exploration, the upper Germans from the Third Reich encountered what is perhaps the world's most superior race in development - the Bodlanders, another German offshoot whose cradle of life began in the Antarctic but who had migrated below 30,000 years ago via tunnels from what is now Iran. (Language scholars claim that Iran [Persia] retains a similarity to ancient Germanic writing symbols and the spoken word.)

As the reader is already aware, the visiting Germans from the upper world were invited into the capital city of Bodland, named Bod, where they were guests at Parliament and entertained by the King. Officials explained to the upper Germans that their hosts were ancestors of the first distinct race which had migrated to the inner side of the planet's shell. Later interior racial arrivals included the Vikings, the Atturians (or Atlanteans) and the Eskimos. The Bodlanders claimed that the Japanese had no ancestral relatives inside the earth, but were, in fact, descendants from the sunken continent of Mu, which some records say predated the sinking of Atlantis by as much as 250,000 years. The Bodlander chroniclers below said that four civilizations had already developed and faded away on the upper Earth, the present being the fifth.

In 1943, the visiting Germans were also told, and NASA confirmed in 1979, that there are three large

continents below in the interior world and two smaller ones. (See map in appendix.) There are seven

named oceans, the largest of which is the North Ocean. The name often applied to the entire interior is New Atlantis.

The German expedition of 1943 also discovered that the largest interior continent is that of Agharta,
covering a continental area three times larger than that of North America, and occupied mainly by a distinct people called Atturians. This group are the descendants from the sunken continent of Atlantis whose ancestors immigrated into the interior 15,000 to 1 1,500 B.C. prior to the final sinking of their original homeland when many millions of their ancestors perished. The Atturians claim they are related to many surface white races also and that their combined mother race was brought from Venus 33,000 years ago, but that adventure was not the first Venusian attempt to recolonize Earth. They also claim Venus was originally an Earth colony.

But information on the Inner World procured strictly from German sources seemed unreal to the author, so further corroborating evidence was sought. In 1977 some startling information was obtained from the U.S. State Department. A department source revealed the whereabouts of a man named Haammaan from New Atlantis who had been relocated into the mainstream of American life, married to an American girl and raised a family in Massachusetts. If the professor would talk without jeopardizing his American residency, we would have a scoop to rival all dcoops. This material, therefore, on Men of Atlantis was prepared chiefly from interviews with this Atlantean contact. Then, unexpectedly in 1979, another contact was made with another Inner World man of exceptional brilliance, an outstanding scholar in philosophy and ancient history who, with his wife, is currently on a five year visa to the U.S.A., where he teaches history at George Washington University and spends his spare time counseling students and non-students about family and social problems.

His anglicized name is H. G. Jerrmuss (properly spelled Jerruummouss) and he comes from another

continent in the Inner World, Bodland, with a population of roughly 36 million. Interviews with these

two men on life in the Inner World will be found in the Appendix A, but the remainder of this chapter

will tell briefly of the tragedy that caused the sinking of Atlantis in the upper world and the exodus of the Atlantean survirors to the inside of the Earth.

The following, therefore, is the summarized story of how Atlantis and other upper world lands disappeared beneath the ocean as explained in the chronicles of their race and studied in the historical text books used in the schools and universities of Atturas in the interior of the Earth as Professor Haammaan tells it:

The original Atlantis began as a Venusian colony 33,000 years ago in the fertile valleys and plateaus of a continent located in the mid Atlantic. (Venus itself was originally a space colony of Earth from which the inhabitants had fled at an unknown time because of an earthly cataclysm of planetary nature.) Before destruction 11,500 years ago in an atomic war, Atlantis stretched from the vicinity of Africa to what is now the Islands of the Caribbean. It was once a land of great wealth and had developed a society and technology equal to the leading nations of the upper Earth in the 20th century. Their space ships travelled Earth skies and also ventured into outer space where trade routes

to other planets were developed.

But the Atlanteans had a mortal enemy. This was a people named the Athenians living in great cities located in the Mediterranean valley and principally the Aegean area. A three hundred year old trade

rivalry gradually became insufferable as each nation prepared for war to destroy the other.

The indirect cause of war is listed as trade or economic reasons, and not the need for land acquisition. The prize was trade dominance among inter stellar planets in the Milky Way beyond our own solar system, on which colonies of Atlanteans and Athenians had been established. Several small local wars had already been fought on Earth and abroad, leaving behind passions of hate that festered and grew.

The date of approximately 1 1,500 years ago is given when the Athenian King ordered a surprise attack on major cities of Atlantis. It began as a controlled land war and as such Athenian armies were landed on Atlantis and gained strong footholds using devastating ray weaponry, against Atlantean armies and objectives.

On the 21st day of the war, the Atlanteans retaliated and broke through Athenian air defenses, dropping atomic bombs on the capital city of the Athenians. The city was totally destroyed, whereupon the Athenian military ordered a retaliatory atomic attack on the capital of Atlantis.

All out atomic war by these two enemies took place. For the next nine days a total, unrestrained atomic war prevailed. (The legends of Greece, Scandinavia and India, as well as Bible references tell of this war in varying stories.)

Millions of Atlanteans and Athenians perished in the holocaust and their great industrial and cultured worlds were to be lost forever, the Athenians (Greeks) never to regain their ancient glory, and the Atlanteans to be wiped off the surface of the planet. Remnants of the Atlanteans made their way to Egypt and disappeared underground into caves and existing tunnels throughout Africa. Lost groups of Athenians also climbed the higher elevations of what is today Italy and the mountains of Turkey and the Caspian Sea areas, to mix with other races. Atlanteans also headed for Brazil and America and became the forerunners of its Mayas and Incas and certain North American Indian tribes.

But during the nine day atomic war, the elements became so disturbed that the wind and water caused greater damage to the land than the bombs. First came the heat caused by the atomic fission. Radioactive dust filled the upper heavens and blotted out the sun. The atomic heat spiraled up and fanned out on giant hurricane winds, melting immense glaciers covering what was then the North Pole (today Switzerland). New rivers were formed such as the Rhone, Rhine, Seine, Danube and Poe,

as the melted polar ice caps ran off their fresh water. Britain, which was beforehand joined to Europe,became an island as the connecting land bridge was washed away, while the lowlands of the Baltic and North Seas disappeared under rising waters. The melted ice covered great sections of Europe,eventually filling the Caspian and Black Sea basins also. As the tidal waves and winds mounted in the Atlantic, they flooded over the continent of Atlantis and it, too, sank beneath the waters.

For the Athenians, the end was much the same. As the new rivers poured fresh water into the   Mediterranean valley, giant tidal waves of salt water (produced by a wobble in Earth's rotation) 
breached the high land precipice at the Pillar of Hercules between what is now Spain and Morocco.

Accompanied by the bursting of the natural land bridge dam at the western end of the Mediterranean valley, torrential rains fell on the remaining inhabitants during the ensuing days. At that time the entire Mediterranean was a lush valley where the Athenian empire had begun. Over the next 100 years, the water from the Atlantic completely covered the human habitations and monuments of man throughout this Mediterranean oasis. Only the mountain tops stood out such as Malta, Crete, Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, etc. What remained of the Athenian cities of Appoloias, Atheanisas, Appalto,Hellinas, Spartillois and Spartias were covered by the new water depths. For many years afterwards, Atlantic waters continued to tumble over the precipice between the Pillars of Hercules until the sea levels were equalized and the Mediterranean valley was to be the original home of the Greek race in legend only.

It took longer for parts of the Mediterranean highlands to be totally engulfed, up to 300 years. Surviving Atlanteans on the western fringe who had gone underground into bomb shelters and tunnels during the attack, surfaced, cleaned up their cities and prepared to relive in them again, but the waters rose yearly and the Atlanteans were forced to cover their cities with three foot thick plastic shells made of a substance we have not yet developed. As in the Houston Astrodome, the Atlanteans covered over their entire city habitations. Those elevated cities were eventually engulfed with water and today he on the bottom of the ocean, some of them adjacent to the continental U.S.A. as is that unnamed city ten miles in diameter located off San Juan. Communications exist between the eight major cities in the vicinity of the West Indies via a tunnel system. Entrance to the surface is from underwater air locks from which their space craft emerge through the ocean to the surface.

A total of 28 underwater cities exist today throughout the world. Haammaan elaborated by stating that what is now the Black Sea, Caspian Sea and the Gulf of Mexico plus other ancient inhabited valleys  were inundated in that flood. American scientists and other governments know that, Haammaan said.

The most recent movements of the earth's crust took place during the global flood, Haammaan added.

New mountain chains were formed and old ones like the Himalayas rose considerably. Sediments were deposited on our American plains and fossil graveyards were left in various places. After the Genesis flood was over (the same account of which is told in the Bible), old lands like Atlantis had disappeared and new ones formed. At first the tidal waves rushed back and forward over most parts of the globe, but eventually the captive waters left on the high plains ran off and drowned costal lands via the newlyformed streams and rivers such as North American's Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri and St. Lawrence.  Geologists are still uncertain as to what caused the last Earth's destruction, but it was actually the Biblical flood brought on by an atomic war.

In his parting remarks, Haammaan said, "But I have come up from below and exposed myself to you and your government particularly to warn you people of the upper world of the immediate danger of a new nuclear war which you all face. A clue is in your Old Testament prophecy, As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days.' Your civilization in the U.S.A. today stands unprotected from such a war and when it comes it will destroy the people and change the character of the land so that your great coastal cities and low lying areas which the bombs may miss will be submerged under water. It has taken the upper Earth civilization 1 1,500 years to reach again that same point that it sacrificed under the atom bomb long ago at a time when most of this Earth was truly a Garden of Eden. If you think Earth was cursed previously following the atomic war I referred to, then believe that this next war will be many times worse with your stockpile of thousands of nuclear bombs and their delivery systems."

Haammaan paused again. "Read Plato, dust off your old fables and take another look at Noah, the Athenian, and his ark. If you think I cry wolf, believe me, I don't. If insane Earth leaders refuse to listen, the end of this world is again almost upon us.

"It was worth it to sound the alarm. I could have surfaced in a part of the world where my words might have gone unheard and my lips made mute. Then the world would never have heard my plea."

He finished on a note of hope: "If you surface people can restrain your military ego for a century, then you will discover new frontiers of travel and engineering triumphs through your new space craft the likes of which you have never dreamed. Meanwhile the United States is welcome to come down to Agharta and Bodland officially, and make contact with the inner world. Of this I am certain."

(For remainder of Haammaan's remarks on life in the inner world — see Appendix A, page 373.)

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