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Genesis for the New Space Age with John Leith - Chpt IX - Vanishing Germans Discover the Mystery of the Ages

Now we are into full blown fiction, unfortunately. They even haul out Sir Robert Scott who was long dead.  The story of a long lost German colony makes no sense in the time and place suggested and is merely a plot device.

Worse we are introduced to a magical tunnel system somehow located in the Amazon.  Even its discovery fails to make use of a plausible Indian.  Totally ignored is the need for serious lighting.  Again none of this could happen but it has been a plot device of earliest fantasy fiction into the 1930's.

Besides lighting, it is physically impossible to penetrate tunnels much below a mere 10,000 feet. That is about two miles.  At that point, rock temperature is way too high. Elementary physics and geology eliminates what is an old and attractive idea.  In short a barely plausible historical fantasy runs smack into scientific reality.

The rest can be written of as pure fantasy because nothing is plausibly glossed even.  We do know that habitats can be readily build down to ten thousand feet which is actually good enough for human habitats.  We also know about claims regarding reptilian populations doing just that which we have as yet been unable to show as fiction.  In short it is possible to provide a real gloss to this narrative to get them underground and keep them there and have it supported by other reports.  Yet it is assumed that all this is even possible when it is not and if written in the past fifty years ignores those exact questions.

Vanishing Germans Discover the Mystery of the Ages

The international race to put a fleet of round wing planes in the air went unabated by those Germans

who started life anew in another hemisphere after they had abandoned their ancestral home at the end of World War U. The new frontier life seemed to stimulate the Germans with a perserverance which enabled them to survive and continue on. But actually their iron determination could be attributed to a twist of fate which had begun 400 years earlier.

To understand the significance of certain historical evidence relating to the continuing German effort to build a new country under the protection of the round wing plane, the reader should  become acquainted with the following true adventure. It is a kaleidoscope of German resourcefulness bridging the 16th and 20th centuries.

The explanation centers around 500 warrior-colonists who left Germany in the 16th century and were presumed to have perished 4,000 miles up the Amazon River. The existence of those ancient adventurers was forgotten. Allied agents searching for Hitler's lost minions in the late 1940s unknowingly found descendents of the 16th century colonists whose current presence in that hemisphere actually changed the outcome of World War U, an astounding revelation still kept hidden from press and public.

The adventure in question began in 1572 when a select and hardy group of about 500 German colonists originating mainly from the Dukedom of Sax-Coburg, and including recruits from Bavaria and East Prussia, were hired as soldier-mercenaries by Sebastian I, King of Portugal, to man a garrison up the Amazon River. The German soldiers were allowed to bring their wives, for after building the fort and doing garrison duty, they were to be given land grants in the interior of what is now Brazil. The families were mainly Lutheran who had been subject to Catholic persecution.

These adventurers set sail from Lisbon, Portugal in three 130-foot, lightly armed warships named Ureas. Their first task was to build a Portugese fort on the upper reaches of the Amazon in a region of what today is the approximate border between Brazil and Ecuador. Upon completion of the fort, the Germans were to man the same against the Spaniards located on the other side of the river. 

By territorial aggrandizement, Pope Pius V had issued a Papal Bull dividing the interior of South America, between the Spanish on the west bank of the Amazon and the Portugese on the east bank.

The ships were destroyed at the end of the journey when the Portugese crew and German mercenaries 

were ambushed by the fierce Indians. In orderly fashion, the Germans and Portugese removed cattle, pigs, chickens and a few horses, as well as valuable seed grains for fruit and vegetables. Taking to the jungle, the Europeans fought an enemy who attempted to kill them to the last man and woman. It was a battle of bows and arrows, deadly blowguns and spears against crossbow and body armor. But it was a battle of survival for the Europeans who were quick to adopt stealthy Indian tactics of forest fighting, as opposed to open European massed battle formation.

Eventually, the white men stumbled upon a cave entrance into the side of a mountain. Fighting a rear-guard action, the German remnant was saved and also their livestock and possessions. Because the Indians were terrified of the cave spirits, they abandoned the siege and left. The hole in the side of   the earth became a refuge for those white men. Periodically the mercenaries were able to make armed sorties out to procure fresh produce and game. Meanwhile, inside the cavity, the besieged people found plentiful fresh water, and by lighting fires, they learned to sustain themselves in a primitive routine. With ingenuity and skills the group persevered, but dared not establish themselves again in the dangerous world outside. Only their basic survival instincts kept them from total despair.

After agonizing on their dilemma, scouting parties explored the cavity's interior, and reported that the  cave of refuge was actually the entrance to a deep underground tunnel. They also found  there was evidence of human occupation before them, perhaps accounting for the fear which the  Indians had of the interior. The white men took to the tunnels, not knowing where they were going, but hoping the routes would eventually digress to the surface again where they could resettle among friendly Indians.

A documented story of this adventure was recorded in diary form on the ship's log which the group saved.

The hardships were endured by the German colonists for three generations, until they "emerged" in 1647. The episode is told briefly here because what those 16th Century Germans accomplished enabled the German Third Reich to continue after World War H Leader of the original survivors of the 1572 Indian attacks was a German named Von Luckner. It was he who also organized the tunnel escape and unknowingly led the remnants of his party through the fissures in groups of 30, deep into the earth where several months later they found a huge, faintly lit cavity of approximately 75 square miles. The ceiling was 300 feet in height and the floor consisted of  soil with all the natural nutrients for crop growth. Here the Germans established their first community, free from outside aggression. Insulated from the surface world of head-hunter Indians and an unfriendly jungle, they built a village which over the years became their permanent home. On their journey down, the Europeans generally had fresh water, at times icy cold which came in trickles and rivulets from above. The temperature remained the same as on the surface for approximately the first 100 miles; but in later years, as they penetrated deeper, they were to experience an increase in heat from 80 to 100 degrees. Subsistence was a daily problem but the raw elements of nature on the surface such as rain, cold, wind and predators were totally absent.

At that time these colonists were a lost civilization. As a group they would never return to the surface.  

Hopelessly, but with an instinctive urge for survival, they surrendered their old ties to Germany and took on a new identity. But the cultural, linguistic, and religious heritages from their homeland remained strong. These assets they would carefully preserve and record for their children as they wandered in the tunnels and adapted to their changed life style.

Persistent stories have been told for centuries that white men were seen on Brazil's upper reaches of the Amazon. These tales we now realize are true. Their basis grew in part as the hunted Germans cautiously reemerged to the surface where they developed trading routes much like the French "coeur  de bois" in North America. Of necessity, the Germans had to barter with the Indians and, also, eventually trade with posts and forts which other non-Germanic white men had subsequently built on the river. But the lost Germans kept their hideaway a secret. At all costs, they made sure that no outsiders would stumble upon the new camouflaged tunnel entrance leading to their habitation in the interior of the earth. Those who did, never returned.

In 1980 that village which the Germans started still survives and bears the name of its original founder, Von Luckner, who was proclaimed first king in 1572. The habitation now has a population of over 30,000 souls.

As American colonists heading west in 1700's broke through one natural obstacle after another, so the Germans inside the tunnel continued to explore and move on. From the first settlement of Von Luckner, a group under the leadership of a man named Wagner moved further into the tunnel. They located another cavity where a settlement was started under Wagner's surname. (Population 1977, 60,000). By mid 1600, the Germans had developed a system of crude tracks and carts on wooden wheels. On this rudimentary railroad system they were able to haul their farm produce and livestock. They began to grow crops (particularly barley) which adapted itself to the photosynthesis emanating from the rock glow. This faint natural light coming from the rock walls also enabled them to see and their eyesight adjusted to the dark. Further down the tunnels the Germans descended and eventually established six   cities along their 3,000 mile crude wooden rail system. Their offspring survived disease and hunger.

Like an army, they established each base, and after consolidating it, moved on to repeat the conquest
of the tunnel system.

One recurring ordeal confronted the colonists. To understand their trouble, it is necessary to explain
that the original tunnel they followed meandered and wound through 3,000 miles of labyrinths. From the seclusion of the numerous tunnel off-shoots, the Germans were frequently attacked by a subterranean race of creatures who tried to kill them as had the Indians on the surface. At one point, these "evil ones" or "Sons of Satan," as the colonists nicknamed them, walled-up the community of new German arrivals. To break out, the Germans were forced to tunnel out through a mile of rubble. 

The inner-race dwellers strongly resented the newcomers and agreed to guide them back to the surface if they would vacate and leave. Germans who still dwell in these original interior cities say the interior of the earth's mantle is filled with many cities inhabited by the "evil ones." These Germans who have now lived in the tunnel cities below South America for over 400 years, contend that the entire mantle of the earth is filled with different races of rock dwellers who went underground for survival after different surface upheavals or floods which occurred during the former pre-adamite and postadamite civilizations. They contend there are literally hundreds of huge cities located in pockets around the globe and under the seas, from 350  feet below the outer surface to many miles in depth. The German colonists of 1572 may have been the  latest arrivals to wander into the earth's mantle - like it - and remain.

As the years passed, three generations of infants were bom in the tunnel system. The German "Rock Moles" had established a chain of settlements named Hagner (population, 1977, 180,000) and Baron Von Brighttner (population 1977, 100,000); Sillisteen (population 1977, 12,000), and Archduke Von Kitchiner (population 1977, 62,000). Then, on the 75th year of their forced sojourn, their scouting parties broke out into the promised land. Emerging through a rock opening the advance party looked about in wonder. All of them had been bom inside the earth's mantle but had been raised to believe here was another world. As the first guides looked about, they beheld unending sky, trees and rolling land. But more fascinating, everything including themselves was bathed in light from a faint man-made orb that hung in a real sky. (Their arrival inside the earth's rock mantle was at a midway point below today's countries of New Zealand and Australia.) The Germans cheered, they prayed, and they laughed for they thought they had arrived back on the outside of the world again.

Hurrying inside the tunnel, they told of this new wonder they had discovered. More jubilant Germans from the tunnel system emerged. Some time later, contact was made with the occupants of this new  land who advised the German explorers that they had descended to the inside of the earth where hundreds of millions of peaceful people lived who shunned surface dwellers. The new Atlanteans, which they were called, moved through the air in magical, silent, round winged craft and drove four wheeled vehicles without horses or oxen. These people had an advanced civilization which the amazed Germans recognized was hundreds of years ahead of the surface civilization their fathers had left years before.

Also amazing to the Germans, the new Atlanteans had an ageless longevity span, with no noticeable
traces of old age in their bodies, no ancient furroughs in their facial features and no senility in their
mannerisms. What was missing was the presence of old people, the Germans quickly noted.

Yet another surprise awaited the tunnel Germans. The Atlanteans or Atturians called in advisors from another Inner World continent named Bodland in order to further apprise the new immigrants. As the Bods and tunnel Germans conversed, the tunnel arrivals exploded with excitement. The Inner World Bodlanders and newly arrived tunnel Germans from the Upper World had the same root language!  Unbelievable, the tunnel Germans heard a story of how the Bodlanders some 30,000 years earlier had sought refuge in underground tunnels when attacked by a vicious race which had come out of the sky in space craft using superior weaponry to destroy their cities and kill their people by the millions. Only a few thousand survivors were left and they were pursued into mountainous caves. The calamity had occurred in what today is Iran, Pakistan and Syria, once peopled by a race of fair people who called themselves Bacchis later changed to Bods. Many years later the Bods reached the Inner World via tunnels and pockets in the earth's mantle.

The group of emerging tunnel Germans were then invited to visit Bodland, and it was soon apparent to the tunnel Germans that the Bods were the most advanced civilization they had ever seen. The Atlanteans, also called Atturians, agreed to permit the new German race to settle on a relatively unoccupied continent adjacent to Bodland in the southern hemisphere where the second race of Inner  World Aryans began anew. Only one stipulation was required, the tunnel Germans must live in peace and friendship and never return to the outside world.

A new German race, therefore, evolved. Its roots began in Germany. Uprooted, they were established

in the tunnel system which began in the underground headquarters of South America. From here they migrated over a period of three generations to the interior of the earth where, reborn, the 250 original couples grew into a nation known today as the Six Kingdoms of Saxony. In the intervening years, surplus people from the cities confined within the mantle were forced to migrate to the interior and take up new residence in one of the six inner kingdoms. Eventually, in the 1900's, each family in the tunnel system was allowed only two children as population density was dictated by the cavity size in which each city was located.

In the early 1700's the elder Germanic race of Bods were persuaded by members of the new German
royalty to transport their eldest sons back to Germany for schooling in the universities.

These young men were first sworn to secrecy and flown to their ancestral homeland in Bodland aircraft in less than half a day. In Germany proper, these Germans from the lost civilization were introduced as sons of wealthy German plantation owners along the Amazon. For over 200 years in this manner, these German princes of a lost world received their advanced education in the arts and history of the Upper World at the leading universities of Europe. Upon return to their interior homeland inside the earth's mantle and the earth's interior, these young Germans showed merchandise and told of the technical advances in the outside world which they had visited. Thus, for instance, those below learned of such Upper World processes as the printing press made in Germany and first brought to the interior by the  Crown Prince Von Luckner.

In spite of this isolation, German communities in the tunnels also heard that the outside civilization which their forefathers had left had again been recontacted. But, since they had grown and thrived in their new tunnel locales, they decided to remain there.

The original migratory tunnel route hit many dead ends, and although substantial improvements were  made by use of the single car on wooden wheels and track, the tunnel still followed natural fissures, many of which doubled back like a winding creek.

In 1853 the tunnel Germans abandoned their reticence toward upper surface outsiders and brought in a German engineer from the surface in order to improve the system. In one place he shortened a circuitous length of 273 miles by boring out a new three mile stretch. Within this three mile bore they struck a large room over a mile by three-quarters of a mile in area. In this cavity they later constructed railroad shops, yards, storage tracks, buildings, etc. Continuing to bore the tunnel system, repetitive curves and bends were straightened and the old length of 3,000 miles was shortened considerably.

Borrowing technology and materials from the Bods inside the earth, a single track electric railway system evolved which the tunnel Germans improved annually. However, the tunnel entrance in Brazil/Peru border was kept a well guarded secret.

For those Germans who had eventually settled in the center of the earth, the interior climate was hospitable, and by the turn of the 20th Century their numbers had reached ten million. Because of increased visitations, reports about the sojourning princes had seeped out in Germany proper. At that  time the German engineer had told of his work among the lost German cities in the tunnel. Finally, in  World War I, the Germans in the tunnel sent a volunteer regiment to fight with their homeland cousins. At this juncture in the reviewed relationship between the subterranean Germans and the fatherland, the World War I regiment located many missing relatives from whom their forefathers had been separated  14 generations before. However, the Inner World Germans did not participate in the Upper World wars.

Did Germanic underworld cousins, visiting Germany during World War I, advise her to abandon caution, and reveal the existence of the underworld? The answer is yes, in part, plus other  considerations. American State Department papers of December, 1914 and January through March, 

1915, describing America's peace efforts to end World War I clearly outline the strenuous efforts by Germany to insure a free access route to their underground nation. One of their most stringent demands in order for them to sign the Armistice was as follows: "Imperial Germany demands free access through the Antarctic via the South Pole to the inner earth for the purpose of future colonization."

American Secretary of State Representative Colonel House, later showed this clause to British Prime Minister Lloyd George. He laughed and said, "Give the Germans that icicle land of seals and penguins. It's nothing but a giant icebox. The Germans have gone insane." As for the interior earth, 

Prime Minister Lloyd George suggested to Colonel House that somebody was pulling his official leg. Obviously, even in 1915 German foreign minister Count Zimmerman was more aware than the allies that planet earth was hollow in its center.

By 1930, limited contact and communications had again been established with the tunnel Germans, and a sparse trade evolved, but Upper World Germans had never been taken into the subterranean localities or to the Inner World. But despite their insulation, the presence of the lost German civilizations was being pieced together and recorded by German authorities in the Fatherland.

At the request of Adolf Hitler, officials in Nazi Germany carefully and meticulously gathered all these facts of the German Walhalla. However, Hitler's ambitions as a demagogue to place Germany on a war footing and move toward a total European conflict of arms if necessary had not gone unnoticed by the Germanic cousins of the Inner World — particularly the Bodlanders who had been at peace for 30,000 years.

It was in 1936 that Hitler, prompted by immediate and unknown reasons, decided to send an exploration team to the Inner World (presumably by air). The Bodlanders from inside the Earth watched the upper Germans all the way and eventually invited the team to the capital city of Bod where Hitler's Upper World Germans were treated royally before returning home. The King of Bodland was invited to come up to Germany's Third Reich for a return visit and in October 1936 the Inner World Bodland King Haakkuuss the Third responded, arriving secretly in Germany via his private space ship. After talking to the Upper World Germans he was impressed by their national spirit and drive, but he also recognized they were war prone and had placed themselves in the direction of a total war footing. Taking Hitler and some of his officers aside King Haakkuuss said: "I warn you as a long lost German brother that you are on the brink of a colossal war that will lead Germany only to  disaster. I urge you to stop this madness and reconsider before taking your nation down the wrong road a second time in this century. War is hate - full of negative karma and national agony. Develop a peaceful policy in a positive way."

He then explained that his own intelligence indicated the American President was also power oriented and would like to rule the world. Russia's Stalin was also bent on world domination. Then the King prophesied that if Hitler pursued his dreams of German expansion by war, he would eventually end up being crushed by the armies of Russia and the United States and Britain and its allies.

Hitler, of course, disregarded this sage advice from the ruler of another German nation which had not been at war for thirty milleniums and had built the greatest nation on or in the globe.

Following the official visit of the King of Bodland, Hitler instructed his general staff to mount an immediate combined naval and air operation leading to the opening at the South Pole by which they intended to locate again the lost German civilization in the interior of the Earth. That 1937-38 search   came to light in 1945 when American and British Intelligence officers in London began examining captured German records. Revealed were the intimate details of the German penetration of the Antarctic under Captain Ritscher whose exploration teams fanned out to unlock the   secrets of the subcontinent — once a tropic.

One German name, Kurt Von Kugler, an experienced mountain climber, stood out. He actually descended with his German crew through two miles of ice in the vicinity of a place called "Rainbow City," and found evidence of an ancient but advanced civilization older" than all of man's measured past. The Germans spent over a month there, and in this oasis of hot springs found tropical trees, melons and other succulent fruits. This find spurred the German teams to expend greater efforts and other lost valleys were located and Antarctic data developed. The 100 page report and 300 photos which allied officers read regarding this singular explorer's activity was an astonishing discovery. These records of the peacetime German conquest on Antarctica were eventually turned over to the United States where   they were quickly filed in Washington's Polar Archives in the National Archives Building under the recent guardianship of Franklin Birch, whose twofold job is to deny that they exist and also to prevent  public scrutiny.

The Germans had left maps with routes, and aerial photographs. On finding these, America notified Britain of their find and sent Admiral Byrd into the Antarctic to retrace the German routes. Byrd's expedition was composed of Americans, British and Canadians, one of the famous Britons being Sir Robert Scott whom the authors interviewed.

In 1938 German teams composed of military specialists and scientists finally found the long valley at the South Pole. Both land and aerial groups began the penetration. As they entered the 125-mile-wide Antarctic opening, the mystery unfolded. Traveling on, the valley deepened and 500 miles later, as the valley floor continued to drop, the snow and ice disappeared. Eventually, without being totally aware,  the land teams (supplied by air drops) were descending into the doughnut-like hole to the interior of the earth. A German air team flying a Dornier-Wal made the descent. The rest is history. They flew north into the interior and landed thousands of -miles away - among a race of people who resembled the aerial explorers themselves and spoke an ancient German dialect.

The descendants had been found of those German mercenaries whose forefathers had disappeared up the Amazon of the Upper World in the year 1572. The captured Bonn records tell how Hitler's advance parties met their long lost relatives and were joyously welcomed. The jubilant interior Germans then allotted unpopulated adjoining lands to the Germans of the Third Reich and signed six treaties of occupation, one for each autonomous German Kingdom below.

But a snag debarring total acceptance of the new political alignment occurred during the good- will visit. When the Upper World Germans visited the neighboring continent and nation of Bodland who were also Germanic in origin, they were rebuffed by the first settlers of the Inner World.  The Bods categorically informed their upper world relatives that they would not be admitted below except through a singular treaty made with the Parliament of Bodland and that any lands to be allotted for future colonization of Upper World Third Reich people would be at the sole discretion of the senior Inner World Bodland power and no other nation. The ultimatum was plain. Any Upper World German immigration would be under the terms of another German nation who over a span of many thousand years had developed a political structure of government that precluded war. If the Upper World Germans wanted to live in this chaste environment, they were told, they must be re-indoctrinated throughout the whole gamut of their existence from the relearning of the family, school and college perspectives towards a new outlook at adulthood life. Thus any Upper World immigration of the Germans planning another world war, would require total renunciation of their basic destructive behaviourisms before they could become federated with the Inner World people whose constant objective was peace.

The German Dornier-Wal was refueled with a chemical superior to gasoline and the surface Germans flew home. They had found their ancient Thule, but they had not experienced the applauding adulation expected from their long lost kin.

The Upper World War began without respite. In September 1939 Hitler's legions of invincibility invaded Poland. Britain, France and their colonial empires declared war on the Germans. In 1940 the Germans had turned on the Russians and inl941 the Americans under Roosevelt had come in on the side of the allies. The prophecy for fulfillment of the 1936 warning by King Haakkuuss in was about to unfold. By 1943 Hitler realized he could not fight a war on three fronts against enemies with inexhaustable supplies of men and materials despite advanced German preparedness.

Therefore the Third Reich altered its plan for conquest of the world. Early in 1943 Adolf Hitler dispatched a delegation of unknown emissaries below to entreat King Haakkuuss in of Bodland to sell some unsettled land near the Inner South Pole entrance. The King refused to sell them any territory for expansion but as a brother German nation he welcomed Hitler's people to come down and occupy semi-desert land without compensation, provided they agreed to sign a treaty of perpetual peace with Bodland and dwell quietly with the other nations.

The visiting Upper World Germans agreed, whereupon the Bodland King called a special session of
Parliament inviting the delegation of Third Reich emissaries to attend. As the visitors from the Upper
World listened, they observed King Haakkuuss open the special session of Parliament and deliver the
following address which was televised to the entire nation:

"Citizens of Bodland: As you are already aware, a delegation of fellow German kin folk from the Earth's Upper surface is visiting the leaders of our nation. These visiting Germanic speaking people from the   surface call themselves citizens of the Third Reich, have a common ancestry with us dating back 30,000 years at least when we existed together on the surface, where our history teaches we dwelt principally as a great nation in what is called Persia since former times (and currently named Iran). Our ancestors also occupied other adjoining lands in this area of the world including what is today called India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Syria, etc., all of which are now peopled by non-Germanic peoples.

"The cradle of our race, of course, was in the Antarctic from which our ancestors migrated to Persia
(Iran) when the Antarctic area slowly became frozen over with ice which is now two miles thick.

"But completing the story of our ancient history, you know our surface nation was destroyed and our people hunted and killed by the millions when a vicious race from another planet named "The Serpent People" landed among us from spacecraft. Many of our ancestors were driven into caves for survival,   where for many years they remained. They were never able to return to their native lands occupied by the alien invaders whom our astronomers believed came from a strange planet which intruded into our solar system and also caused the earlier ice age over our original lands.

"While our ancestors were in the caves and tunnels, a remnant of them became separated from Bodland forefathers and eventually this grouping arrived back out on the surface through a cave in what today is called the Black Forest in Bavaria. They became the modern surface Germans and their kin scattered throughout the northern hemisphere above. As you listeners will know, we Bodlanders are the other part of the Persian exodus who eventually migrated through caves and tunnels into the center of the Earth, coming out in these very mountains of Bodland through the tunnels of which we can still connect with hidden exits on the upper surface with our fast magnetic trains and cars. To conclude the capsule history, I would point out that the languages of the upper and lower Germans are today somewhat different but our root words and our customs and even our music are all identifiable with each other."

The King paused and the Parliament of ancient Germans and newly found surface relatives listened with solemnity. His Majesty then re-addressed himself to the vast listening audience throughout the nation. "Fellow citizens, the subject matter on which I address my main remarks is simply this: Our brothers on the surface are involved in a war that can only mean their annihilation as a nation, having been led into this catastrophe by one man - a foolish leader (Adolf Hitler) - whom I tried to warn of his wrong doing three years before the war began - but he rejected my advice. At that time I predicted his downfall if he were to engage his nation in war because two other surface nations, whose leaders also wanted to rule the entire upper world, would unite and destroy the German leader. I refer to Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the United States and Joseph Stalin of Soviet Russia.

"Our brothers on the surface are losing the war. It is only a matter of time before most of the country  of Germany as a nation will be defeated and destroyed according to the plans of their enemies. A delegation of our surface kinsmen are sitting in the Parliamentary visitors' gallery even today. They have come on behalf of their leaders, to beg for our help. Without our befriending them, their people above are lost.

"Their foolish leader in spite of his evil deeds which are mountainous, still has the makings of a great  man if guided in the right direction, and therefore he is part of my proposal, in that he be allowed to
enter the Inner World as a catalyst to reunite the exodus of his people under the following conditions:  

"That we deed our southern wastelands to them for new settlements.

"That we assist them in developing these vast lands into productive croplands and urban centers. (Eventually the Bods drilled 1800 artesian wells in the arid lands for the incoming German tide from above and also built the first railroads and laid out the new cities.) Later the newcomers may stay in peace or return to the surface.

"That we give all our services to nurture their beginnings as a great nation like ourselves. But before committing our brain power and labour to help them, a charter must be signed by their leaders agreeing to renounce war and not provoke any conflict as long as they remain among us. Each new arrival would sign such an oath before being accepted as an Inner World citizen.

"That Bodland supervise all new construction and make certain that no war-like beginnings are started by them while on the alloted lands. Those among the Upper Germans who exhibit a war prone attitude and want to continue World War II at a later date would not be allowed to settle among  us, and therefore any new war beginnings would have to take place on the surface of the planet, for which it is already infamous.

"That Bodland's government would screen all newcomers and this immigrant supervision would last for a term of 30 years ending in 1973."

King Haakkuuss finished his speech and a Parliamentary Committee worked out details of the Charter.

Three days later the treaty had been drafted and passed by the Bodland Parliament for signature of the King. The visiting Germans were shown a copy of the draft in the language of the Bodlanders, but the   Upper World Germans could not decipher the text. Placing a glass screen over the pages, the Bods showed their astonished cousins the same pages again. Through the opaque screen the language was in modem idiomatic and precise German. The document was accepted without revision and shortly afterwards the signed text was made available in both languages. There remained a place for the signature of Adolf Hitler and other German signatories.

The treaty in effect welcomed the defeated Germans into the Hollow Earth under strict conditions imposed by the Bodlanders' Parliament. The arid lands were to be made productive in order to sustain the newcomers. Strict immigration factors would constitute entry acceptance. Those denied entry would be top Nazis, all personnel connected with concentration camps or those who had hunted Jews and other ethnic groups or political or idealogical enemies of the Third Reich. The list of immigrant denials was extensive. Only those in the present Reich armed services with clean records would be accepted for continuing police and defense duties. The Bodland criminal law denied citizenship to murderers, sadists, rapists and kidnappers, aside from spelled out treaty conditions.

The King took the Upper Germans aside and told them that if they broke the treaty by warfare they all would be eliminated so quickly they would barely have time for their lives to flash before them, so quick and devastating would be their destruction by Bod weaponry.

When the delegation returned to the surface they presented the treaty to Hitler. He angrily fumed and ranted but signed the document. From that day on, a secret government department was established answerable only to Hitler and three other unknown men. The task of this department was to prepare the Third Reich for migration into the Inner Earth to resettle in the general vicinity and under the watchful eyes of the old kingdoms of Germans and the strict surveillance of the Bodlanders who would control all facets of the New German nation for 30 years. Albert Speer's grand designs for the public buildings to be erected in a victorious post-war Berlin were to become instead the models for a New Berlin in the underworld capital as batteries of Bodlanders swarmed in to help the latest arrivals build a new nation from the ground up.

Beginnings of the construction of New Berlin were started in 1943 including the new Reichstag and a  palace for Hitler. By 1944 underground water and utilities were laid out for a New Berlin and temporary living and office quarters had already been erected by the Bods and new German workers. 

Two obstacles faced the Germans migrating from the Third Reich. The first was the descent into the abyss for 125 miles through a wide hole in the Antarctic. No land entrance over the ice covered continent leading to the abyss had been revealed by the German exploration teams. Hence, all personnel or supplies reaching the earth's interior via the South Pole route must be freighted in by conventional aircraft - an almost impossible task even with naval and land relay depots.

One alternative later devised was to have the five relatively untried round wing planes (powered by magnetic energy) flown to secret hideouts in the southern hemisphere to become the nucleus of a giant airlift. Two additional craft were later flown down (one in 1946 and the other in 1947).

The second obstacle was the antiquated tunnel leading to the Old Germany in the interior. The original tunnel of 3,000 miles, of course, had been reworked in the mid 1800's, but was still old-fashioned by modem standards. It had been used more or less for interior trade of the various communities inside the mantle, and not for mass transit. An updated German survey by Bod engineers) therefore, recommended rebuilding the system. Involved was a shortening of the total lineal miles - more secondary lines to serve the local interior cities - and a new monorail track system with sufficient electric power to carry up to 12 cars.

As World War II unexpectedly deteriorated for Germany proper after 1943, communications with the interior Germans increased via conventional aircraft and the tunnel system. Sometime in 1941 the

subterranean German settlements invited their surface brothers to help modernize the tunnel system according to the earlier decision, and to expedite use of its facility in case they had to relocate their emigrants to the interior. Unable to await reconstruction of the tunnel system and its train then nicknamed "the space elevator," hordes of defeated Germans in 1944 began coming through the Brazil corridor via the tunnel to their new homes below.

Germans were questioned recently about the attitude of the interior Germans toward those surface Germans defeated in World War II who relocated underground. They described the relationship as somewhat parallel to the British/American wartime relationship: "England, the older Anglo-Saxon race,  was in trouble, and America, a brother offshoot came to her rescue." German sources for the underworld reports were also asked by the authors if the old Six Kingdoms of interior Germans or the   Bods would amalgamate with Hitler's new arrivals. "Not so," said the German sources. Each of the interior Germanys continues to value its strong nationalistic pride which none will surrender. The peaceful political tone has been long established and ingrained in the Bod Germans and the newcomers are expected to abide by these standards, the source declared.

The pair of nations could be described somewhat like the U.S.A. and Canada. Each has an English common law tradition and a stranger would not recognize any significant social or political differences between Calgary and Dallas - except for accent and nationalistic pride.

The German source went on to explain that the tunnel Germans whose forefathers began the exodus would remain economically and socially connected with the old six interior kingdoms of New Germany, but recent fraternization and trade was making differences less recognizable.

In 1943 the tunnel railway custodians named "Two World Railroad Company" were reincorporated under the "Inner Earth Railway Company." On the advice of engineers from Bodland, they sent for a famous Swiss-speaking German engineer named Karl Schneider to rebuild the tunnel on a five year contract. Schneider's vast knowledge of railway tunneling came as a result of his experience in Ruilding the Simplon Tunnel from Milan, Italy through the Alps to Srig, Switzerland and also tunneling jobs in Russia, Australia and South Africa. (On July 1, 1977, he completed the north-south tunnel under the Potomac at Washington in three months time with three additional months needed for drying and hardening of the glazed tunnel interiors. As of July, 1977, he had two more Potomac tunnels to complete under his contract with Metro.

Schneider's survey crew under the direction of Bod engineers took two years to survey the proposed rerouting of the "Inner Earth Railway Company." A total of 316 miles of new tunnels were opened by
Bod laser and drilling, often through solid rock. Many additional natural pockets were discovered and these were utilized for freight and railway transit supplies.

After survey completion, Schneider returned to the surface where he hired 5,000 Indians who were familiar with underground mine labor. Schneider also hired experienced bilingual Indian overseers in charge of illiterate Indian workers. They were transported below to quarters located in a rock pocket.

The tunnel beginnings were cut in spiral-shapes for 32 miles, where the gravity pull was unchanged from that on the surface. Below the 32 mile Earthen skin, the tunnel was changed from the spiral formation, and descended more vertically at an angle of about 32 degrees. As the Indians descended deep into the rock mantle, they were surrounded by a greater land mass and consequently were able to walk on the entire 360 degrees of inner tunnel circumference and not fall.

They therefore were unaware that they were employed on a project that was going from the outside to the inside of the Earth's mantle and believed, as they had been told, that they were in a mine digging for gold. Correcting the tunnel at the interior side of the Earth's mantle required another spiral 32 miles from the interior surface. (HypotheticaUy, a stone dropped from the upper surface into a hole would fall straight through the planet's entire mantle, eventually spiralling to a point mid- way in the mantle, where it would cling to the side of the descending hole or tunnel in the mantle.) The tunnel was finished in 1948, and as a sidelight, Schneider moved enough gold from the project to pay all his expenses. Meanwhile,   as new tunneling progressed, the trains continued to carry German emigrants to the interior of the Earth, landing them in the continent of Agharta, where the original German colonists had first settled. Innerworld surface trains and boats then took the emigrants to their new locale inside the Earth's interior in the southern hemisphere.

Trains upbound from inner earth and downbound from outer earth follow the regular falling gravity norm and use breaks and gears until point zero gravity is reached, midway in the mantle. Then, on the second half of their journey, the electric power source is used to ascend.

As the tunnel was drilled and allowed to cool, the monorail system now in use was incrementally installed. Upon completion of the tunnels, new electric trains were brought in from Germany capable of pulling 12 cars. The power source originates at a South Pole generating station inside the earth; the actual source being solar energy coming through the South Pole entrance. The train rides on a double flanged bottom wheel over a single energized rail. The top of the train is held in place by another double flanged wheel gliding under a top rail.

The made-in-Germany round wing planes also had to prove their capabilities quickly. Demands to relocate personnel and equipment were soon begun, using the new planes. After the German equipment and tools for continuing the manufacture of the round wing planes had been removed to the earth's interior via the South Pole entrance, the five planes were put into international service operating from secret bases in South America. The first industrial task started below was to build a foundry, and the second endeavor was a factory for production of a 120 foot diameter round wing freighter, a model which the Germans had tested in 1942.

The test flight of the first round wing freighter made in New Germany was completed in 1946. The giant UFO's first job was to fly to America and haul back six caterpillar machines. German buyers had purchased the machines in Detroit and shipped these earth movers and their spare parts by train to New Orleans. Then, under cover of darkness, the "caterpillars" were taken on low-boy trailers to a
remote farm where they were loaded on the huge, round wing freighter. Piloted by Captain Erie Von  Schusnick, the round wing plane took off to Brazil to onload other accessories and tools. On the second day after leaving the New Orleans area, and stopping over for 36 hours in a hidden Amazon airfield, the freighter landed in New Berlin and discharged its first cargo.

In much the same manner, the fleet of smaller German round wing planes picked up such equipment as turret lathes, shapers, milling machines, cranes, etc., from secret locations in German and American depots. The American goods bought by Germans prior to war's end were purchased by their New York office for shipment to Rio de Janeiro, but often were moved out of America by round wing planes   landing in sparsely inhabited desert areas. These goods were paid for by check from Swiss Banks in New York, where German gold was stored by the New York Trading Company.

In late 1944 and early 1945, the Germans also shipped many trainloads of supplies to Spain to be lifted by the round wing planes or loaded on new super subs and older-class subs nicknamed "sea cows" for eventual delivery up the Amazon to interior ports. These subs were eventually scuttled at the war's end.

Another priority below was for tool and die making and foundry work. Each machine required was shipped below by round wing plane in order to resume the various capital projects including a fleet of  round wing planes and other defense priority needs. In 1946, exploration teams in the interior had located excellent deposits of iron, copper and aluminum and these were now used in the foundry. Wooden products including finished plywood were shipped down from Brazil via the tunnel.

In the first few months of operation in 1944 and 1945, the Germans had proven the round wing plane
was superior to any conventional aircraft and would become the actual workhorse and front line military aircraft of the world by the year 2000. But in 1945, the total reality of the German evacuation had not  been fathomed. The only clues of which the allies were certain were that masses of Germans, including Hitler had disappeared.

Hitler, after debarking from his submarine, had arrived in Argentina by way of a routing through Columbia and Brazil. His trip was deliberately unhurried until initial preparations and housing were ready below in New Berlin. King Haakkuuss of Bodland sent his personal space ship to Argentina to bring Hitler below. Upon arrival in the capital of Bodland, Hitler was told authoritatively the peaceful conditions of residence by which he and his subjects must abide in their new land. Hitler re-affirmed his acceptance pledge in what would ultimately lead him into an untried life of human co-existence.

Upon arrival King Haakkuuss told Hitler: "We have permitted you to emigrate because you will serve as the catalyst by which New Germany will be reborn. Your good ideas you should keep and develop.

The bad must be eradicated. The hateful aspects of your character must never assert themselves here
below and notwithstanding your heinous record of evil to fellow mankind, we believe you can channel your drive into a positive direction as a national leader." The king added, "But your Nazi cronies from above like Borman, Himmler, Goering, etc. can never come below. We (the Bods) will personally scrutinize each arrival." He concluded: "It will take three generations to correct your (Hitler's) past mistakes in wrongfully indoctrinating German youth, and six generations will be required to bury completely the national instincts of aggressive and wasteful war."

In 1945 and 1946, American OSS agents began closing their net on the Quito, Peru area. Here the Germans were seen departing for the interior via the Inner World Railway. The American observers were confronted now by a different German than those who had left Europe weeks or months before. Now the Americans and other international agents, including the British and Canadians, ran into confident Germans who revealed openly their true Teutonic character. But they were still secretive about their reasons for being in that part of the world. Camps of Germans were hidden in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, British Guiana and other outlying areas. These Germans were emerging when called to take the last train ride to their new homeland. Skills and professions needed below were sent down in the first trains available while those of top priority were flown through the South Pole entrance in German or Bod round wing planes. Eventually 2-1/2 million Germans settled below. In 1944-45 alone, combined methods of transportation including the railroad and round wing planes carried over 200,000 Germans below. No annual census was taken, but the population expansions into the interior increased yearly. By 1948, German girls from the homeland began arriving and marrying  their sweethearts. Families whose husbands had gone below in the first waves were also reunited by various methods and routings. When completed in 1948, the "Space Elevator" was carrying up to 3,600 passengers weekly, most traveling down. Schedules ran three times weekly each way.

In 1948 the new train schedule made six stops for food, beverage and lodging, traveling up to 300 miles per hour in between stations, and traversing the entire distance in less than a 24 hour period. Scores of smaller inner tunnel communities were built up in newly discovered pockets and these new communities were served by interior based, local trains which never surfaced. In 1978, three to five car trains only  300 to 500 passengers weekly, the remaining cars being filled with freight and commodities.

A large German community has grown up in the vicinity of the underground depot that once was only a hole into a cave in 1572 and for eons of time before that. Today Germans return to the surface close to Iquitos, thence to Manaus and via VARIG Airways fly to Rio de Janeiro. From there they travel by PanAm to San Juan, Puerto Rico or Lisbon, Portugal and then by plane or train to Germany.

Currently, many of these interior Germans are coming back to the surface to retire in their homeland.  

Some of the Germans also elect to retire in various South American countries or the United States, Canada, Britain and Spain rather than go to their old homelands in communist held East Germany.

In 1946 while the Bods strictly supervised the building of a rninimal aerial, navy and land force to be used only for New Germany's national police protection and defense, a setback occurred which was to test their survival. It was from an unexpected source.

On July 12, 1946, Interworld Radar picked up an airborne invasion - bogies coming from the north. The New Germans knew an enemy might attack them from either the large 1,400 mile North Pole opening which the Russians had used, or the South Pole entrance. But the Germans were psychologically unprepared for this particular confrontation. The bogies were not airplanes or rockets sent down from their former surface enemies. They were round wing planes.

The old, inner world Viking race to the north had been watching the Germans grow in strength. Disliking what they saw in this militaristic action on the part of the new inhabitants of the interior of the earth, and aware of Nazi occupation of Norway and Denmark, the Vikings attacked the new Germans. The German defense was to be their first attempt to defend their new land.

Radar picked up the Viking round wing planes moving southward toward New Berlin and New Hamburg at 5,000 miles per hour, from a northern city in Vikingland called Kupenhaggen (population 3,000,000). A red alert was sounded and five German UFO's, the first ones made in upper Germany before surrender, took to the air.

The aerial vanguards of the 12 million Viking nation on the continent called Vikingland had challenged the small 300,000 fledgling German nation. The aerial battle had lasted sporadically for several hours when the Atlanteans (Atturians) delivered an ultimatum to the Vikings that if they didn't stop the attack, the Atlantean craft would join the fray and cut up the Vikings with advanced lasers. The Atlanteans reassured the Vikings that the Germans must be made welcome inasmuch as they were making unclaimed arid land productive. The New Atlanteans further told the Vikings that the New Germans (related to the Vikings) in peacetime were the most productive people on the face of the upper earth - but in war could be the most destructive. Finally, the Atlantean ambassador to the Vikings stated: "Let the newly arrived Germans live among us in peace! We don't want the war from above renewed below."

Unbeknownst to the combatants or to the Atlanteans (Atturians) the Bodlanders who had been grievously watching the unexpected Inner World beginnings of a war, moved in with their own round
wing planes. Moving ahead and above the advancing Viking formation, the Bod craft repeatedly threw out what appeared to be a solid force field. The oncoming Viking craft, unaware of the invention, struck the barriers and were turned back. The beginning of a war of attrition was stopped. (As far as is known the above account is the first mention of the Bod's involvement in preventing the New Germans and the Vikings widening that aerial confrontation in the Inner World.)

But the New Germans had no sooner tested their combatant abilities against the Vikings within the
Earth, when an old foe from above began to stir.

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