Friday, October 28, 2016

Echos of Doom

We know that the Earth was whacked around 12,900 years ago.  I do understand that this comet impact was targeted in order to end the northern ice Age.   The argument boils down to probabilities and the unique precision involved and the equally precise result.

Yet the event itself left plenty of debris out there as the comet itself was broken up on the way in.  It is known as the Taurid meteor shower and some of those chunks are  scary.  Fortunately they come in at high latitudes and that has meant mostly Russia.

I note also that this apparently produced a later bombardment within a thousand or so years after the initial impact.  However the main mass is the comet Encke which has a period of 3.3 years which really just supports the argument that it was guided into its present orbit as this makes it somewhat unique for comets by having the shortest period.

Echos of Doom

In my book Magicians of the Gods I examine the paradigm-shifting evidence for a cosmic impact 12,800 years ago, followed by further cataclysmic impacts 11,600 years ago. The argument, strongly supported by a number of leading astronomers and astrophysicists, is that both these groups of impacts originated from the same source -- a fragmented giant comet that entered our inner solar system around 20,000 years ago on an earth-crossing orbit. Like other comets (e.g. Shoemaker Levy 9) it broke up into multiple fragments, some very large some much smaller. Several of these fragments were responsible for the first cataclysm of 12,800 years ago, and several more were responsible for the second cataclysm 11,600 years ago. The astronomers whose work I review in Magicians of the Gods, are convinced that multiple large and deadly fragments of the same original giant comet are STILL circulating in the Taurid meteor stream, the path of which the Earth crosses twice a year (June/July and Oct/Nov), and pose a clear and present danger to the future of human civilization and perhaps even to all life on our planet. There is no need for gloom and doom. This is a problem that we already have the technology to solve. NASA is in denial, or deliberately concealing what it knows, but the hints keep coming that we are heading for something big. 
And again here:

Then, from just a couple of days ago, there is this observation of a recently observed increase of the rate of cratering on the Moon. The moon is 384,000 kms distant from us, but the Taurid meteor stream is 30 million kilometers wide. What happens on the moon is therefore an indicator of what can happen here unless we act responsibly, and with foresight, to do something about it:…

Fortunately some are thinking of doing something about it. I'm not sure we need a "space nation" when we haven't even scratched the surface of the huge and heartbreaking problems caused by mindless jingoistic nationalism here on Earth, but their ideas about doing something about potential cosmic impacts definitely resonate:…/scientists-propose-space-nati…/

The linked interview was recorded last year, just before the release of the hardback of Magicians of the Gods: The paperback, revised and extended, is now out and available in the UK:…/obidos/ASIN/144…/theofficialgra0b. More editions of Magicians here:

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