Thursday, July 14, 2016

WTF - Channeling Stocks?

Something utterly new has popped up.  As I have posted in the past, my daughter is able to channel spirits generally and uses automatic typing in order to allow them to communicate clearly.  She has been doing this for over two years with significant success that cannot be attributed to prior knowledge.  As recently posted this has led to the recognition that a spirit released from its physical existence early can jump side saddle to another living person in order to at least vicariously gain life experience.  This is not a bad outcome.

This also is confirmed by the known instances of malevolent spirits doing just that and attempting to intervene in a living persons life with unethical directions and ideas.  This is why exorcism continues to be useful.  We have made no effort to gather a mass of data yet to more clearly understand the patterns, but now consider it a fruitful enterprise for someone.

I need to mention that such side saddle activity is actually rare enough.  Most spirits are content or have ample duties of their own.

Then with the recognition that spirits can link at will to the physical my daughter had the oddest thought.  Can a spirit attach itself to a stock?  Recall that i taught my daughter how to survive and even prosper through options trading.  She has been carrying this forward with some success and ample research.  It is also a great hobby.

Once considered, it make real sense because attaching to a stock really means attaching to hundreds and even thousands of shareholders as a virtual community all focused and paying some attention.  We already know the plausibility of this in our conjectures regarding lower physical lifeforms where a conscious spirit exists as multiple aspects of perhaps an oak for an oak forest.

With that she set out to channel specific stocks and had complete success and established their interest in communicating.  As her intent is to use this to augment charitable funding, she can avoid issues for her own spirit.  It is a very curious scenario and it will be interesting to see how it works out as we go forward.

This provides a powerful explanation of precognition inasmuch as a spirit thus having full access to all knowledge focused on an issue can make fair predictions that are precise.

In my own experience, I relied on my subconscious to forewarn of two black swans in the market and acted accordingly.  One was the 1987 crash brought about by early computer trading and the second was 9/11.  Thus we now have a clear source for this information that is also clearly linked to the market.

As an amusing side bar, she channeled Visa.  It turns out that VISA hates itself as it was made for good but feels bad about the evil it has created.  It turns out that a lot of these stock spirits need therapy.  I cannot believe that i am writing this.  Can you imagine companies revamping their business protocols in order to made the company's spirit happy?


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