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This story is as bad as it gets.  It identifies something that needs to be stamped out by direct action using the FBI who may be internally compromised.  This type of fascist society uses  secrecy and natural disbelief to get its way.  It has arisen many times particularly in a society that is not naturally heterogeneous.  Southern whites in particular are a minority in their own backyard by history and this makes them susceptible to direct recruitment by more violent elements.

The direct solution is actually quite simple.  Ban southern recruitment to all police duties and send such candidates to other parts of the country.  Make it a national system that ensures uniform training and code of conduct.

It still will not make perfect policing as that is impossible anyway but it will stop them been part of the crime problem. Canada uses the RCMP for that exact reason. 


 Posted by Richard Thornton | Jul 9, 2016

As typically is the case when people strike out blindly for revenge, five innocent people . . . dedicated civil servants . . . lost their lives this past Thursday in Dallas. That is the nature of evil. People, who have dead souls, as we Native Americans say, or who are damned in traditional Judeo-Christian terms, desperately want you to descend down their level of degradation . . . guess they want to have company in Hell.

Many of our Native American-African members think that I cannot fully feel the pain they feel when their brothers and sisters are butchered by people wearing badges. However, please remember that the majority of people in law enforcement are idealistic folks, trying to make their communities safer places to live in. The bad guys can do terrible things, but they are the minority.

I am blessed to live in a county with an honest sheriff’s department that truly cares about its community. The deputies are so highly respected here that many residents would risk their own lives to protect a deputy in danger, myself included.

However, I know very much what it is like to be persecuted by corrupt law enforcement elsewhere. Twenty years ago, I refused to join an evil secret society here in the South, known as the Brotherhood of Patriots. It has the same name, translated into English, as that of the Blackshirts, who put Benito Mussolini in power. They have exactly the same purpose as the Blackshirts – to make the United States a fascist police state in which they will be the “big shots.” Unfortunately, they also have many white law enforcement officers as members. What they do is make illegal use of police powers in order to bring targeted people to their knees, then offer these men jobs, money, pretty girl friends, etc. if they join and swear absolutely loyalty.

In 1999, they told me that if I did not join them, I would have no money, no friends, no girl friend, no wife and no children. I thought these men were crazy and told them where to go. Yes, they are crazy because they wear the Mark of the Beast and are going to Hell without me telling them so. However, they also have unimaginable political power in predominantly white sections of the South. They regularly threaten honest cops, district attorneys and judges then get away with it. In fact, I think honest cops have it worst of all. That is what a wife of a dedicated Georgia State Patrol officer told me. The Brotherhood members made her family’s lives living hell, until her husband agreed to join the society. These monsters are a major source of the perversion of democracy today in the United States. Calling themselves “patriots” they are in fact the most malevolent traitors of them all.

I have seen a lot of evidence that the events of Thursday in Dallas, and what other storms are coming our way, were known in advance by the puppeteers of the neo-Nazi groups. These rich madmen want to completely destroy our current society so they can create “a free market economy.” It is a religion to them, just like the other extreme, communism. What they define as “a free market economy” is a society in which there are no laws and no governments, just competing corporations and 90% of the population being powerless serfs. 

This I know for a fact. Twenty years ago, I was Principal Planner of Cobb County, GA, where Newt Gingrich lived. I would be invited to parties in Cobb where these rich morons laughed at the blue collar whites in Georgia, who did their bidding and yearned for the day, when they could destroy the economy of the United States. 

The biggest farce back then was that one of the wealthiest Republicans in Georgia is a homosexual and head of a satanic cult. Yet back in the late 1990s, he was personally funding gay-bashing programs among the blue collar Republicans and making large donations to fundamentalist churches in order to persuade them to join his political causes.

There are plenty of drugs available that would make the terrorist in Dallas do what he did. They can be easily slipped into people’s food or beverages at restaurants. There may be more terrorist attacks from both crazed Caucasian Americans and African Americans . . . plus the natural crazies from the Middle East. Therefore, be vigilant for your household and don’t believe that just because a talking head newscaster says something that it is true. 

I could fill several books that list everything that has been done to me by these insane rich men or their leash cops, but this one story will give you a perspective on how diabolical our society has become. This travesty in Dallas could have well been an orchestrated political event with honest cops, as usual, paying the price.

All aspects of my life were under attack from late 2001 to 2012 . . . the most successful efforts were aimed at my professional life . . . income. I was able to get enough work with Native American clients until mid-2009 to survive, then had no income for six months. On November 2, 2009 a Dixie Mafia company in Mississippi foreclosed on my house, but they did not even own the mortgage! It was owned by a company in Texas that was not licensed to do business in Georgia. The Mississippi company bought the mortgage AFTER they had already auctioned it to FannieMAE on the courthouse step. Yes, that is multiple violations of federal law. Nevertheless, FannieMAE had already invited me to apply for a mitigation loan two months earlier and I received tentative approval for the loan on a letter dated December 12, 2009. 

Five days later, a contract attorney for FannieMae filed court papers to have me evicted on Christmas Eve. I was given three days notice before Christmas to pack and move out all my belongings. Those belongings are still in storage today. Of course, Fannie Mae had announced to the world that there would be no evictions or foreclosures during the Christmas Season. As you will see, the Christmas Eve thing was no accident.

Later on FannieMae claimed that they evicted me because I never signed the final loan papers, but I never got them or even knew about them. A local realtor was paid $500 to drive over to my house the week before Christmas to deliver the paperwork, but she never did.

Once I was homeless and living in North Carolina, the cops up there immediately began targeting me. For two weeks they sent gals slightly over 18 (to be legal) who claimed to be under 18 as decoys. Of course, I had absolutely nothing in common with teenyboppers and wasn’t so foolish to believe that they could possibly be interested in me. THEN three men came to my campsite at night in the snow and beat the “you know what” out of my face with bats, while I was trapped in my sleeping bag and piles of quilts . . . breaking a bunch of my teeth. 

Federal law enforcement (don’t know which agency) then spread the word among vigilante and Nazi groups, based in local Baptist churches, that I was a gay prostitute. They spread the rumor around Graham County, NC that I had filed my front teeth to be a better prostitute. The vigilantes would shout, “Get out of here you ole queer Injun” as they charged into my camp. The only thing that they got right was the Injun part . . . but I was Creek, not Cherokee . . . and there was a heckuva lot of difference. Most of these “Good Southern Baptists” only had time to say “Jaysus!”

Keep in mind that in recent years I have had three strangers ask me to baptize them, even though I pleaded that I was NOT an ordained minister or a saint. A legion of “Christian” cults have also promised that I would have lots of money and a beautiful wife, if I came over to their side. Lordamercy . . . when Jesus returns, these Christian “Conservatives” will be trying to crucify the Messiah before he has time to unpack his luggage.

This is where it gets interesting . . . and relevant. What few people knew at the time was that President Obama had been invited to vacation in Asheville in early April by the Grove Park Inn and Biltmore House. I was the guy who designed Asheville’s revitalized Downtown, but left there because of all the occult activities, so Asheville had special significance for me personally. The powers that be planned to have Obama assassinated in Asheville. The local occult would make all sorts of possibilities available.

I was invited to Asheville by a former Miss North Carolina, who had been married when I knew her, but now was single. She wouldn’t tell me how she knew I was staying temporarily at a vacation home on Fontana Lake or how she that got the owners’ phone number. She invited me to come spend the weekend with her in Asheville, but also didn’t tell me that the President was going to be staying two blocks away that weekend. I didn’t have a television. 

If you walk the Spiritual Path, the Master of Life or one of your Grandparent Spirits will warn you of pitfalls . . . that they did. Instead that weekend, the three dogs and I climbed Hoopers Bald in the Smokies and discovered a stone engraving, written in Spanish, that marked a Jewish wedding on September 15, 1615. The day after President Obama left Asheville, the couple who had invited me to stay in their house as long as I wished for free, filed eviction papers. 

There was some sort of attempt on the President’s life. I am not sure how far it got. The Secret Service received several anonymous tips that I had been seen sneaking around the Grove Park Inn, but I was able to prove to them that I never even went to Asheville that weekend.

However, had things gone as the oligarchs had planned, you would have seen this announcement on the evening news. “A mentally deranged and extremely violent, homeless, sexual deviate, who blamed President Obama for evicting him on Christmas Eve, sought revenge by attempting to (or actually) assassinate the President, was shot and killed by North Carolina law enforcement today.” 

Superficially, everything appeared that way in the North Carolina and Georgia police records, and so that is what history would have recorded. Probably, no journalist in our text message world would have bothered to learn that I had no criminal or mental health record, plus had a perfect driving record. Heck, the Georgia State Police had been tapping my phone for ten years, hoping to find a crime they could charge me with. The only thing that they could accomplish was to tell women I dated that “he’s a suspected serial killer.”

Remember the kidnapping and beheading of 24 year old Meredith Emerson* in January 2009? Absolutely, the only reason that she is not alive today is because of this obsession of these crooked cops to “always win” . . . whether or not someone is actually a criminal. While Meredith’s kidnapper was driving around Jasper, GA (where I lived) for two days with Meredith in the back of the van (bound, but quite alive), 52 local, state and federal cops were following me around town. At the very moment that the kidnapper came near the Ingles Supermarket there, a GBI agent from Carrollton, GA was chasing me around the store with a loaded Glock 9mm . . . following me as I picked up groceries. Outside eight cop cars waited to shoot me down, if I tried to escape after paying for the groceries. These evil men, wearing badges, might just well have murdered Meredith themselves. There was only one road out of Jasper leading to the kidnapper’s camp site.

*This is the Wikipedia article about the tragic end to this sweet lady’s life. I actually met her and her black lab, while hiking along Noontootla Creek in Fannin County, GA about six months earlier. Her dog and my dogs didn’t want to part ways. Guess all four dogs got lots of love.

For a couple of years, Georgia’s Crime Information system said that I had served two terms in prison for violent crimes and was believed to be a dangerous sexual predator. Two weeks after the Assistant Director of the CIS removed the false information, his parents in Gainesville, GA were murdered. He retired from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at age 38.

Instead, the Master of Life had other plans. He or She wanted everybody to know that the Mayas came to Georgia. LOL Exactly three years to the day after I had been handed the eviction papers, I was on an internationally televised, prime time program. Seriously, walk the Spiritual Path. It might be rocky at times, but you will be getting a lot of help from unexpected places. Oh, and please .
 . . don’t get caught up in this hatred and violence thing. No good will come of it. 

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