Thursday, July 14, 2016

Psyhic Adventure

I traveled recently to Alberta for a family reunion.  This allowed myself and my daughter to investigate a family tragedy using what is called loosely psychic means.  In the circumstance, thirty three years ago, the teenage step daughter of a cousin was abducted.  The investigation was seriously faulty due to the rural setting and no body was ever recovered and no real lead appeared that was promising.  Yet several days later, the girl's school books and bag were tossed near a local river long after a torrential rainfall which excluded a same time event.  The perpetrator obviously saw fit to dispose of such evidence close to the abduction site and came back to do so.  This certainly prevented jurisdictional issues for the police.

This family linkage opened the door for a psychic investigation using my daughters ability to communicate with the spirit world and to actually channel text as well.  This led to establishing actual contact with the girl's spirit.  This contact has been maintained for at least two years now.  We quickly learned that she had a new first name and lived in a small town about two hours away from the site of the abduction.  We had the sense that she was still alive although that appeared to be unlikely.  What we did have was a town and a name as unlikely as it may seem.

Having now visited the community, i also have the sense that it is particularly convenient to the purposes of a serial killer by geography and natural limitations.  It is the point were traffic would present problems to go further.  A predator has limitations including job schedules and natural time windows to work around that must be accounted for.

Further channeled information told us about a coffee shop to focus on.  As it turned out, that coffee shop was almost unmarked, but was the coffee shop for the community.

We arrived in the community and did locate the coffee shop.  Better yet we also had direct guidance from the girl's brother who had recently passed away from natural causes and wanted badly to resolve this situation.  Lesson learned is to communicate with departed family members for guidance and confirmation.  He pushed us to the coffee shop and confirmed that the girl's spirit was in town also.

My own expectations were very low at this point simply because even if the data is correct we had no resources to blanket the town and do good police work.  This was the ultimate wild goose trip.  Then we got lucky.  We showed a thirty five year photo to the owner of the shop and she immediately recognized the person as a customer.  Right age as well.  Better yet her name was the name we were looking for.  It goes without saying that the probability of locating a late forties lady with a particular name in a small community is low.  Having her apparently identified even less so.

She actually worked nearby and we trooped over to see her and simply ask if anything resonated.  It is there that it fell apart as she was a local with living parents.  It still took the police to properly confirm the truth of all that a couple of days later.

So where does this leave us?  In fact there is a plausible explanation here.  It make little sense that two family spirits would mischievously set us up with correct and even compelling information. Yet this line of inquiry must also be followed.

More viable is that the girl died within forty eight hours and that her body was possibly disposed on near this town.  At that point the spirit of the girl attached herself to this living person and is essentially riding sidesaddle.  Still in a living body but never in control.  We know that this is possible but generally rare.  Thus our information is both right and wrong.

As well, the brother's spirit has been also communicating with the mother.  Yet the daughter never communicated and this makes sense if she is riding side saddle as spirit in another person's body instead.

I do not think we will ever find the remains although we do have an inkling from this effort.  We have learned that the possibility of spirit transferal allows for a lot of leeway in information received by psychic means. .

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