Friday, July 29, 2016

Misconceptions about Japan and Japanese culture

From this it is clear that Japan is in deep trouble.  Worse than that it is not been addressed.  Again the solution lies in the establishment of natural communities that take over husbandry of the land and naturally put a premium on children.   Add in internal micro finance to allow wealth creation and it all becomes self sustaining.

This also sucks up all the individuals who have given up and are marginalized.

Japan's success was produced by a top down fiat currency expansion that was sustained by export income.  That has ended when it both matured and the rest of the world woke up and got into the act.  

It is also a huge warning that modernism fails to provide a dynamic base to protect the individuals in the society.  This is the future of much of Asia as they transition to maturity.  My work regarding natural communities show us the way out.   It is actually getting disparate and on the verge of population collapse in Japan.

What are the biggest misconceptions about Japan and Japanese culture?
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