Monday, July 11, 2016

'I Have no Explanation - Alien Abduction?'










Otherwise ordinary, this is a  very important report.  The reason for this is that the expressed evidence could only be produced by plucking the individual out of time to do this physical healing intervention. There was simply too much physical going on at the same time for any other option to hold up.  Essentially as previously conjectured, a page in time was extracted, edited if you like and memories blocked and then reinserted.

This report represents clear proof of the plausibility of that conjecture.

I doubt that we will get more here and most such reports are as fuzzy. However we now know that such an intervention is possible and certainly used.  I think, more commonly the target is removed to an operating chamber and handled in a leisurely manner.. once ready the target is reinserted usually shortly after extraction time while safe to do so..  The unusual circumstances applying here caused the insertion to take place almost immediately.

Also unusual is that they acted to provide healing. That has not been seen except as part of a larger picture not here in evidence..

'I have no explanation for this...was it an alien abduction?'

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I received the following account by email on Tuesday:
Last week on June 23rd, my son and I visited Silver Dollar City amusement park in Branson, Missouri. We were having a great time, despite that I had occasional pain in my upper left arm. Two days before, I suffered a fall at work and sustained a deep 5 inch laceration which required two dozen stitches. The trip to Branson had been planned, so I decided to keep my promise and went anyway.

My son wanted to ride the WildFire, which is a roller coaster-like contraption where they strap you in because you're traveling upside down at times during the ride. I wasn't too thrilled, but I had to accompany him since he was too young to go on by himself. So we were strapped in the seats, and I'll tell you, my arm was aching because of the drop-down shoulder harness.

So we started off and I was enduring the ride. But after going into the 2nd loop, I went totally blank. I only remember coming out of a corkscrew and leveling out at the end of the ride. I felt OK, but was confused. I thought that I may have fainted, but my son didn't seem to noticed anything.

We got out of our seats and walked off the ride. As we continued walking toward the next attraction, I noticed that I felt exceptionally well and didn't have any pain in my arm. I reached inside my shirt and touched by upper left arm. There was no bandage. In fact, I didn't feel any stitches or wound. I was so shocked that I almost fell to my knees. We stayed at the park for another half hour, then headed home.

After I dropped my son off, I made a beeline home and into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. There was no laceration. No mark whatsoever. What the hell happened?

On Monday, I went to my doctor and showed him my arm. I had received the stitches in the hospital, but my doctor had the admitting report from the emergency room physician. It was right there in black and white. The doctor didn't say much, but I could tell that he was wondering what happened. What could he say? I just shook my head and told him what happened at the park. He still didn't say anything, other than say 'stay well.'

My ex-wife thinks I'm lying, but my supervisor at work saw the wound and he's simply dumbfounded. He had to file the accident report and has no idea how to proceed. I didn't know what to tell him. This is why I'm writing you. Is it possible that I experienced an off-world' event or something similar? I don't believe in ET or alien abduction, but I have no explanation for this.

Is it possible to talk to you? Thanks for reading. MM

NOTE: I contacted MM and he described the entire event over the telephone. He is truly confused. He said that he has also suffered back pain most of his life, but no longer has that as well. We are going to talk again next week. I asked him to write down anything that he thinks is unusual, including dreams. This is a fascinating account...and I believe it merits continued investigation. BTW, MM mentioned that he searched 'alien abduction' on Google and eventually found the Arcane Radio interview with Kathleen that is the reason he contacted me. I forwarded a few PDFs that deal with alien abduction and experiencer accounts. Lon

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