Saturday, May 28, 2016

Trump’s Time: The Donald Can Beat Hillary Without NeverTrump

Right now, the only thing that can derail Trump would be Bernie Sanders nomination  Since the same establishment that Trump ran over has all their eggs in the Clinton basket as well and Sanders has mostly grabbed traditional socialist democrats who have not experienced love since LBJ's Great Society, it is hard to see a path forward for him.

Yet he would be able to polarize the electorate to his advantage and cause Trump difficulties in shaping his message.  After all Trump is a mid roader who is sympathetic to socialism done properly as any sane person should be.  Thus he would be forced to crush Sanders to the left and could do so convincingly while bringing along the right.

So defeating Sanders may be quite easy for Trump.  He has proven himself thoroughly so perhaps it is time to give him one.

Otherwise, Hilary Clinton will be road kill however much the money spends in an attempt to save her.  In fact we the people need to see money decisively run off the field of honor.

Trump’s Time: The Donald Can Beat Hillary Without NeverTrump

10 May 2016

As Donald Trump prepares for an epic battle with “First Enabler” Hillary Clinton, the media is too focused on party unity and are oblivious to the fact that denunciation of Trump by failed elites like the Bush’s as well as the prevarications of Paul Ryan only fuel his rise, as did the opposition of Mexico’s ex-president, the Chinese Communists, the Pope, David Cameron, the Saudis, and Mitt Romney. The political class is discredited with voters hungry for change.

What they are missing are the millions of new voters and donors Trump has brought to the party, with the GOP contest drawing two million more voters than the rather boring Hillary v. Bernie bout. It is important to note that in 2012, a change in just 700,000 votes in five states would have changed the outcome of the election.

Analytics show there are 1 million unregistered Trump supporters. In Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, Trump will have the resources to sign them up. This is where elections are won.

All successful Republican presidents — Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan — remade the party in their image. Trump is snatching the party back from Wall Street and the special interests. His is street populism, far right on some issues but far left on others. Not a pure conservative by any means, he is the best choice for conservatives on the big four issues – the economy, terrorism, trade, and immigration. Those who worry about his views on eminent domain must realize that there will be no private property rights if we are incinerated by Islamic radicals.

I met Trump and we became friends when he supported Ronald Reagan. I recognized that Donald, as he told me to call him in 1979, had the charisma, courage, and toughness to be a strong contender and a transformative president as early as 1988 when we went to the Portsmouth, NH Chamber of Commerce for a speech in his big black helicopter. Donald staked out tough policies on trade, China, and NATO even then.

I was the Chairman of his Exploratory Committee when he looked at the Reform party nomination in 2000 when we were both unimpressed with Bush and Gore. I wanted him to run in 2012 because I knew Mitt Romney was a choker. 2016 is, however, his time. His rise is a repudiation of the polices of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama that have infected both parties for 30 years. Their fiscal, trade, immigration, and foreign policies have been in decline.

The rise of Trump is historic and the situation unprecedented. Little did I know that Trump would change the game and make us rethink everything we know about politics. Trump mounted the summit without aid of polling, focus groups, a policy shop, analytics, targeting, or speech writers, yet he attracted over 10 million votes, more than any GOP contender in history.

 [ No kidding.  Every one was taken by surprise.  I thought early that he had the numbers.  Yet it was also difficult to see how they might be delivered using methods all use.  He actually showed us and demonstrated his acting skills as well.  Does anyone understand just how hard it is to communicate at a grade four level when you have survived Ivy league education?   It demands an extensive acting course.  It does not come naturally.  Doing reality TV did it for him.  In the end it was stunningly successful.  - arclein ]

Trump is an unabashed nationalist who wants America to be richer, more successful, and, well, smarter. The rise of Trump is a repudiation of the two party duopoly that has driven our country into a ditch. More than ever, voters know the essentially unchanged policies of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama have failed. Trump is no neocon, and unlike Hillary wasn’t a cheerleader for the Iraq war. Voter anger with our decline and the destruction of jobs and economic opportunity while pursuing an expensive interventionist but incoherent foreign policy has fueled Trump’s rise.

The party needs to recognize the millions of new people Trump has brought to the Republican process, far more than anemic turnout in the lingering Democratic contest. This will more than offset those bailing out on Trump like the departing Bush’s — 41, 43, and Jeb — who feel Trump rustled the horse that was theirs. In fact, rejection by the Bush’s gains Trump votes. George W. Bush and his cronies made millions on their policies while we squandered blood and treasure abroad and bailed out Wall Street swindlers while the economy crashed.

To win, Trump will have to deconstruct Hillary in his own inimitable way, without regard to political correctness. Threatening Bill’s alleged sexual assault victims and ex-girlfriends, the Iraq War, the nexus of corruption between the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation, in which the latter became the vehicle for the facilitation of multi- million dollar bribes are all key vulnerabilities. In fact, the Clintons’ voracious greed for money and their willingness to do anything for it and their hypocrisy will be their downfall.

Trump is a fearless brawler who will go Hillary Clinton anywhere. Refusing to answer him sounds like a strategy that did not work out too well for Mike Dukakis.

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