Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Supervolcano That Can Devastate Europe Is Showing Signs of Awakening

This is an ordinary volcano that has produced a caldera and nothing else.  Unless someone can link it to miles of outflow it is only an annoyance at best.  It is an outlier of the Alpine mountain uplift and the volcanic on the other side of the alps.  Now we have activity that could well mean eruptive events.

Still a while to wait and it is just as likely to slip back into dormancy.

It also reminds that no volcano is really dormant permanently.

The Supervolcano That Can Devastate Europe Is Showing Signs of Awakening

Jesus Diaz1/02/12 11:00am

Every ten to 12 thousand years, there's a volcano in the heart of Europe that goes boom. And not any boom, but a let's-kill-everyone-with-billions-of-tonnes-of-magma boom that would cover everything in ash from England and Denmark to the north of Italy.

Now, the supervolcano that can destroy bad teeth, rude waiters, overpriced wine, olive oil, smelly camping sites, disco music, nudist beaches, pasta, David Hasselhoff and Oktoberfest is awakening
It's been 12,900 years since the last eruption. The supervolcano is located under the Laacher See, a caldera lake in the Eifel mountain range, 15 miles from Koblenz and 30 miles from Bonn, the old capital of West Germany.
Some scientists are saying that the volcano can go now at any time, although there are no official alerts. They are just watching for now. Seismological activity started in 2010, with the latest movements happening last February, when a series of seven earthquakes ranging from 2.0 to 4.5 magnitude were registered in the area.

The lake has been bubbling since with with carbon dioxide gas that comes from the magma under the lake's bed. Maybe this is what Europe needs to get out of the Euro crisis.

I wonder what would happen to the world's weather if this, the deadly Mount Tambora and the Yellowstone hypermegasupervolcano explode at the same time. I can already imagine the 2012 doomsday idiots screaming "I told y*" before getting engulfed in flames. [Daily Mail]

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