Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tall Ram-Horned Humanoid

No, it is not a demon. Take away the horns and we have a giant sloth again.  We have had a couple of sightings in the North East of the horns as well.  Those long fingers are long claws and hunched over is normal here because this animal is aboreal and can also grasp a tree with its legs as well.  Thus we end up with its strange ground presentation.

Notice how it went to the roof immediately rather that just disappearing down the road.  This all conforms.

Our difficulty is that we lack specimens.  Those horns are likely shed and that explains their rarity.  The apparent thinness is also demonstrated by the sculptures noted in past postings and can be expected.  Yet we have also seen deep chests as well.  Male and female is likely quite different in terms of size and configuration.  The thinness is likely a female trait and those horns may also be a female trait or be common to both at specific times. We do not know now.

What we do understand though is that this is an ambush hunter that hunts humans in order to farm maggots for food.  The curious leg and arm configuration are adaptations to arboreal living and are the key common element in all sightings...


Tall Ram-Horned Humanoid

Dakota in Ventura, California called in to tell of a bizarre creature she observed with her brother:

“I want to tell you about the time I saw a shadow figure and it was really scary. It was probably about about ten years ago, my brother and I were walking home from this Mexican restaurant that we used to go to and we were cutting through an alleyway on our way home and we saw this figure, like, to our right. It was in a tree and were both like, WTF, that was really weird? So we just kept talking and it sort of jumped out of the tree and it like landed right at the base of the tree. And it straightened up. It was about 6 feet tall. It was pure black. (Noory asks if it was a monkey) It looked more like a really tall thin human but it had like a canine face. It was terrifying. And it had these big, like, those mountain goats, it had big horns, like mountain goats and it had these really long fingers. It was kind of hunched over but I could just like feel it look into my soul. I honestly don't know what it was. I have for the longest time thought that it could have been a demon but it gets scarier from there. So my brother and I, we both see it and we both just like lock our eyes on the ground, we don't want to make eye contact with it. So we start walking up a little bit faster and we are talking about whatever we could talk about to not even acknowledge it and so we turn the corner and right at the corner where we were going, there's this building that had a tin roof and we could hear it land on the top of the roof and as we were turning the corner, we could hear it turning the corner of the roof with us. And as we just sort of looked at each other and we both just started running all the way home. I don't put a lot of merit into religious things personally but I always thought that that could have been a demon.”

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