Monday, May 2, 2016

Elk Hunter Encounters Bigfoot in Big Hole Mountains

 This is an extensive oral report made by an experienced elk hunter.  It was night time and the hunter was riding back out of his jump off point for hunting.  The Sasquatch appears to have been terrified by the sight of what he saw as a huge four legged creature and began screaming for his parent.  That is an interpretation anyway.

Better a track confirmed that it was a Bigfoot and that nicely eliminates the alternative of the Giant sloth..  Other evidence conforms completely to a Bigfoot interpretation.

In addition a second sighting took place three days earlier and twenty mile away.  Presuming that they bush whacked between the two points we see ten mile of travel as normal.  Presuming ranges are generally involved, this helps us to estimate size of local ranges which are likely extensive.  Yet a range of fifteen miles around a permanent den appears plausible.

The creature must carry back a deer to its den and that suggests no more than a days travel at speed.

Elk Hunter Encounters Bigfoot in Big Hole Mountains posted by Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

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